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Juniper 'June' POV

Giggling to myself, I slipped the elephant a few extra peanuts.

"June!" My mother shouted. I jumped in surprise, trying to hide the guilty look on my face.

I turned around and saw my mother, with her arms across her chest. That was not a good sign. She was mad and i was in trouble.

I smiled nervously.

"Juniper Isabella Moore." She said sternly. "You are eight years old already. You know better than to feed Zitka more peanuts then necesarry."

"I'm sorry mom, Zitka just wanted a treat."

"And how do you know that?" Mom raised an eyebrow.

"She told me." I insisted.

"And how exactly did she tell you that?" She said with her arms still across her chest.

"She pointed to the bag with her trunk!" I smiled innocently.

My mother gave me a look of disbelief. "Unil you learn to stop giving her treats, you cannot perform in the grand finale."

"But mom! You know i love performing in the grand finale with you and dad!"

"I'm sorry June but i didnt want to go to that but i guess i had too."

I stormed back to our trailer and flopped unhappily in bed, a pout on my lips as I squeezed my stuffed lion.

I couldn't believe i can't perform in the grand finale! It's the best part of our performance!

I pouted and sulked until Dad called me for dinner. Grudgingly, I walked out of my room and out the door to the dinner trailer. A few people gave me frowns upon seeing my upset face on the way to my usual seat.

I looked up and looked at my mother. She still looked disppointed. At the end of the meal, I slipped into the kitchen and placed my plate into the sink, and was about to walk out as I heard,

"-have to tell her sometime." it was Janya the lion tamer.

"I know, Janya. But at the moment, she doesn't believe I or her biologcal father has any siblings. She doesn't even know her biological father in the first place." my mother sighed.

I didn't know what they were talking about, but I wanted to know now! I decided to lean over and see if I could get more information on my mother and fathers "siblings" and who my real father was... that means my dad isnt my real father! All of a sudden I lost my balance and fell crashing to the ground.

The adults looked at me with shock. Embarrssed, I ran faster then a speeding bullet to my trailer, accidentally knocking into my father. He stumbled back, surprised but not otherwise hurt.

"What happened? You have food in your hair." He frowed.

"I do?" I reached up and touched my hair. I felt something gooey in my hair, a smilar feel to mashed pataotes.

"Oh gross!" I made a face. "I'd better wash up. Bye dad!" I then ran to our trailer and rushed to my room.

I breathed a sigh of relief, before I suddenly realized that if what mom and Janya was talking about was true, then my dad wasn't really my dad. But, if he wasn't... then who was?

I began to wonder...I wondered why my mother never told me something this important! I glanced over at my clock. It read exactly 8:30 pm. Just a half an hour till the show starts. I really needed a shower to get the food out of my hair.

It was going to stay there for a while. Later that night, I had completely forgotten about the incident, and my mind was completely set on flying through the air.

I started to get ready for the show. So I put on my costume and pulled my hair back into a high pony tail to hide any gooeyness.

I glanced at myself in the mirror and tried to hide a groan at my new uniform. It was rather uncomfortable. The leotard was a dark purple with the letter 'J' on the center top. The bottoms were bright blue beneath a skirt that was a lighter shade of blue. If only I could get rid of the skirt.

I climbed the steps to the top trapaze, beaming at the crowd and waving. My mother leaned in and whispered,

"I'm sorry, Juniper. Perhaps the next show?"

I smiled. "Thank you, mommy."

I looked up at her and she smiled back. Then Pop Haley announced our names and the music started. First my father, then my mother. But when my mother went i got a really bad feeling. I dont know what it was but i had a feeling it had to do with the trapeze...

That's why I missed my cue. Instead of grabbing my mother's outstretched arm, my eyes were fixed on the snapping ropes above them. SNAP! The trapeze ropes went slack, and down they went, with my parents down with them.

"June!" My mother screamed. I leaned forward and desperately tried to grab her, but my mother's fingers barely brushed mine before they slipped through.

I couldn't believe it. I couldnt grab her! Down they went, i should have leaned forward more to grab her. Tears formed in my eyes, all i could do now was cry. They were gone. I couldn't move, all i could do now was sit there and cry. I have lost my parents...

I had half a mind to jump after them. I couldn't look away from the sight of their bloody bodies on the ground. It was horrific. The crowd's screams and the circus' employees shouts were only background to me. I'm not to sure how, but I ended up on the ground, scrambling toward my parents and screaming at them to wake up. Shaking them and pleading for them to stop kidding around and awaken.

