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"Last time on Total Drama Blow-Up! some of the contestants from previous seasons came back for another shot! While we also introduced some new faces to this bunch I call money-makers! We got to see Trent take out his anger on Duncan, and Courtney actually telling him to stop! And with some new couples forming, probably. But how will this work if they're separated? Are rivalries already forming? And will my intern ever return with my latte?! Find out now, on Total! Drama! BLOW-UP!"

(Theme song plays)

"Ok, it's now 5:30, and the contestants have no idea what's in store for them!" Chris said in a whisper. He pulled out airhorns, two for his left hand, and two for his right. Then, he blew them as loud as they would go! Everyone jumped out of their bed, not knowing what happened. Except for one person, who yelled "CHRIS!" The said person being Heather.

"Why are we out here at 5:30?!" Tyler asked, not happy he's up this early. Everyone nodded, also not happy being woken up this early. "Well, you guys aren;t in teams yet. So I thought, 'Hey, how about we have a challenge when they're sleeping just to tick them off!' So what do you guys think? You like?" He didn't get an answer for a while, but Skylar broke the silence after a few moments.

"Yeah, because we totally wanna do a challenge that could probably kill us at 5:30 when we're still half asleep. It makes perfect sense!" She replied in a sarcastic tone that could give Noah a run for his money. Noah looked shocked she knew sarcasm well. "Skylar over here stole the words right out of my mouth." Sky and Bella secretly hi-fived, while Sally sent a death glare toward Skylar.

(Confessional: Sally)

Sally: Skylar and I may already have problems.

(End Confessional)

"Ok! The challenge is simple! I'm gonna pair you up, and we're gonna race! The first pair there are team captains, and they will choose their teams once everyone's there! Any questions?" Sally was about to ask a question, but got interrupted by Chris. "Ok, now let's pair you up! Heather and Alejandro, first pair! Second pair is Arianna and Dawn!" Dustin looked sad at that.

"Third, Gwen and Trent!" We heard tons of protest from Duncan, Gwen, Trent, AND Courtney because of that! "Hey! I'm the amazingly hot host, and what I say goes!" The foursome went silent at that. "Next pair, is Courtney and Duncan! Next, Scott and Dustin!" Dustin didn't look happy with that.

"After them, is Zane and Bella!" Bella looked...happy and sad about that. Zane, well, he was just happy he didn't get Alejandro for a partner in this. Skylar just smirked at Bella. "Next, is Sally and Noah!" Sally looked happy, and Skylar's smirk disappeared, while Noah just looked bored. "Thanks Chris!" Sally then skipped over to Noah, and started talking to him about smart people stuff WAY too smart for me to understand.

"And the next pair is Erin and Tyson!" Tyson looked pleased, while Erin looked like she wanted to murder Chris. "Since I miscounted, the next group is a threesome! Izzy, Jonah, and Skylar! You're the group of three!" Jonah went over to them both, looking worried. Izzy just had a crazy smile o her face, and Skylar looked satisfied with her group.

"And since they're a group of three, Skylar and Jonah will be team captains if they win!" Izzy started to protest, but then Adam said something very wise. "Izzy, you're too crazy to be a team captain!" She then realized Adam was right, and cackled crazily. Everyone backed up about 2 inches.

"Ok... have no idea what just happened...oh well! Next group is is another threesome! Analisa,Adam, and Justin!" Analisa looked happy, Adam didn't look too happy, and Justin was fixing his hair.

"Ok! You have to make it all the way to the top of the cliff, and back down! And it doesn't count until everyone from your group is here! Ok? Ready, set, GO!" And everyone was off, except for Jonah who had tripped over his feet.

(Confessional: Jonah)

Jonah: And this is why I didn't wanna come here. My bad luck will kill me in all of these challenges!

(End Confessional)

Of course there were groups in first, some in the middle, and some in last. Heather and Alejandro were up in front with Dustin and Scott, Courtney and Duncan, as well as Trent and Gwen. In the middle, there was Erin and Tyson, Arianna and Dawn, Zane and Bella, with Adam, Analisa, and Justin. In the back was Jonah, Skylar, and Izzy, with Noah and Sally being in the very back.

Izzy, Skylar, and Jonah's group

"Ok, this isn't working! We're in the back, and Noah and Sally are catching up!" Jonah yelled. Just then, Skylar had a brilliant plan. "Hey Jonah, if you kick a tree, will it fall down?" She asked him. "Well, yeah!" Skylar searched for a giant tree, and found one up ahead. "When we get to that tree," she pointed to it, "Kick it as hard as you can!" At first he didn't get it, then he realized what she was doing.

