Hello people! This is my first Puss in Boots story and I hope I finish it! I do not own Dreamworks. WARNING: If you have not seen the Movie Puss in Boots then you will be confused I didn't want to put this in crossovers though. But I do love Dreamworks movies!

Puss in Boots Pov

I wanted to step out of the house for a bit. "Hey Puss where ya goin?" asked Donkey. "I just need some freash air" I replied. I went and walked through the woods. The thing that was on my mind was Kitty Softpaws. I had not seen her in a while but what are the chances that she'd come to a swamp? All of a sudden something crashed into me and landed on top of me. "Ey watch where you are going!" I shouted. I looked up and saw a female black cat. "Well thats a nice way to welcome your girlfriend" Kitty said. "Heh oh I'm sorry" I nevously laughed. "Not that I'm complaining but why are you on top of me?" I asked. "Oh! Heh Sorry!" she said getting up. "Its ok I know you liked that position" I winked. "Well you haven't changed a bit have you?" she asked. "Nope I am still hansome" I smirked. "Don't forget clumsy" Kitty muttered. "Hey you fell on me" I said. "Doesn't matter" she said. "So beautiful what brings you here?" I asked. "You know just passing through until I saw a ginger cat with boots so I knew it had to be my Puss" Kitty replied.

"Oh so I am yours?" I asked. "Yes only mine and if any female goes near you I will rip her apart" she replied. "Now that would be interesting to see" I chuckled. "I am just passing through so I will leave you know" Kitty said. "I know but what is the rush? You are here so I will enjoy your presence" I grinned. "Ok hold on their Mr. Hands on why don't you tell me what have you been up to?" she asked. I sat and so did she. "Ok you know I was hired to kill an ogre because I was in the assasin business" I said. "Assasin? Ohh.." she winked. Kitty rapped her tail around mines and sat closer to me. My face heated up but I liked having her close. "I didn't kill the ogre so I became friends with him oh and I had to help the ogre with a spell to break it so he can be with his ogre Princess wife bla bla bla it is very boring" I said. "How is that boring?" she asked. "Later on I rescued a Princess" I said. "A Princess?!" Kitty asked shocked. "Oh no wait! I helped rescue the ogrers Princess!" I replied. "Okay be more specific next time or I would of neutered you" Kitty said.

I sweat dropped. "You wouldn't would you?!" I asked. "No I love you too much.." Kitty replied. I smirked again. "Not to mention I was turned into a donkey" I muttered. "Ha the famous Puss in Boots was turned into a donkey?!" she laughed. "Yeah yeah it is not that funny!" I grumbled. "No your right that is halarious" she said continuing to laugh. "So what have you been up to?" I asked. "I've traveled places... Discovering new things" she said. "But you will not discover any new males on my watch!" I said. Kitty laughed. "Where will you be staying?" I asked. "Some where near by don't worry what about you?" she asked. "I live near the ogre and his wife and his 3 kids" I replied. "Wow" Kitty said. "Yes not to mention Pinocchio, the ginger bread man, the 3 little pigs, the big bad wolf, the blind mice, and a donkey are my friends" I said. "You've been busy" she laughed. "Yes but I can still make time for you" I winked. "How about I see you tomorrow at the same time?" Kitty asked. "I do not know I might be busy" I said jockingly. "Well come if you want your money back.." she said leaving. I took my boot out and found no money in it. She is a bad kitty.

Donkey Pov

I saw Puss come in with a smile on his face all wobily and tipsy. "What happened why you all happy?" I asked curious. "Me? Oh nothing!" he said snapping back into reality. "I'll be in my house!" Puss said. Puss had his own house and privacy right next door from Shrek. I looked at him suspisiously. As soon as he left I scurried to Shrek. "Shrek Shrek!" I called out. "What is it Donkey?!" he asked. "Do you know whats up with Puss?" I asked. "No what do you mean?" Shrek asked. "I mean today he went walking to the woods and came back with a love sick look!" I replied. "So...?" he asked. "Lets find out what he's hidding" I said. "Why?" Shrek asked. "Wouldn't it be great if we knew one of Puss' secrets?!" I asked. "Your delusional" he said. "C'mon how about tomorrow we follow him and see whats up?" I suggested. "Well I've got nothing better to do so- hey no gimme that!" Shrek said to his child. I walked back to my children. Ha! I wonder what Puss is hidding.

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