No matter how hard i shook them, they didnt open their eyes. I was beyond scared and upset. All the blood made me want to throw up but i couldn't , i just couldn't. They looked so broken, so still...I suddenly felt someone shaking me as if i was having a bad dream and it was my mom trying to wake me up. I looked up to see who was shaking me. It was Pop Haley. His eyes looked so sad so lost...so broken.

"It happened again..." He murmured, believing I couldn't hear him. "Pop... tell them to stop pretending." I whispered. "Tell them they can stop." Tears leaked his eyes. "They're not."

He had to be kidding! He didn't mean it! But sady...the tears in his eyes tod the truth. I couldn't believe it. My parents were everything to me. I lost them.

Later, the police had come and taken their bodies away. I was left with Janya and Tyler, the juggler. The two were quite distraught. They didn't speak to me, probably deciding I needed space.

"Who's my biological," I carefully pronounced the word, "father?" I asked suddenly, surprising both.

They both looked at me with shocked expresions.

"What are you talking about June?" Jayna seemed to be more distraught then Tyler.

"You know what im talking about Jayna. I over heard you and my mother talking earlier after dinner. Now i want the truth." I was determinded to find out who my real father is. Any way possible. I will find him.

Tyler was pale. "Juniper, please, don't ever look for you father. Never, no matter what. No matter what anyone says, DO NOT look for him, do you understand me?" He said fiercely. I was taken aback. Tyler had always been really nice and calm, but now he seemed panicked.

I decided to look for him anyway. Maybe i can find out why my mother and probaly everyone else hid it from me. I was going to find him one way or another. But i guess i should start by leaving. I cant stay since my parents just died, it would be to hard for me.

Besides, we were in Gotham. I heard from Mommy and Daddy how bad the place was. I couldn't imagine where they'd send me! Now, how can I find my real dad? And why didn't anyone want me to know?

I decided before i'd leave i would ask Pop Haley if he knew anything. I had a strong feeling he did. But first i need to pack my bag. I though about using my back pack so i woudn't have to carry it in my hands. When i got back to my trailer i took as much stuff as i could that woud fit. Then i hide it under my bed and went to ask Pop Haley about my real dad.

I quickly packed all my clothes and Leo, my stuffed lion, in my bag. I also had my toy bow and arrow Silver the markswoman gave me last Christmas, along with some money and bathroom untensils, Lastly, I packed a picture of the entire circus.

I smiled at the picture. All those happy memories...gone

"Pop!" I called in his trailer.

"Oh hey Juniper. How are you hoding up?" Looks like he was filling out some paper work

I sniffled. "I ran out of tears." Pop frowned and held out his arms, which I collapsed into, more tears slipping out of my eyes. "Pop, do you know my biological father?"

The second I asked him, I felt him tense up. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes. "Pop?"

"Please, June, don't look for your father. Your parents wouldn't have wanted you to."

"Tell me and I won't!" I begged.

Pop hestitated. "Please, Juniper... Alright. You deserve to know... When your mother was a young woman, she was roaming the streets of a town, Star City. At the time, there wasn't Green Arrow to protect it. So, she was walking down a dark alley to return to her home, when a man appeared out of nowhere and got her pregnant."

"How?" I asked confusedly.

"Just dont go looking for him ok June? It's dangerouse out there." He got up and went back to his desk. He paused and looked back over to me. "Just promise you won't."

I hesitated. I could tell by the sound of is voice that my father truely was a bad man... but I was curious. I promised myself I'd find out, but if possible, I wouldn't try to meet him.

"Promise." I agreed.

He gave me one of his famous smiles. "Good now go on and get some rest." I nodded. I walked out of his trailer and walked back to mine. I was really curious and wondered if there was any other family members I don't know about.

I climbed onto a chair, reaching for my mother's old scrapbooks. Whenever I asked to see them, she would just smile sadly and shake her head, saying, "Somethings were meant to be left in the past."

I opened the old dusty book and read the first page. "Juniper Knight's Baby Shower." It read. Above it, were pictures of my mother and father, next to a woman looking much like my father. She had a large round stomach, indicating her preganacy.

But who was she? I think I've ever seen her in my life.

She looked remarkably like my mother. The resemblance was uncanny. But did that mean I had an aunt?

If i had an aunt did that mean i have cousins? I looked farther in to the scrap book and saw a picture of me when i was around 4. There was a boy who looked like he was 9 and another girl who looked like she was 7. Were those two my cousins?

I was determined to find them. Slipping the scrapbook in my bag, I crawled into bed and slept for a few hours. It was around four a.m. when I awoke and left Haly's Circus.

I was glad no one was up to see me leave. As I left the circus grounds i knew my real father was out there along with my cousins. It was a good thing I took the whole scrapbook..