Do I even dare show my face? I have not updated this story, IN FOREVER! Please forgive me... I needed to finish this story! Enjoy!

Puss in Boots POV

"Yes, I've heard about, the Magic Lamp" I said. "But what does this have to do with us?" Kitty asked. "I've got the map" Captain Hook said. "Why are you telling us?" I asked. "I'm giving you a map with instructions, this adventure is only for the most dangerous and risky people, or cats" Captain Hook said. "I accept" I said. He handed Kitty the map. "Good luck" he said leaving. We got up and headed to castle. "So, are you actually going to do it?" Kitty asked. "I didn't accept it for nothing" I said. "Can I at least see the map?" she asked. "No way, this map will not leave me" I said. I looked over to Kitty, and saw her already reading the map. "Or you" I muttered. "Will we tell the others?" Kitty asked. "I don't know, Shrek has his kids to worry about" I said. "Can't he just hire a babysitter?" she asked. "Or Fiona can stay" I suggested. "That'll leave me as the only girl" she said. "Don't worry, you still have me" I said winking. "Keep your hat on, Ginger. I'm pretty tired for today" Kitty said. "Would you like me to carry you?" I asked joking. "I'm not that tired. Besides, how can you carry me? You need to get you hat first" Kitty said. Once I looked up, my hat was gone, and so was Kitty. I smirked.

I ran after her. She flipped over the buildings and jumped off into the streets. I had to keep dodging the people and wagons. I was on all four legs, and I was catching up to her. Kitty turned around and gave me a look that spelled mischievous. She pulled out her sword, and the thing inside the barrel, spilled on me. It was no big deal, itcwas just water. Kitty got ahead of me. I climbed into the castle with no sight of Kitty. I went into my room and saw Kitty relaxing on my bed, with my hat on. "What happened? You're a little rusty" Kitty said. "Only because you cheated" I said. "Me? I did no such thing!" she said. "Sure, what ever you say" I said chuckling. "I'm off to sleep" she said. "Hmm, how about a goodnight kiss?" I asked. She leaned and did so. I was quick with movements, still it was a long kiss. She pulled back and stared at me. "I thought you only said 'kiss'" she said. "I could've meant long, or short" I said shrugging. "Goodnight, Ginger" she said hoping out of my room. I took off my hat and boots. I curled up into the bed.


Something tickled my nose. I opened my eyes and saw a black tail. I sat up and saw Kitty next to me. "Time to get up" she said. "Do you have the map?" I asked getting suited. "Yes, I read it a couple times. I still don't think I have it fully memorized" she said. "Good, that means you won't be able to get ahead" I said. "You do not trust me?" Kitty asked. "Well, you do have a reputation" I said. "That is true, oh, is it okay if I keep your cape?" Kitty asked with the cape on her. "I really hate when you do that" I said. "Hey Puss! Breakfast" Donkey said barging in. "Oh, I really gotta learn to knock" he said. "No kidding" I said. "We'll be down in a second" Kitty said. "Okay, I'll just leave you and your lady friend in piece" Donkey said. I slapped my paw into my face. Donkey closed the door and left. "Are you sure you don't want to go. Just us two?" I asked. "No, if we are going, we are all going together" Kitty said. "What's with the sudden generosity?" I asked. "Callate (shut up)" she said before going towards the door. "Are you coming? Or am I going to have to carry you?" Kitty asked. I came beside her. We walked to the dining room.

"Yay! Now we can finally eat!" Donkey said. "Fiona made us wait until you guys came" Gingy said. "Puss and I have an announcement to make" Kitty said. "You're having kittens?" Pinocchio asked. I nervously laughed. "No not that kind of announcement!" I said. "We have a map, to go to the Magic Lamp!" Kitty said. "That thing where you get three wishes?" Shrek asked. "Yes, who would like to come?" I asked. All hands went up. Except Fiona's. "Shrek, we have kids to take care of!" Fiona said. "It's just going to be one trip, just while Puss' girlfriend is here" Shrek said. "Who will help me watch the kids?" Fiona asked. "They will" I said pointing to Gingy and Pinocchio. "Good, that means you can go" Fiona said. "Hurray! We're going on another ROAD TRIP!" Donkey yelled. "How long trip take?" Shrek asked. "Maybe two to three days" Kitty said. "Let me finish my waffles" Donkey said. "We're going right now?" I asked. "The sooner the better" Kitty said. "As long as I have another adventure with you, even though I'll have to support with Donkey, I think we'll have a good time.

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