Emily stood at the door to the emergency room, it seemed to be so far away, yet she could see Mike lying on the table. They had intubated him so he could breathe. Doctors and nurses were working on him and around him, watching the monitors and the doctor was barking orders. She could not hear what they were saying as she could only focus on Mike. He looked so pale. She could see some bruises and scratches and she wondered what else was wrong for them to be so worried and working so hard. Through all the battles against the Nighlok, she thought, Mike was never hurt like this. They called and said Mike was here and that he had been in an accident, a lousy car accident. How could that have hurt him when nothing else had…. What worried her most was that Mike was not moving and did not seem to be responding. "Oh Mike, please open your eyes, look at me with that grin of yours and say, 'Don't worry Em,' you know like you always do." She was willing him. A cold chill ran up and down her, she hugged her arms around her and swept her hands up and down her arms trying to get the chill away. Emily stopped and her head lifted up, she could not feel him! That startled her, even from the first time they met, Emily could feel Mike's presence, a bond they held.

"EMILY!" She turned and through watery, blurry eyes she saw Mia and Jayden hurrying towards her. "Mia! Jayden!" Emily called as they rushed to her. "Why are you here, I mean you just took the baby home and Mia you should not be out!"

"We had to come," Mia said as she hugged her friend.

"Of course we had to come Em, you and Mike are family." Jayden told her. About then, the noise in the room got louder and the doctors were talking faster and all their movements were more directed at Mike. The nurses were hurrying getting equipment and medicine. All of a sudden she heard "CODE BLUE ER 4" over the PA system. Mia looked at Jayden with tears running down her face and he held his wife close.

Emily stood still, she saw only Mike, they had gotten the shock system and had the pedals on Mike's chest, "CLEAR" the doctor shouted. She heard the shock and saw Mike's body jerk – nothing, the monitors showed a flat heart line. Every sense in Emily's being screamed out – " M-I-K-E!"

All of a sudden Emily sat up in bed, she was breathing hard and sweating, her heart was racing. Her hand ever so slowly moved over to the left side of the bed. She placed her hand on Mike's chest, it was moving up and down in a steady, sleeping even breathing.

Emily calmed herself, a dream, just a dream. Mike stirred. He took her hand from his chest and kissed it, "What's up Em?" He asked as he turned over and pulled the covers up over his shoulder.

Emily smiled, she leaned over and kissed Mike on the cheek, "Nothing, go back to sleep," she told her husband. For the rest of the night, she laid there watching the love of her life, just to make sure everything was, okay.