Harry could hardly breath it was over at last. He no longer had the threat of Voldemort hanging over his head, the elder wand was dealt with hidden away in Dumbledores Tomb.

He was on his way to the common room, Ron and Hermione had gone to meet the rest of the Weasley family in the great hall.

The Weasley's he thought to himself and felt a punch like feeling in his gut. How could they ever accept him after what had happened to Fred. Or Andromeda for that matter. Or anyone at Hogwarts.

With a heavy heart he went to the Gryffindor Common room, thinking that he so badly wanted a sandwich.

When he asked the fat lady if he needed a password she just said "not for you".

So he collapsed down onto a chair and called Kreacher.

Who happily bowed to him and went to get the sandwiches. He was halfway through the plate of sandwiches when he heard people screaming and crying. He quickly got up and through the portrait hole to see what was the matter. He followed the cheering down to the great hall and found everyone cheering and celebrating. He was stunned at what he saw.

Fred and George crying and talking and laughing.

Tonks and Remus kissing each other and Andromeda running up and handing them a blue haired baby.

Colin and Dennis taking pictures of everything.

He couldn't believe his eyes. Was this a joke or something.

He was just about to walk out the door thinking that this was only a trick played on his tired and battered brain. When Ginny ran up to him.

" Harry" she screamed and throwing herself in his arms " The castle worked its magic once more and protected everyone in the castle"

"But I don't understand" he cried to Ginny who gave him a look of confusion as well.

When all of a sudden a boom was heard throughout the castle and grounds. Everyone looked up from their celebrations and pointed there wands at the ceiling when a voice was heard.

"Light side do not fear me, I mean you no harm. The dead was evaluated in front of the council. The council voted that there life's were cut to short. Anyone that fought for Harry Potter was returned to the land of the living. Do not worry, anyone carrying a dark mark on their arm was left dead and will be sent straight to Hell."

"But Severus Snape" started Harry

"Do not worry he was evaluated because we decided that there was something different surrounding him. He was given the choice of coming back or moving on he choose to move on saying that there was nothing left here for him. But he was given the highest honors and sent where all the heroes go when they go." said the voice

"Thank you" Harry said with tears glinting in his eyes

"Good Bye"

Everyone looked at each other and couldn't quite believe what they had heard. Harry started and remembered Ginny in his arm. He looked down at her and with tears in his eyes he kissed her.

Everyone started cheering. A cheer that nearly brought down Hogwarts once more.

Harry and Ginny were still kissing without a care in the world, when all of a sudden Fred came up behind them and pushed them apart saying "you guys my heart may have just started beating, but that doesn't mean it can withstand that nor anyone else's for that matter." with a look of plain disgust clear on his face.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other and their voice's clear as day ringing throughout the room said. "SHUT UP FRED"

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