The Devil.

As the only one who is permitted access to every facet of the Dog, you know the broken man behind the cloak. You know all of the tortured, mangy mutt that was thrown and left to rot in the recesses of his mind. Those mutants that twisted there and lodged like unwelcome burrs and tore at his sanity, you included~he hated you.

But then there was the End, and he finally understood.

You hated being trapped, just as he hated you being in his mind. You hated~no, you hate your duty as Omega's squire. You hate that you are a tool to be used by the Planet. And you hated that it might have been seen by him. So you lashed out and tortured him, filled his darkened hours with nightmarish hell. You whispered reasons to let the Sheep go, intending to take him, this Dog, and use him to your pleasure.

And he listened. Those quiet hours in the city of nightmare are buried in his mind now, and that is the reason that you two came together to stop the End and kill the Lynx. And those words of understanding that were never passed between you are the reason he screamed, he cried, are the reason you sacrificed your own life to save his.

But now he knows the torture within your mind, and you know the same of his. This knowledge is what draws him to you. When this un-life is too much~because you understand, and that is why no words are needed on those rare moonless evenings when you move together between the sheets. That is why nothing is said when he merely needs a voice over his shoulder, to overshadow the chaos in his imagination. And he thinks this is why you comply, dear friend.

He hopes~he prays~that you seek solace with him as he does with you, by forgetting with physicality.

Are you, Devil?

Are you the same?