When they got to the tree, Jonah stopped, and kicked the tree with full force! He then ran to catch up with his group. About 3 seconds later, the humongous tree fell, stopping Noah and Sally in their path. Shylar turned around and said, "Sorry! I couldn't let you guys pass us!" She then winked and ran off. Sally looked miffed, while Noah looked impressed.

(Confessional: Noah)

Noah: Skylar's full of surprises, isn't she? *Smirks*

(End Confessional)

(Confessional: Sally)

Sally: Ok, it's on now Skylar! Then again, she may have tips on how to get Noah to hang out with me. Hmm...

(End Confessional)

Erin and Tyler

"So, why are you here?" Tyler asked Erin. She just ignored him, hating how flirty he was. "Oh come on! You'll have to talk sooner of later!" She stayed silent. "Fine, have it your way." Tyler then mumbled to himself "For now."

Gwen and Trent

They were pretty much silent. Akward and angry with each other, it was tension filled.

Duncan and Courtney

Basically the same as Gwen and Trent, except they kept on tripping each other.

Noah and Sally

Sally got over the log, she was waiting on Noah. "Come on Noah! I know you're not the best at sports, but you can climb over a log!" He was trying, but he just couldn't do it. And, in his defense, it was a huge tree!

Sally sighed. "Take my hand Noah." He took it, and she pulled him over. "Thanks Sally." Sally blushed. "No problem." And they kept running, not wanting to be in last place.

Alejandro and Heather

"We're winning! We're winning!" Alejandro said, and he was right. They were indeed first place. But Heather wasn't happy about that, because she stopped running completly! Alejandro noticed this, and went to see what was wrong with his girlfriend.

"Chica, what's wrong?" She didn't wanna tell him, but Heather had no choice. "Chris said whoever wins, they'll be team captains for each team, and if we win, then we'll be competing against eachother!" Alejandro then realized why she stopped.

"Ok, let's do this. we're not gonna win, but we won't be in last either. Just in the middle, ok?" Heahter nodded, liking the idea. A few seconds after they started walking. Dustin and Scott passed them.

Justin, Analisa, and Adam's group

"Justin, we have to run! If we don't we'll be in last place, and lose!" Adam yelled at Justin, who stopped to take a breather. "I'm not running! If I do, I'll be all sweaty, and it'll mess up my hair!" Adam groaned. But just then, Analisa got an idea.

"Justin! If you sweat, you'll look even hotter! With your hair all in your face, you'll be smokin!" Justin looked happy at that. "Are you sure Analisa?" She nodded. "Ok, let's get sweaty!" Justin then ran like the wind. Adam and Analisa hi-fived, and ran after Justin.

Dustin and Scott

It was pretty quiet. Scott was being anti-social, and Dustin hated Scott's guts. So there was nothing exciting going on here.

Arianna and Dawn

"I can see you don't really care about fitting in, Arianna." Dawn said, reading her aura a few moments earlier. "Yeah. My hair might give that away, but I don't care about being 'perfect' like most girls." Dawn smiled. "I like that. And I can tell you like to write. Maybe I can read some of your writings sometime."

Arianna didn't even flinch when Dawn asked that question. "Maybe, maybe not." They kept running the entire time they had their conversation, not getting winded that much.

Zane and Bella

"So, what kind of music do you like?" Bella asked Zane, also trying to make small talk. "Not much, I basically only like rock music." Bella sighed with relief. "Ok, good! Because if you didn't like at least rock music, we would've had a problem." Zane laughed. "And whyn would that be a problem?"

Bella didn't respond. "That's for me to know, and you to not find out." Zane chuckled. "You know I'll find out eventually, right?" Bella smirked at that. "Don't bet on that."

(Confessional: Zane)

Zane: A challenge? Bring it, I love challenges.

(End Confessional)

At the finish line

"Where are they?!" Chris whined/asked Chef. "They should be here soon, Chris. Look, here's the first the first pair!" The said pair was running to the finish line, crossing it first. And that pair was...Dustin and Scott!

"Congrats! You two are the new team captains!" Dustin then yelled, "YES! I'm not on Scott's team!" Scott rolled his eyes. "Oh shut it! Like I would pick you to be on my team anyways!" Scott then stalked off.

