Burying Clay

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It was about 11 at night when Chucky woke up to the phone ringing. Answering it, he heard a voice that he didn't expect to hear.

"Hi, Gemma. What's up?"

"Chucky, I need you to come by my house. I need your help."

"It's late at night. Is everything OK?"

"I have someone here who just checked out. Just get here now."

Ten minutes later, Chucky drove up to Gemma's house. He hadn't been in front of the door longer than a few seconds before he was pulled in by Gemma. "How can I help you, Gemma? Do you need a midnight snack from across town?"

"After what happened, I don't have much of an appetite." Gemma said, leading Chucky to the scene where the body lay lifeless in the kitchen, wrapped up in plastic bags.

"I'll take care of it. Anyone I know?"

"Clay. Found him this morning with his feet in the air."

"I bet it was quick and he didn't feel a thing." Chucky said.

Minutes later, with the body in the trunk of his car, Chucky rode down to the funeral home and presented the body to Skeeter, who had no problem in cremating the body. Skeeter went ahead and put the ashes into a generic urn for Chucky so he could bury them at his own convenience.

When he got to the edge of town, Chucky took a shovel and started digging. It would be surprising to anyone who saw it that a man with prosthetic hands like him would be able to work a shovel yet he did.

It took some time but the hole was dug just right. Taking the lid off the urn, Chucky poured them into the hole and then filled it back up. Having taken several sticks and binding them together, Chucky made a cross to put in lieu of a tombstone.

"I didn't know you very well. Gemma had another one before you and I guess she might have loved you. Sorry that you didn't last very long. I hope you find peace. Oh, well. You and Clancy are probably going to see each other in parrot heaven."

With that, Chucky drove away from what was the final resting place for Gemma's 2nd pet bird.

She had named it Clay.

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