"DAMMMNNN~! That was a great mission! Don't you think so Happy?" The pink haired mage yawned.

"Aye sir! You beat him in only 6 minutes!" the blue cat squeaked back. Natsu laughed, stretching his back with his arms over his head. He sighed in satisfaction when he felt his back muscles crack and pop.

"Ey, you ready to go to the lake?" Natsu asked. Happy's smile slightly faltered as well as his perked ears, now slightly drooping.

"Naw, it's fine. You can go by yourself today!" Happy exclaimed a little too cheerfully. Natsu gave his friend a sad smile before nodding.

"Thanks buddy…" he gave an apologetic look before running towards the place where he could take refuge by his sadness and grief which he didn't need to hide, leaving the blue cat flying towards the guilds open doors.

"Don't run away Natsu, we're all here for you…" the blue cat whispered before bursting though the guild doors, erasing the former sadness that was visible on his usually cute and cheery face. Under that smile though, Happy internally sighed. Natsu had a long way to go…


Natsu threaded his fingers behind his head and gave a relieved sigh as he plopped down on to his back, laying in the soft grass. His dark eyes searched the clear sky, gazing at the single cloud that was floating around in the blue sky. The water in the lake next to him gently rippled with the small breeze. Natsu's dark eyes closed as he buried himself in the calmness around him. His restless mind started skimming through memories of the blonde girl that haunted his dreams.

He remembered them sitting here together in this exact place staring at the warm sky. He remembered her doe-like eyes and sharp tongue when it came to insults. He internally scoffed when he remembered her flared eyes and angry expression. Damn, did he miss her. He rolled onto his side and started playing with a yellow buttercup that was growing nearby. He grinned softly when he remembered how he would sneak into her bed and enjoy that bashful and slightly angry look that she would shoot at him before crawling into the bed herself.

A single pedal fell from the fragile flower.

His eyes dampened when he remembered how she would cuddle into his chest when she was cold or smack him in the head if he was being annoying or even when he tried to read her writing.

Another pedal fell to join its sister on the dirt ground, looking so soft and innocent.

His lips wobbled when the memory of her slightly flushed face when she came out of the bathroom in only a bath towel to find him on her bed, grinning at her like an idiot.

The third pedal slipped of the delicate stem under the harsh treatment of the fire mages hands.

He brought his free hand to cover his eyes as he remembered how he would bury his nose into the crook of her neck, drenching in her scent and how she would squeak when he wrapped his arms around her waist, both playfully and sensually.

The fourth pedal fluttered to the ground when Natsu roughly yanked the small flower towards his chest.

The tear tracked down his tan cheeks as he remembered her funny faces and loving gazes, and how she would hold his cheek in her oh-so soft hands to help cheer him up. Her cute pouts, her determined looks, that soft gaze, he missed all of it, he missed all of HER.

The last yellow pedal broke from the stem's grasp, falling onto the pink hair's chest, leaving the remaining stem in his strong grasp.

He quietly sobbed his sadness and grief he was locking up inside, clutching the green stem to his chest. His body shook as he gave a throaty cry. The clear droplets leaked from under his eye-lids onto the grass below, leaving beautiful sparkles of sadness shining on them. Natsu didn't know how long he was laying there, crying into the grass, but he knew it was getting late and that his eyes were puffy and red. He sniffed loudly as he wiped the dribble of snot that was running down his nose with the back of his hand. He crawled to the clear lake to stare back at his pitiful expression. His pink hair had strands of broken grass tied in the untamed locks, eyes red and swollen, nose pink from the constant sniffling, and his eyes, oh his eyes, they showed hope, broken and shattered into pieces. Natsu groaned, Lucy wouldn't like to see him like this, all snotty and wet with tears.

"I've become such wimp Lucy…" he grinned at the broken completion in the water, brightening the grim look on his face just a little. He dipped his hands into the cool water, splashing it onto his swollen face, clearing it up just the tiniest bit. After washing his face and covering up the sadness with his usual enthusiasm, he got up onto his feet and walked towards the guild where everyone would be.


Natsu trotted to the guild, a cheery aura around his exuberant frame. He slammed into the guild doors, giving out an excited yell.

"HEY EVERYONE!" he shouted, a big grin plastered on his face. The guild was really quite, even though everyone was there. Natsu frowned at the lack of response.

"OY! OY! GUYS! PAY ATTEN-!" he stopped abruptly, nose twitching in the air. His eyes widened by the second. No… it was impossible… No, Impossible... it's... no... He thought deliriously. The soft and fluffy smell of gentle petals surrounded his nose, almost like warm laundry detergent. A new scent, unidentified smell, mixed with the light fluffy one, a musty smell of dirt and crisp smell of fall. His stomach fluttered to life, sending a strange feeling run up his spine. It smelled like... No, impossible. He slowly walked into the guild, going by pure instincts. His feet lead him the bar, talking to master and Mira was a black covered figure stood. The figure that smelled exactly like Lucy. His heart felt old hope glimmer under the darkness that enveloped him. He slowly, step by step, walked towards the cloaked figure, the black cloth swishing at the figures feet. With every step he took, the bigger the lump in his stomach grew. Was it really her? H observed the master's shocked look and Mira's perplexed expression, was it really?

