A/N: Apologies for the break: looks like I'm back. Was having some issues with how I wanted this whole GlennDarylJude thing to go down, so just wait, don't freak out yet. There's a method to the madness. And this is slash fiction, so we're already in the realm of 'out of character', but I'm really trying to keep those personalities cropped close.

Glenn and Daryl are my favorite characters, and with Season 4 coming out, I think this story will get written even faster. –TPP

Smokes and Skittles

Part 3.

"What you seek is seeking you." –Rumi

After the Walker bodies had been safely burned and the camp brought back to some semblance of order, the women took off for the clean well to wash up before starting to gather dinner together. The men went back to whatever it was they'd been doing before the random attack, some splitting wood, others toting water, whatever had to be done. Since it was so late in the day, Daryl didn't much feel like trekking back out into the middle of nowhere to try and hunt more. Instead, he headed for his tent (which was so far away from the group he was bordering on crossing out of Hershel's property), struck up a fire, and started skinning. It didn't take long, but the familiar action kept his mind busy and was almost therapeutic in the way his hands moved with the blade, separating useless skin from flesh. He planned to smoke the rabbit and tuck it away for a rainy day, seeing as he didn't feel like sharing the better meat.

Lori and that blonde bitch needed to be punished, after all.

He was skewering the final rabbit on some sharpened sticks when he heard twigs snap behind him. In a split second he turned in a crouch, his favorite hunting knife raised in hand.

"Whoa!" Glenn said, throwing up his arms and almost stumbling back, "Whoa, it's just me."

Daryl eyed him for a second, not sure if it was worth yelling at the young Asian about the dangers of sneaking up on a Dixon.

"I wasn't trying to sneak or anything: I thought you heard me with my big Yeti feet."

Daryl was glad he'd turned around to resume his business because he couldn't help a little smirk appearing on his face. One of the days he'd been put on scouting patrol with the Chinaman he'd cringed every time the kid put his feet down in the forest: the kid didn't know how to tread softly, that was for damn sure. Or maybe Daryl's ears were that sensitive. To be fair, none of the city idiots could walk quiet worth a damn. He'd finally lost his cool and turned on Glenn, telling him he needed to go back to camp with his Yeti feet or risk getting shot.

Somehow, the kid's treads had become a little bit quieter.

And it wasn't like Daryl had been serious. Well, not completely.

Glenn took a seat in the grass not too far from Daryl, just watching him as he worked. It wasn't an every day thing, but as long as the kid was relatively quiet, Daryl didn't have a problem with it.

It got lonely being the apocalypse's badass.

His dick agreed with that statement, too.

"So…wha'd'you think about, you know, Jude?" Glenn finally said.

Daryl felt the twig he'd been sharpening into a point for tomorrow's meat snap at the pressure of his knife.

Fuck. Overreaction, much?

"Huh?" he finally mumbled to cover. He picked up another stick as Glenn looked at him with what Daryl hoped wasn't some psychology shit.

"Jude. I mean, I think he's getting along better with the group, especially after that attack. I think he'll be trusted by them soon enough, except maybe Shane. He's so stubborn."

"Ass hole," Daryl corrected.

Glenn smiled, "Yah, that too."

Silence soon resumed as Daryl tried to put all his attention on his stupid sticks, but Glenn wasn't finished, "So do you like him?"

What a fucking stupid question, "What'cha want me 'ta do, Chinaman? Take him on a fuckin' date?"

Daryl wasn't all that surprised as he watched Glenn's face turn an obnoxious shade of red, "N-no, nothing like that. I was just wondering what you think of him. Like, I dunno…"

Daryl shrugged, "He has cigarettes. Kills Walkers."

Glenn nodded, "So he stays."

"Looks like it."

Glenn's smile was so huge Daryl felt something stir in his gut. What? Jealousy? Daryl was damn sure the kid had never smiled over him like that.

"What'cha guys gossiping about?"

Both men nearly jumped out of their skin at the sound of a new voice, Daryl angry that he'd been caught off guard not once but twice in one day.

