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Ok so...before you start, know that this is a Spike/OC story for the most part but it does lead up to some Spike/Faye interaction toward the end. My other fic "Please Stop Dreaming" is JUST Spike/Faye so if that's more your speed, I'll be updating it along with this one. FOr those of you who don't mind an OC fic, then I hope you enjoy!

Black Star Waltz

Chapter One

Part One

Winter Winds

It seemed too cold. But then, it was November on earth. The slender man shrank from the wind, a thin line of smoke from a broken cigarette dispersed quickly like a ghost. His thick coat only helped so much. As his dual colored eyes gazed up to the stars through patches in the clouds. He thought about what he was about to do. Snow started to drift down from the heavens, looking eerily yellow in the faint street lights. Spike hated how the snow looked on earth at night. Hell, he hated snow all together. It was cold, wet, and quiet. Most people thought of it as a blanket: pure and white, purging the world of the evils that had built up all year. Not Spike. To him, snow was nature's way of taking everything from you. And with nothing else to look at you were forced to remember the past.

It had been almost two years since his supposed death, and now it was time to go home. Hopefully there was still a home to go home to. Sure, Jet would still be there. It was his ship after all and Spike knew the old cop wouldn't let go of one of the few things he truly owned in this world. Faye… Hmm, that was tricky. After what she said the day he left, he couldn't imagine she would stay. Then again… She really didn't have anywhere else to go. If she stayed, it would probably be just for the fact that she had been there for so long. Ed and Ein… Ed's father was good for nothing so she was probably home, too.

Thin fingers pulled the cigarette from his lips and he let out a long, low sigh as his snuffed the cig out, tossing it on the ground. Meteors blazed trails across the sky, one even daring to fall a couple miles from where he stood. Good ol' earth. Falling apart at the seams. Long legs carried him onward to the Swordfish II, and once inside the cockpit he smiled lazily to himself.

"I hope Jet's got some food. I'm starving."

The hatch closed and he was on his way. On his way to a home that most likely did not want him anymore.

Part Two

White Rose

Needless to say, Spike's homecoming wasn't all that he'd expected. Jet was happy to see him alive, and so was Ed. Ein just… Well, he was just Ein, and Faye was gone. As Spike lay stretched across his old bed, he stared at the ceiling. It had been a week since he had come home, and a lot of the time he had missed had been filled in for him. After he left, it took Edward and Ein a few months to come back. Turns out the poor kid's father forgot her again so she wandered back to the Bebop. Hell, Jet was more of a father to her than that useless egg sucking… Heh. Spike sighed, closing his eyes. He never liked that guy.

Second was Jet. Once he had Ed back on the ship he resumed bounty hunting on his own. Jet was getting old though, and his bounty hunting wasn't as successful as he would have hoped. He was pretty much living the same way he had been when Spike and Faye were still around.

Third was Faye. She had left less than a week after he had "died". Jet said she couldn't take it after he left and they got word that he hadn't survived. Hell, after her little display before he left he wasn't surprised. He let her down. Hard. And being gone so long hadn't helped.

Spike rolled over onto his side, losing interest in the slowly turning ceiling fan. His eyes narrowed in thought. He had gone to see her earlier that day. Watching from afar he thought of how to approach her. She was just getting off work. Some small time job he was sure she was hardly making it by with. A single white rose dangled from his thin fingers and a smug grin played on his lips. What a surprise this would be. Hopefully she wouldn't hit him since he bought her a present. His smile faded slightly as he watched her, standing there waiting, eyes looking forlorn… Sad. She pulled her jacket tightly around her and hung her head. Spike's head tilted to the side. What was wrong with her? Surely his death hadn't bothered her that bad.

He took a step out of the darkness of the alleyway, but stopped in his tracks as a tall blond man joined Faye, greeting her with a kiss on the cheek. She looked up and smiled. The man seemed content but he didn't know Faye like Spike did. Even from across the street he could see her sadness had not faded from her eyes. Spike stepped back into the shadows, clenching the rose without thinking. Faye took the man's arm and disappeared down the street.

