Ok, I have a story in progress on this board, and I wanna make another one! But this time with YOUR OC's! Chris is now fresh out of jail, and wanting to torture some innocent teenagers. You guys! I'll be accepting 11 OC's and 11 people from previous seasons. Now, here's what you'll need to enter!


Age (14-16)




Normal clothes



Fancy clothes



3 good traits

3 bad traits


Open to Romance

Open to Rivalry

Which returning characters would you like to see

Now, here's My OC that will be participaing!

Name: Skylar Adams

Age (14-16): 15

Race: White

Hair: Bright dyed orange, straight, down to shoulders, with side swept bangs covering most of her forehead, but not her eyes

Eyes: Chocolate brown, bigger than most eyes, but not humongous.

Normal Clothes: A teal tank top with a dull gold jacket over it, dark wash skinny capris, and bright purple combat boots with black laces

PJ's: Black tank with black and white plaid short shorts

Swimwear: Blood red bikini with black polka dots

Fancy clothes: A sea green strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, black fishnets down to her feet, and black flats

Likes: Music, geeky/nerdy guys, challenges, sleep, hanging with friendds, and eating sugar.

Dislikes: Manipulators, vegetables,being bored, not enough sleep, tight and crowded spaces, and silence for long periods of time

3 Good traits: Fiercely loal to friends, will do just about anything, and is talented when it comes to anything musical

3 bad traits: A little gullible, falls for boys too easily, and if she eats too much sugar, she''k turn into an Izzy

Audition: "Hey, I'd love to be on Total Drama Blow-Up! I've wathced all the seasons, and I'd love to be on the show! I'd also be awesome to get famous on that show with my singing. And I'd like to find a boyfriend, plus, who wouldn't want the money?! So, consider me please! Ooohhh, sugar!"

Open to romance: Always open to romance!

Open to Rivalry: If it comes to that, she'll claw your eyes out if you're that mean, manipulative, and cruel.

Which returning characters would you like to have: Noah! Izzy and Dawn to, but mostly Noah.

I need 11OC's! So send them in! :)