Fuck that shit. People died when he didn't watch his back.

"Sorry. Did I scare 'ya?" Jude said, hands hooked on his jeans pockets, his face still streaked in some Walker blood. It was splattered all over his shirt and the front of his ripped up jeans.

"N-no," Glenn stuttered, running a hand through his own hair. Daryl noticed he had abandoned his baseball cap lately: either he was finally growing up or he was trying to impress a certain somebody.

Heh. Daryl was betting on the latter.

"Cool," Jude said, popping down on the same log Daryl was sitting on. Glenn's eyes looked like they might bug out of his skull. Daryl had to admit his body tensed up for a second, but what did he have to be afraid of? If anything he was intrigued the little punk was brave enough to be in such close proximity with him.

"Nice," Jude said, leaning forward and picking up one of Daryl's skinned and skewered squirrels, "Squirrel on a stick."

He held it out over the fire like he was roasting a marshmallow. Silence.

"Alright, obviously I interrupted something," Jude finally said, sticking the stick up at an angle in the ground to continue to roast with the others.

"N-no, we were just –"

"Jesus Christ, just fuck 'im already," Daryl mumbled, suddenly overwhelmed by the Chinaman's stumbling middle school crush.

"What?" Glenn said, his eyes going impossibly wide, his face so red Daryl was suddenly hungry for apples.

"I've got shit 'ta do," Daryl announced, totally bullshitting as he slung his fucking crossbow over his fucking shoulder and headed off into whatever fucking direction was closest to some fucking trees.

Fuck fuck fuck!

He didn't make it very far, maybe two minutes into the trees when he heard:

"How 'bout you stop a second and think about what you said."

Daryl snorted, "What? That Chinaman wants 'ta fuck 'yer brains out? No shit, Sherlock."

"You didn't have to embarrass him like that," Jude said, jogging up to Daryl's side, "that wasn't just wrong dude, that was mean."

"Whatever," Daryl mumbled, muscles taught. He didn't know why he was so mad, it was just so annoying

"Hey," Jude said, planting himself in front of Daryl, his hand going to Daryl's chest to stop him.

Daryl practically growled, years with Merle mixing in with his annoyance, "Get the fuck outta' my way, faggot."

"No can do, trailer trash. Not 'til you tell me why you're being such an ass hole to Glenn."

Daryl snorted again, "What the fuck's wrong with you people? I don't do this drama shit. This ain't no tv show-"

"The only diva in this camp right now is you," Jude said, his eyebrows drawn together, his mouth set hard, "So what the fuck has your sexy redneck panties in a twist? And what's wrong with a crush? Shit, man, this might be the apocalypse, but we're still fucking human."

Oh shit. Daryl realized he was getting turned on more the louder Jude was getting. He looked pretty pissed right now…

All dirty…

…covered in blood…

"Holy shit, are you jealous?" Jude said in wonder, his eyes going wide.

Then he smirked.

"I ain't jealous of shit," Daryl said, taking a step in towards Jude, trying to intimidate him with his size. He wasn't much taller, maybe an inch or two, but it made him feel better.

"Oh, so we haven't been eye fucking then?" Jude pressed, tongue licking over his lip piercings, "you're so full of shit, Daryl."

"Shut up."

"I don't think so."

Daryl shoved past Jude, anything to get away from the embarrassing and irritating situation.

"Admit it, you like me."

"No I fuckin' don't."

"Yah I'm not buying that."

"I don't fucking care what'chu do."

"Yah you do."


"Can't. Got somewhere to be."


"We're already there," Jude said with a big smile before wiping the side of his face and staring at the bit of Walker blood, "Time to wash up. Why don't you come with me? I left my machete back in camp and you're looking annoyed enough to kill something, why don't you make sure I don't get eaten?"

"Maybe I want you to."

Jude laughed, "Come on, I promise to shut up."

"That'd be a cold day in hell," Daryl mumbled, surprised the kid could make him so mad so fast and calm him down just as quickly.

Yet Daryl found himself following the newbie anyway.