What did Spike expect? She was bound to move on. Maybe he shouldn't have waited so long to come back. Shit. Flinging himself over onto his other side, he groaned in irritation. Why wouldn't his brain just stop and let him sleep already!? He closed his eyes and focused only on his own breathing. Soon he was tossed into a deep, nightmare riddled sleep.

Part Three

Just Another Bounty Head

"Hey Spike! Get the hell up already! If you're gunna live here you need to start pulling your weight!" Jet's voice boomed through the door, making Spike groan and pull his pillow over his face. Well, some things never change. "Lazy ass." Jet mumbled to himself as he strode back toward the kitchen, his white apron billowing as he walked.

Spike sighed and sat up, dark circles under his eyes, and groaned again. Not much rest and now he had to work. Damn Jet. He scratched his head through his thick fluffy hair before standing and throwing a white t-shirt on, not bothering to cover his orange stripped boxers.

After a few minutes he made his way, groggily, to the living room with his toothbrush hanging from his mouth and a towel thrown across his shoulders. Jet was just setting out breakfast for himself, Spike, and Ed. Spike eyed the plate lazily. Eggs. He sighed. Hell, at least it was SOME kind of meat.

"Finally, Sleeping Beauty. Thought I was gunna have to send in Prince Charming to wake you." Jet hitched a thumb toward Ein. The data dog returned the gesture with a whine, then returned to his food. The dog didn't seem to like the idea any more than Spike did. The lanky man grimaced at the thought of dog slobber on his face.

Jet ignored the look and kept on talking. "Got a new bounty head for you. Two million woolongs."

Spike swallowed the toothpaste then wiped his mouth with the towel before answering, eyes glued to Ed's trusty "Tomato". The face of a girl, about twenty-two-years old, stared off screen. It wasn't a mug shot. That was weird. He eyes lit suspiciously as Ed sang out loud, wiggling her arms around like an overly excited squid.

"Girly girly bounty head, going to bring in lots of bread!"

"That's a small fry, Jet. Why not find me something bigger?" Spike ignored the crazy kid's ramblings, looking at the eyes of the girl in the photo. He wasn't sure but her eyes seemed to be different colors. One blue, one green. Hm.

"Figured I would ease you into it. Besides, it could be interesting." Spike raised an eyebrow as Jet spoke. Interesting, huh? His look faded to boredom. Not much interested him these days. Death kinda did that to you.

"Eh. Fine. Tell me more." Spike plopped down on the old yellow couch, looking at it for a moment and thinking of Faye. Funny how a color could make you think of someone. With a bemused look, he took up a plate and began scarfing the eggs down as Jet spoke.

"Astryd Jackle. Daughter of Kotori Jackle, leader of the Black Jackle Crime Syndicate." Jet ignored Spike as the younger man stopped eating, his mouth full of egg. Jet knew Spike didn't want to get tangled up in syndicate matters again, even if it wasn't Red Dragon, but this girl would be easy. She had no real record; she had simply escaped a few days ago and her father wanted her back. "Twenty-two-years old, five feet, three inches, and one-hundred-twenty pounds. Black hair, dual colored eyes, and has a jackal tattooed from her inner right thigh to her back. Should be easy. She's a little thing."

"Syndicate? I'm not getting back into syndicate issues, Jet. No." His voice was stern, eyes unwavering. The Red Dragons were bad enough but the Black Jackles had been around for a long time. A very long time. It wasn't like the other syndicates. They didn't just kill people, they tortured people. Mercilessly. The Black Jackles were a group you just didn't want to tangle with.

"Come on, Spike! She escaped and they want her back! She's not dangerous so quit being stubborn and go get her." Jet growled as Spike reluctantly put his plate down.

They had this conversation so many times in the past that Spike just got up to ready himself. No need to bring money matters into this. Spike owed Jet and this was an easy one. Hell, may as well get it done and over with.

"She may not be dangerous but the syndicate she belongs to is…" Spike murmured to himself, still unhappy that this was his new bounty head. "Where do I pick her up?" He questioned lazily, his hands shoved in his pockets.

"Spike person is from Mars, bounty lady is on Venus." Edward grinned wide, happy to help.

Spike's eyes narrowed. He was not amused.