The Next Day

"Kaldur! Behind you!" Phoenix shouted, as Black Beetle tossed the Atlantean straight towards her. They slammed into the wall painfully.

Green Beetle flew towards Black Beetle, "Your scarab will now be cleansed."

A few cords came from green beetles scarab and connected to black beetles scarab.

"I don't think so." Black beetle said. The green fluids were stopped in their path when the black fluids came from black beetles scarab. The black fluids went right up into green beetles scarab and took control.

"Aagghhh!" Green Beetle screamed in pain as he then disintegrated.

"Green!" Cassie yelled.

"I hate Martians," Black growled, "That should have killed you," His hands turned into blades, but it was quickly intercepted by Blue.

"I don't think so." Blue glared.

"You are the cause of all of this. I tried to keep both of you on mode, but you're scarab will be forced upon another and will be set correctly." Black connected cords to Blue's scarab.

"I don't think so, hermano." Blue seemed to smirk, "Because for once, the scarab and I are united." The purple cords turned blue, and the scarab burst.

Blue breathed deeply, his eyes wide. "What have you done?"

"It's over..." Phoenix said in relief.

"No... the Reach were planning on eliminating any evidence of their time on Earth, by destroying it." Blue whispered in horror.

Everyone looked at him with horror. Destroy the earth? No way!

"What are we going to do?" Phoenix asked. Blue turned to her.

"I don't know.." He said with sadness in his voice. There has to be a way! June just needed to figure it. Then she got an idea!

"Wait! I got an idea!"

Everyone turned to her.

"Look, everyone knows that the Light always planned to betray the Reach, right?" June smirked, "Who's to say they don't have technology to counter THEIR tech?"

Everyone's eyes widened.

"TO THE WATCHTOWER!" Phoenix shouted dramatically. The others rolled their eyes, following June to the Zeta Tubes.

When they got there they saw Nightwing, robin, Red X and shadow.

"Okay everyone crowd around the screen!" June said. Everyone did what she said. But before June could pull up the screen there was an alert. A screen came up and showed these bug like robots guarding this machine that had what looked like a sphere of wind. Above the machine dark clouds were forming. Jaime stared at the screen in shock.

"It's starting."

"What's starting?" Shadow asked. Jaime couldn't bring the words to say it. So instead he grabbed her and held her close.

"How do we get rid of it?" Red X asked in a dark voice.

"We can't." Jaime said quietly, "When my scarab tapped into Black's, it showed me their plan. But there was no fail safe, because this was supposed to be their Endgame."

"Where are the Leaguers?"

Nightwing looked down, "Batman, Superman, Icon, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and woman, and both Green Lanterns are escorting the Reach to stand trial before Rimbor."

"They seriously have to work on timing." June muttered. "Why'd it take all of them?"

"They have to escort an entire fleet of Reach ships, all of which are armed." Caitlin cut in, frowning.

Captain atom then stepped forward.

"It seems that the other leaguers are stretched thin. All of them are trying to get civilians to safety." Captain atom said.

"Yeah but these aren't just natural disasters." Jaime explained. Then there was a transmission.

"Incoming transmission: from United Nations." The monotone voice said. Then Lex Luthor's face appeared.

"Luthor?!" Captain Atom said.

"I believe we may have a solution to both of our problems." He began.

"A problem which you caused." The Atom pointed out, standing on Phoenix's shoulder.

"Yes, well, would you like to save to world or not?" Luthor said in an annoyed tone.

"Yes now get to the point." Caitlin said in an also annoyed voice.

"Lex corp has developed anti-Reach software." Luthor said as he held up a flash drive. Everyone looked at each other and looked back at Luthor.

"Alright." Captain atom said.

Later, most of Young Justice and some other heroes met in Metropolis where Luthor gave out electronic eggs that would shut down the reach's drones before they could gain enough power to destroy the world.

"You think we can trust him?" Cassie whispered.

"It's his world too, I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be held responsible for blowing the world into cosmic dust." Tim replied.

Besides we don't have a choice." He muttered.

"Just will all be given Reach tech eggs attaining my virus software where one hero runs in and runs interference with the drones while the other only has to physically touch his or her egg against an MFD to disable it." Lex explained.

"Ladies and gentlemen the faith of the world is in your hands." Luther said before all the heroes left in their squads.

June sort of blanked out on most of the introductions, but paid more attention when she and Bart were assigned to Italy.

Bart took her hand, and the two zoomed off across the ocean.

When they got there, they saw people running away from a part of the city. Bart zoomed to where they were running from. They saw an MFD being guarded by the bug machines. Phoenix took out her quiver and loaded two arrows and fired.

"Impulse I'll distract them. You go and disable the MFD." she instructed. Impulse nodded and zoomed to the MFD while Pheonix distracted the androids.

After placing the egg on the MFD, Impulse knocked the androids into a wall. June grinned at him, placing a finger on her comm. "Delta squad-" Impulse cut her off, locking lips.

"Come in, Delta squad?" the voice called in, "Uh, Delta?"

June wrapped her arms around his neck and Bart placed his arms around her waist.

With Caitlin and Jaime

They were headed straight for the desert. Jaime was carrying Caitlin bridal style, while she held the egg in her belt. Then they got to their MFD.