Glenn was more than a little embarrassed over Daryl's outburst, but he couldn't sit at Daryl's tent all day, red as a strawberry.

He was a man, dammit!

And he'd given Daryl more than enough time to calm down. Or, at least, he hoped Jude still had that magic mojo that seemed to keep people calm 'cuz he couldn't sit there a second longer.

It'd been over twenty minutes, at least.

And Glenn felt absolutely disgusting from the Walker problem earlier that day.

"Water," he mumbled to himself, standing up and starting the hike towards the river. It was a good solid hike, one that most of the camp weren't willing to make. The water was cooler, but the well on the farm was much closer.

But Glenn felt like getting away, so why the hell not? For once he could be antisocial if he wanted to.

He walked along, kicking at leaves and being louder than usual. He felt pretty safe with a bat in his hand, but he wasn't usually this loud, not with the constant threat of zombies eating him around every twig and rock.

But he was frustrated, and Glenn SO did not do frustrated.

"Ugh," he groaned to himself after another fifteen minutes, knowing he was close to the river.

Glenn didn't know if it was called a gully, but he liked the sound of it. If it weren't for the threat of zombies, it would be some real Lord of The Rings shit in this part of the forest.

The sun was making everything orange and gold and some of the leaves almost looked like blood as the sun started to descend.

Glenn figured he had time for a twenty-minute bath before he'd be pushing darkness on the way back. He was strong, smart, but he wasn't suicidal.

And he didn't have his backpack, so if he didn't take advantage of his time with the natural light, he was running some risky business in the forest later.

When Glenn was within earshot of the water, he started taking his sticky, absolutely disgusting shirt off his frame, wincing at the way his skin slicked against the shirt.

He threw it on the bank on the pebbles: he'd wash it after his body felt clean.

He was just about to set his bat down when he heard a loud splash followed by laughter.

He turned his head to the right, towards an outcropping of big rocks.

"Great," Glenn mumbled to himself. The last thing he had wanted was to have Jude and Daryl frolicking in the water when he was trying to erase the day from his skin.

He picked up his shirt and moved farther down the bank, wedging himself in between some of the bigger rocks to peer around the bend in the river.

He shouldn't have peeked.

There was Jude, coming up out of the water like a freaking Abercrombie model mermaid, slicking his pitch black hair back, his stomach muscles flexing as he stood to his full height in the water, which was almost to his belly button.

He said almost because he could see pubic hair, the beginning of a submerged cock…

"You're gonna have to get naked eventually, Hawk Eye," Jude said, smirking at a belligerent redneck who was wading through the water in his jeans and sleeveless shirt.

His hair was wet, but it didn't look like Daryl had any plans of undressing.

Glenn thought that was a real pity.

"Don't gotta be naked 'ta get clean," Daryl mumbled, dipping down into the water until just his eyes and nose were exposed above the water. His eyes were squinted, staring at Jude like an annoyed alligator.

Glenn would've laughed at the sight, but he was too caught up in the spying. It was nice to have the jump on Daryl for once, able to be quiet in the surrounding nature.

Jude laughed before flopping down into the water, floating on the surface.

Glenn really didn't think it was fair for the newbie to be so socially unconscious. He was buck-ass naked in front of the most intimidating man in the camp: did the kid have a death wish?

Glenn noticed that Daryl looked away, submerging himself completely.

He didn't resurface for a while. Glenn actually started to panic, counting off the seconds in his head.

Then Daryl reemerged, almost right in front of Glenn's face.

Glenn knew he had just screamed like a little girl.

Daryl's arm shot out, tugging Glenn from the edge of the boulder. Glenn's body went instinctually with the fall. Strange.

Like he wanted to be pulled into the water with the annoyed redneck.

Glenn came up, sputtering. Jude was laughing almost hysterically while Daryl fixed Glenn with a look he usually reserved for an approaching Walker.

"Jesus Christ, Daryl. What was that for?" Glenn said, running his hands through his wet hair.