He heavily laid his hand onto the person's shoulder, ready to turn him/her around. But before he could get a glimpse of their face, something unexpected happened. He yelped when he felt his wrist twist in the opposite direction and a foot swing at the junction behind his knee. Before he could stop it, he tumbled to the ground, his back hitting the ground with a hard 'thud'. He groaned in pain, still a bit shocked form the unexpected attack. He slowly rolled onto his stomach and shakily pushed himself up with an elbow, the other clutching his bruised stomach. He glared with an eye at the cloaked figure, swearing he saw a smirk under the shadow that hid the mystery person's face.

The guild stared shocked between the standing cloaked figure and the fire mage, who was collecting himself off the floor. Their eyes were frozen, mouths opened in shock. Who was that person?!

"The hell?! Nobody beats ash shit except for me!" a baritone voice rung through the heavy atmosphere, snapping people out of their frozen faze. A half naked raven haired male walked up to the hidden figure, stopping behind the panting Natsu, putting a pale hand in his pocket. His navy blue eyes scanned her body, observing her attire. The mysterious figure was definitely a female. The what-seemed-to-be jumpsuit tightly clung to her body, and damn, did she have nice curves. He smirked victoriously when he saw she was weaponless. His fists appeared out of his pocket, connecting with the flat of his palm.

"Ice make, Spear!" he shouted, a grin very visible on his handsome face. The multiple ice spears scattered towards the cloaked figure at an alarming speed, surprising the person just before she bended back onto her palms, landing straight back onto her feet. Not a scratch at all. Gray's eyes widened reasonably, smirk faltering. Natsu's mouth dropped open in shock before a crazed grin split across his lips. Oh, goody, another fight. A real fight. Flames erupted around Natsu's closed fists, the grin still plastered on his face.

"I'M ALL FIRED UP!" he cried out before sending multiple punches towards the black figure, forgetting about the sweet scent that was still in his nose. He growled in frustration when he observed that she dodged all hits without a sweat. She was making him seem puny! Like Natsu Dragoneel was ever puny! The woman under the black cloak yelped when Gray's ice magic collided with her side, sending her flying to the left wall. She her clad 'black boots made a large 'clamp' on the wood wall before she propelled herself off, launching towards the two unsuspected boys. She grabbed onto the pinkette's vest while on the black haired necklace, flipping them onto the ground.

They both gave out grunts when the felt the air leave their lungs. Both swung back up almost immediately. Natsu wiped away the spit at the edge of his mouth. Gray gave a grin. She was better they both thought. They charged at her, side by side, sending a punch to her still covered face. Before their fist could collide with her face though, their fists stopped mid air. Natsu's eyes widened and gray's mouth gaped at the sight. Both their fists where covered by a leather gloved hand. Specifically the mystery woman's hand. They both saw the grin under the hood before the felt her hand slid up to their forearms and a boot embed itself into the back of their thighs. They both tumbled down onto their knees, staring at the lady above them. A devilish grin was visible against the pale complexion of her skin. But before they could fully comprehend what was going on, they saw a flash of scarlet when they saw the black cloaked girl head to head with the great Titania. They both stared, eye's wide when they saw the two katanas held in the strangers hands, blocking Erza's swords. The guild gasped, while Master raised an eyebrow. This was getting interesting.

Gray knew she didn't have sheaths anywhere on her body, so where the hell did she get the katana?! The stranger pushed back against Erza's strong force, grin plastered on her face. Erza gave a sly smirk back, loving the fight already. They both jumped back, Erza requiping into her heavenly wheels armor while the girl just went into battle form, her feet far apart both katanas in front of her at her side, leaving her chest open. Erza smirked. What an amateur. Erza ran straight towards her in a moment's notice, sword swinging at the stranger. But the sword only met air. Erza made a annoyed but confused face when she whipped her head around to try to find the mystery girl. Everyone frantically looked around. Where did she go now?!

In a flash, the cloaked figure appeared again, appearing out of NATSU'S shadow. They all gaped at her as she streamed at the still shocked Erza. The scarlet mage quickly blocked using her steel sword, gritting her teeth at the force that was pressured onto her. The figure quickly flew back, sending her two katanas to the back of her shoulder with her left hand and sending her right hand to her hip, efficiently pulling out a teal sword out of thin air. Requip magic?! No… Erza and the cloaked figure met together, heads nearly bumping into each other. They both gave a vicious laugh. They swung at each other; blades dangerously close to one other as they both narrowly dodged each other's blow. A bead of sweat dripped from Erza's hairline as she skillfully dodged each blow. Damn, she was good. As Titania was about to make a successful hit, the stranger disappeared again, falling into Erza's shadow. What the hell was this?! Erza growled in frustration before she felt her magic falter. What the actual fuck?! She heard a satisfying smack of lips as she saw the girl appear out of Wakaba's shadow, giving off a satisfying burp.

