"Now thats not away to welcome someone back from the dead now is it?" Asked Fred

"Fred, I can't believe your back I love you so much I was so afraid that you were guuu" Ginny started to cry uncontrollably falling into Fred's arms.

The Weasley family quickly surrounded them crying and screaming and shouting with joy.

The were all crowding around Harry and Ginny and Fred when Ron accidentally bumped into Harry sending him sprawling on the floor. Remus and Tonks, ran to him from were they had been quietly talking and watching the family with laughter evident in their eyes.

"Harry" shouted remus handing Teddy to Tonks are you alright?

"Ya, ya" he said a faint voice when they started to pul him up he groaned in pain.

"ouch" he groaned

"whats wrong" said Percy

"Im not sure" said Harry

"stay here Harry" said tonks running to get Mme Pompery

Ginny fell to her knees next to him and gently touched his neck trying to find pulse. Well she was doing this her arm gently brushed a spot near his heart. He made a very loud groan.

"Hold on" said Ginny gently moving his shirt up. What she found horrified her.

Running from right by his heart across his shoulder and wrapping around his bicep was a deep red scar. Surrounded by a large purple bluish colored bruise.

"I think I found the problem" said Ginny trying to take a deep breath and not puke all over Harry. She gently turned his head still looking for a pulse.

Right at that moment Mme Pomphrey and Tonks returned who both gasped and their faces drained of color.

without a word conjured bandages and some disinfectant.

"Dear, Im afraid this is going to hurt quite a lot but I must clean it out so it doesn't get infected" She said

"Thats okay, Im used to it by now, It can't be worse than skelgrow." He said with a small laugh

Ginny gently took his head and started tracing the horrible words that Umbitch had forced him to carve in his skin.

Mme Pomphrey wet a cloth with disinfectant and placed it righ tover the deepest part of the cut, along his shoulder.

Ginny could feel his body tense and saw him grit his teeth.

Everyone quickly started up a conversation in hopes of keeping Harry's mind of the pain.

"So what exactly happened between me and the wall having a not so secret meeting and all of us coming back" Fred said with a forced grin on his face

"Well all of a sudden this voice coming from the ceiling said that Harry should give himself up and go to the forest, he being the noble git he is he went and met with Voldemort in the forest from there I'm just as confused as you" said Ron

"Well" Harry said in a pained voice

"I went down to the forest and had some tea with Voldemort..." "sorry sorry just kidding" Said Harry " Ill tell you all later somewhere more private" he said

"Well I cleaned your arm up more or less" Mme Pomphrey said "but I'm going to do a quick check before I let you up" said Mme Pomphrey with a gentle push she pushed him back to the ground since he was trying to get up once more.

"Alright" Harry said with a sigh

She muttered a spell and everyone surrounding Harry could a hear loud beep when she passed her wand over his left shoulder and head.

"Dear me, " she said when with the help of the Weasley men she turned him onto his side. "Your shoulder is nearly snapped in two and out of its socket. Ill have to put it back in its place." she said with a sharp tut

"will you two help me" she said pointing to Bill and Ron.

"Of course" they replied

She showed them where to hold his steady so he couldn't move and gently wrapped her hands around his already bloody and injured shoulder.

Harry was watching this whole thing with calculating eyes.

"On the count of three. One, Two, Three" she said forcifly putting his arm into place

He tensed and groaned loudly "I survived Voldemort only to be killed by my pain from my own shoulder" he said with a shadow of his cocky grin on his face.

She healed his concussion on his head with a wave of her wand and with the help of Ron and Bill lifted Harry into a sitting position leaning against a nearby wall

"Im going to bandage your shoulder because it and the cut will be fairly tender for a couple of days. I want you to go to bed" Mme Pomphrey said summoning a bottle of dreamless sleep and tightly bandaging his arm across his body covering the deep scar.

"Can I least sleep in the tower" Harry said with a puppy dog look on his face after she finished not being able to concentrate well she jolted his arm around.

"Alright but someone must keep an eye on you" she said

" I will" Ginny said quickly with an impish grin on her face

"So will we" Said Ron pointing to himself and Hermione after seeing the look on Ginny's face

" And us" said the rest of the Weasley family and Remus and Tonks

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