"I'll distract them and you place the egg on the MFD." Jaime said.

"No problem." Caitlin nodded, taking the egg from her belt.

Blue Beetle drew his sonic blasters, taking into the sky and shooting at the drones

While the drones were distracted, Caitlin made her way to the MFD. once she got there she slapped the egg on it and the MFD dropped to the ground, along with the drones. Caitlin pulled down her mask and pressed her finger on the comm link.

"Gamma squad re-" she was cut off of by Jaime, who pulled her in close and kissed her.

"Um...gamma?" The same voice called.

"Lord... Three times already..." the comm. grumbled.

At the Watchtower

"We did it," June grinned.

"Not quite..." Blue said.

"Blue what do you mean?" June asked.

"My scarab detected a 21st MFD in the arctic. I'm sending coordinates." Blue said.

"It's no good. There aren't any zeta tubes in the arctic." Captain atom said.

"Don't worry kids. I got this." Flash said. They could all pretty much hear the grin Barry had at the moment.

"But-" June began, suddenly realizing Bart was no longer beside her.

"Not without me you're not!" Bart's voice called over the comm., as he was just behind Flash.

Flash smiled at Bart. They ran into a cave and saw a horrible sight.

"The's..We're too late." Flash said into the come.

"What do we do?" Flash asked.

"Run." Luther said.

"Hey I am no quitter!" Flash stated.

"Not run away. I said run. If you and impulse run around it at your top speed you could shut it down." Luther explained. So flash and Bart began to run.

"Even at our top speed, I don't think we can build enough kinetic energy to shut it down." Flash said.

"That's why you've got me." Kid Flash grinned, appearing.

"Kid!" Flash said with a smile.

"Hey can't let the new kid take credit for helping save the world." Wally said with a smile.

"Glad to have you here Wally." Flash said.

"So crash." Bart said.

"Now let's build up some kinetic energy!" Wally said. Flash and impulse smiled as they speed past him.

"Come on wall man you can do better then that!" Wally said to himself. He began to run faster and faster. Outside of funnel, the bio ship appeared. Nightwing, Superboy, shadow, Phoenix, Miss Martian and blue

beetle came out. Nightwing pointed up.

"Look! It's working." He said.

"Yes!" Jaime said happily.

Jaime's eyes suddenly widened, "Cease what?" he asked himself.

"Jaime, what's wrong?" Caitlin asked.

But Jaime didn't answer, he was staring at the three speedsters in horror.

Suddenly, the funnel stopped. The MFD was destroyed, and fog and clouds littered the ground. June ran through the fog, looking around wildly and nearly running into Bart. She wrapped him into a hug, nearly choking him.

"June..." He mumbled.

"Oh lord, Bart, don't you EVER scare me like that-"

"Wait, where's Wally?" Artemis asked, her voice slow and fearful. Flash bowed his head, putting his hands on Artemis' shoulders.

"Artemis... he wanted me to tell you-"

Artemis' eyes welled up in tears. "No..."

"He loved you, Artemis." Flash finished quietly.

Artemis dropped to her knees and cried. M'gann rushed to we best friends side and comforted her. No one could believe it. Wally can't be gone! Caitlin turned to Jaime for comfort. Jaime brought her into a hug and held her. Bart did the same thing to June.

Wally was gone.

A Week Later

Bart was standing infront of Wally's memorial hologram dressed in Wally's kid flash uniform.

"You look good." A voice said. Bart turned to the direction of the voice.

"Yeah but I feel like a fraud." He said. Artemis appeared from the shadows in her tigress uniform.

"Wally would be proud of you for doing this. He would want you to be kid flash." She said as she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks. So, what's up with the Tigress costume?" Bart asked.

"Artemis was Kid Flash's partner, it's time for Tigress to make an appearance."

"As a hero?"

"As a blonde. And besides, I think it's time for Kid Flash to have a new partner, a particular bird." she smirked slightly at Bart's face.

Bart smiled at her as she put her mask on. Artemis gave him a smile and walked out of the room. Bart smiled and walked out of the room and went to look for June. He found her in the living room with Caitlin and Jaime.

"Found you." He said as he sat next to her. June smiled and hugged him.

She felt a few tears slip from her eyes. "Hey..." She mumbled, "Can I talk to you, in private, I mean?"

Caitlin visibly tensed, while Jaime glanced at them curiously.

"Sure." Bart took her hand and led her to the kitchen.

"Look, about that night..." June began quietly. "I'm really sorry about that, I don't know what came over me..."

"It's alright June I understand." He said.

"I think we should slow down." She said.

"Yeah sure of course." Bart said. He then brought her into a hug. June smiled when he hugged her. She really enjoyed his hugs.

"You really do look great Bart."

"Thanks June." They released from the hug and walked back to the living room. Bart ran a hand through his hair.

"I suppose everything's somewhat good. The League is back, Jaime and Caitlin are both fine, Kaldur and Artemis are safe from undercover, and we're working in and out of the League Watchtower as well as the Mountain."

"But Wally..." Bart looked down.

June didn't say anything. She just wrapped an arm around him. He couldn't know, June decided to herself. Not until she was sure. Not until she was certain that Wally West was actually still alive.