Daryl's eyes lowered to Glenn's throat, his chest, before he shrugged, "Can't get clean if you ain't in water, Chinaman."

Glenn gulped as Jude swam closer (more like walked: they were shallow enough he could touch the bottom with his toes), his smile making Glenn nervous.

Glenn felt like he was the unsuspecting catcher in a cheap gay porno.

The two men he found attractive in the whole wide apocalypse world, right here, right now.

All wet = extra sexy.

"Damn," Glenn murmured to himself, unaware he had even said it out loud while staring at Jude's chest, "Uh…"

Jude's eyebrows drew together in concern, "What's up, Glenn? You alright?"

"Uh, yeah," Glenn said, suddenly feeling extremely conscious of his dick. Thank God he hadn't taken his pants off yet.

Jude looked at Daryl, who just looked back at Jude before looking at Glenn, "Alright. So should we commence the meeting?"

"What?" Glenn said at the same time Daryl narrowed his eyes.

Wait, was he growling?

Jude sucked on his bottom lip, probably an unconscious habit when he was thinking. Glenn couldn't help think he looked really cute like that, like he wasn't confident one hundred percent of the time.

"We obviously need to talk about this," Jude said, motioning vaguely with one of his hands at the space between him and Glenn.

"This," Jude motioned at the space between Glenn and Daryl, "and this."

Jude's hand was then at the space between Jude and Daryl, then Glenn realized they were all relatively close to each other in a triangle formation.

This was SO not happening.

"Uh…no, I don't think there's anything to talk about," Glenn announced, shocked that Jude was bringing this up out of nowhere.

"I'm outta here," Daryl announced, his back turned as he started wading towards the shoreline.

Jude shot like a rocket towards Daryl, grabbing the back of his jeans.

Daryl turned to glare at him, Jude just giving him a steady look, a challenge.

Glenn was surprised at how much his dick was enjoying the show.

"You need to stay," Jude said, his face serious. It was almost scary seeing him serious, but Glenn knew this was the face he had when he was killing Walkers, knew this was the strength that had had him survive so long on his own.

"I ain't gotta do shit," Daryl mouthed back, grabbing at Jude's wrist and yanking on it, "Leggo."

"Uh-uh," Jude said back with a pout. Alright, back to the unserious Jude.

"I ain't gonna ask again."

"But you're not clean yet," Jude said, standing up in the water, his hands not leaving the back of Daryl's jeans. He tugged gently. Glenn couldn't even believe the kid was still alive: not only that, Daryl hadn't moved an inch as he stared back at Jude.

"Are you guys eye-fucking again?" Glenn finally asked, annoyed at being ignored, "Cuz I'd be more than willing to leave if –"

"I don't know why you guys are getting all jealous, but we're gonna figure it out right here, right now," Jude said, his fingers moving slowly, slowly up Daryl's back. His fingers were over his shirt, but Glenn could see Daryl's back stiffen at the sensation of smooth hands gliding up to his shoulders.

"I'm more than willing to give you both exactly what you need. It may not be exactly what you want, but it is what you need," Jude said, watching Daryl turn slightly to face him.

"And what the fuck do you think I need?" Daryl practically snarled, his blue eyes defensive, "Stop playin' games, spit it out!"

"Okay," Jude said, tilting his head slightly, "Fuck me."

Glenn didn't know if he made some kind of sound at Jude's proposition but they were both staring at him now, so he was sure he had.

Even more interesting was why hadn't Daryl punched Jude in the face yet?

Daryl stared at Jude a second, weighing his words.

Jude's pupils were blown: he wasn't lying. Daryl knew he meant what he said, and for some reason, just knowing the kid was being brash in his natural urges was a turn-on.

He had known this was coming, had even started to anticipate it.

But Glenn. The Chinaman wasn't supposed to be witness to it.

"Don' think so," Daryl said.

Jude's smirk made Daryl want to punch him in the face, "It's gonna happen, dude. You're desperate, you're horny, and you're into me."

Glenn thought he could back out of this gracefully, but Jude's eyes turned on him in the next instant, "And you like Glenn too. It's obvious. You guys must be fucking terrible at poker."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," Glenn tried, his voice breaking halfway through his denial.