"The next pair to cross is...Dawn and Arianna!" The two girls crossed the finish line, looking happy they didn't win, but also that they weren't in last. "Nice job, Dawn." Arianna said to her teammate. "You too." Dawn then walked off.

"Thrid pair or group is...Analisa, Adam, and Justin!" When they crossed the finish line, Justin looked sweatier than a mule in the Sahara desert during summer. And that meant he stunk, BADLY. As soon as he got toward some flowers, they died.

"Wow, that's hilarious! I'm wondering how Adam and Analisa got him to run! But no matter, the next pair is...Zane and Bella!" They crossed the finish line, smiling. They hi-fived, and walked off to the other contestants.

"Next is...Heather and Alejandro!" They crossed, and then kissed, hoping not to be separated. Scott, being the jerk he is, screamed, "GET A ROOM!" pissing off the couple. Heather slapped him, and walked off towards the others.

"Haha! Smooth Scott! The next pair is...Gwen and Trent!" As soon as they crossed the finish line, they got as far away from eachother as they could. Everyone sensed the tension, and backed away from both of them.

"Next is...wait, are you serious?! Izzy, Skylar, and Jonah!" The threesome crossed the finish line, and Jonah yelled, "YES, NOT IN LAST!" Everyone laughed at that. "How are you not in last!?" Chris asked, obviousley surprised. Izzy smirked. "I think Sjylar should tell you!"

Skylar laughed. "We just used Jonah's jinx here to our advantage." Chris then smiled. "Ooohhh, nice! And I see the next pair! It's either gonna be Noah and Sally, or Courtney and Duncan. The next pair is...Noah and Sally!" Chris yelled as they busted out of the woods. "Yes, we're not last! I honestly thought we'd be in last, after what Skylar pulled back there!" Sally said.

"But it was clever, and strategic. Well played Skylar, well played." Noah said, smirking at her. Skylar smiled. "Aw, thank you! That means a lot coming from a sort-of schemer." Everyone laughed, even Noah.

"Wow. Too much chumminess! And the last pair, Duncan and Courtney!" They finally crosed the finish line, 3 minutes after Sally and Noah. As soon as they crossed the finish line, they got as far away from each other as they could. "What happened?!" Chris asked.

Duncan snorted. "Bossy pants over here tripped me, and my face landed on soem pebbles!" Courtney glared at the delinquent. "Well YOU pushed me into a tree that knocked me out for 5 minutes!" Everyone was laughing at them, but stopped when Chris told them to.

"Ok, SHUT UP! Dustin and Scott are team captains. Choose your teams, girl boy order. Dustin, you're first." He only took 3 seconds to choose his first teammate. "Dawn." Dawn then happily skipped to the green circle.

It was Scott's turn to choose. "Heather." He called. She stalked over to the red circle, not wanting to be on Scott's team because of his previous comment. Then it was Dustin's turn. "Duncan." Duncan walked over to the green circle with Dustin and Dawn.

Scott's turn was easy, because everyone knew who he would pick. "Alejandro." The latino walked to the red circle and kissed his girlfriend on the cheek, happy to be on the same team.

This went on for a few more minutes until the teams were full. Dustin's team had Dawn, Duncan, Bella, Noah, Skylar, Zane, Sally, Tyler, Erin, and Gwen.

Scott's team consisted of Heather, Alejandro, Analisa, Trent, Courtney, Adam, Justin, Izzy, Jonah, and Arianna.

"Ok! Now I get to name the teams! Green circle, you're now known as The Rabid Racoons!" They just stared at Chris. "How could you come up woth a name like that?!" Skylar asked. "Hey, it's an intelligent name, if you think a baby saying 'mama' at 4 for the first time is intelligent." Noah said. Everyone laughed, even the other team.

"SHUT UP NOW!" That got everyone's attention. It was completly silent. "Ok, we're done, right?" Everyone nodded yes. "Good!" But Noah and Skylar secretly hi-fived when Chris wasn't looking.

"And red circle! You're team name is the Raging Bears!" Scott looked like he was about to say something, but was cut off by Chris. "Don't! Even! THINK about it! Everyone just go eat lunch!" The contestants then ran to the mess hall.

"The teams have been formed! Who will get the boot first? Which team will lose a player so earlt in the game? And will those contestants ever NOT get on my nerves?!" Chris sorta growled the last on. "Find out next time on Total! Drama! BLOW-UP!"

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