"Yum." She giggled before reaching both hands at her thighs, pulling out two hammerback guns, shooting magical bullets towards Erza's direction. Erza gasped when she felt fatigue in her body, what happened to her magic? She quickly ducked down, avoiding the whizzing bullets and charged at the girl that was slowly having the upper hand. The guns disappeared as she brought her right hand to her shoulder, pulling out a katana. Or what seemed like a katana. As soon as Erza was close enough, the girl brought both hands together and flicked the left one, and there appeared two katanas. Everybody was stunned, who was this person? She quickly slashed at Erza's armored body, continuity slicing at the metal. Then it happened, the great Titania fell to her knees, the magical and physical energy gone. Natsu and Gray's eyes nearly plopped out of their sockets.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Natsu shouted, climbing back onto his feet and charging to the black figure, ignoring Gray's warning shout. He quickly slammed a flaming foot into the unsuspected face, kicking her head into the ground. Natsu gave a childish shout before he felt a hand grasp onto his pants, dragging him towards the ground. He yelped when he felt himself sink towards the floor. He grabbed onto the stranger's shoulder before she could sink into his own shadow.

"Oh no you don't!" he shouted yanking both of them, rolling over each other on the floor. Natsu growled when he felt a sharp tug on his hair and the stranger yelped under him when his fingers dug painfully in her shoulder. They both broke apart, panting and glaring at each other. Natsu engulfed himself in flames while the black figure took out the no familiar katanas. He charged at her, not giving a second thought about consequences. The pink lips curved into a smirk as she dodged his fiery foot.

"Fire dragons claw!" he exclaimed, his eyes glowing at in excitement.

"Equip! Mother vine!" a strong voice rung. When the flames died what he saw made his dark eyes widen. The cloak burned, now cropped up to her shoulders. But what surprised him was what was under. Instead of the black jumpsuit that she was wearing seconds before, in its place was a bunch of vines intercepting each other across her body and face. Both of her arms were in front of her making an x, the forearm vines singed. He watched as the vines re-grew, leaving the bare skin now covered in new green vines. Half of the men swooned when they saw the bare creamy stomach, so strong and taunt with muscle. Natsu only grinned.

"You sure are strong aren't you?" he chuckled. The figure smiled.

"More then you would have thought…" she whispered. Natsu's ears perked. That voice…. Before he could put the pieces together though, the girl charged, a huge metal swords in her grasp. He quickly dodged left before finding a dagger launched at his head. He gave a surprised grunt as she ducked quickly, hearing the dagger make a whiz past his hair.

"Fire dragons roar!" he breathed. Fire poured from his mouth, giving him the pleasurable feeling run through his mouth. When he opened his eyes he saw a smoky shield in front of the girl's form, the hand manipulating the shadow.

"My turn." She smirked. "Shadow's howl!" she cried, a form of black smoke emitting from her mouth straight at Natsu. The attack hit him full force, blowing the male into the wall. He groaned when he felt a rib snap under the pressure. Damnit.

He clutched his chest before running at her, sending a fist at her. She easily ducked and stuck a hand into Romeo's shadow. Romeo yelped in surprise as she brought forth a long black whip, slashing it at Natsu, effectively flinging him back.

Natsu yelped at the stinging sensation that ran across his back. Shit, that really hurt. He gave a feral growl and as pounced on the green vine girl. She quickly dropped the whip into the murky shadow and jumped out of the way. Natsu turned around and gave a weak kick, knowing he was draining fast. The girl quickly jumped up above him. He felt the heel of her boot slam in between his shoulder blades, making him shout and lurch forward. Before he knew it, he felt two blades press against his throat, slender arms around his shoulders. He gulped as the cold metal dig into the skin in front of his windpipe. He was truly screwed.

The struggled, trying to escape from her strong hold, but failing when he felt the blades press harder against his neck, drawing beads of blood. He sagged his shoulders in defeat and huffed. She was the victorious… for now. He opened his mouth to announce his defeat when he felt the silver blades disappear from his throat. He felt soft arms encase him in an embrace, clutching him tightly. His eyes widened and his mouth made an 'o' shape. What?

He felt the girls head bury itself into the crook of his neck, nose rubbing the sensitive joint. A shiver ran up his spine and clouded his head as he felt her hot pants puff against his tan skin. His hands weakly crept up to her own, holding the small against his chest with his big hands over. That same scent engulfed him, sending a soft hum rumble through his chest. He leaned back onto the soft form, sinking himself in that calming scent. And then he saw it… Yellow… Yellow hair…

"I missed you Natsu." Lucy's voice croaked as she buried his head further into herself, a tear of happiness slipping into his salmon hair. "I really missed you."

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