"Fuckin' delusional," Daryl said, shaking his head and once again trying to escape the water without having to fight off a very naked (and very tempting) newbie.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about. We're guys: we've got needs," Jude said, biting at his bottom lip again, "And nobody has to know."

Silence fell over the three, nothing but the slight gurgle of slow-moving water. Glenn wasn't exactly sure how Daryl was justifying it in his post-apocalyptic mind, but his shoulders slowly became less tense and his eyes weren't as squinted.

"You're seriously considering this," Glenn said aloud, shocked at Daryl. He had been banking on Daryl being too bad ass and lone ranger for whatever craziness Jude was trying to tag them with.

"It's makin' sense," Daryl said lowly, almost too low for Glenn to catch. Then he shrugged, like this was a simple idea.

"So what? We're gonna just – just get our rocks off together?" Glenn spluttered, trying to piece this thing together. What was this? A three-way? That French thing? What was it called?

Jude shrugged, "I'm attracted to both of you. It's up to you what you want to do."

"Is it?"

Jude cocked his head slightly, "Unless I read the situation wrong. I dunno, or maybe you have deeper feelings for Daryl than I thought?"


"If you love him and don't think you can share, no biggie. I can leave you two alone. I'm not that kind of person: if you guys really dig each other, I know how to bow out gracefully."

"Whoa, whoa, what's with the L word? Yeah, of course I'm attracted to him, you'd have to be blind not to be, but –"

"Nice to know, Chinaman."

Glenn wanted to squeal at the sudden smirk on Daryl's face: they were hungry eyes, eyes that had always been predatory.

But never towards Glenn.

"So we're in agreement? Everybody here's okay with this then?"

Daryl nodded slightly, eyes still trained on Glenn, "Sure."

"Uh-huh," Glenn found himself saying even though he was pretty sure he had no idea what was going on anymore.

"So everything is good," Jude said, wading closer to Glenn and pecking him on the lips, "Okay?"


Glenn was beginning to worry he had lost the ability to form actual words as Jude's hands ran along his hips in little teasing circles, kissing him again. Glenn leaned into the kiss, exploring Jude's hot mouth, losing himself in sensation.

It had felt like an eternity since getting off in the lingerie store. His body was screaming for it, for more, for anything.

Jude finally broke the kiss, "What do you wanna do?"

Glenn wasn't sure if the question was directed at him or Daryl.

But Glenn's dick was pounding, so he answered, "Can I…?"

Jude's smirk made Glenn's dick even harder, "Can you what, Glenn?"

"Fuck you?" he blurted, his face feeling so red he wanted to die.

"I dunno, can you?" Jude teased.

"I don't know," Glenn answered honestly, the blood in his brain deciding it was time to go south.

Jude turned his head to look at Daryl. Daryl's face looked a little flush, but he didn't say anything.

"What do you think, Daryl?"

Daryl shook his head slightly, like he was trying to figure out if he was dreaming or not, "Why 'ya askin' me?"

"Cuz if this is gonna work, we're all going to have to trust each other. I don't know if you guys want to be together with me, or separate. Or if you two want to be together. I just need to know, one way or the other. No point in making anybody uncomfortable."

Glenn was seriously beginning to think Jude was some kind of psychic or something: how was he so good at reading people, anticipating thought processes? It was crazy, especially since all Glenn could think about was how much his dick hurt.

Daryl looked at Jude, then met Glenn's eyes, "I get 'im tomorrow."

Glenn blinked, "Um…okay?"

Daryl seemed satisfied by that and began to wade back to the bank, his back turned on the two boys.

"This is so weird," Glenn said, his brain starting to function again, "This can't be fair for you."

Jude shrugged, "I like both of you. A lot."

"Oh. Good," Glenn said, his dick still hurting in his wet pants, "So…can we…?"

Jude leaned forward and kissed Glenn again, his fingers going for Glenn's zipper, "Never had sex in a river before."