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'I wish for niichan to accept me.'

Shinichi, Hattori, Kaito, Hakuba, Ran, Aoko, Sonoko, and Kazuha walked down the streets of Beika towards Shinichi's house. All the guys carried bags full of groceries. "Party at Kudo's! Party at Kudo's! Party at Kudo's!" Hattori and Kaito chanted happily in harmony.

Shinichi rolled his eyes at the duo. "Remind me exactly why we are having the party at my house again?" He asked.

"Because your house is big." Sonoko answered, like the answer was obvious already.

Shinichi glared at the rich girl. " Then why can't we have the party at your house? Or anybody in this damn group who has a large house?" He grumbled.

"Aww, come on, Shin-chan. We all have never been inside your house before, excluding Mouri-chan and Suzuki-chan. And besides, I heard you hardly throw parties at your place." Kaito cheerfully commented.

Roughly turning his head back to glare at the magician, he growled, "First of all; don't ever call me that again or you'll be eating a soccerball. I don't recall giving you my permission to call me by my first name. Second; I like the peace and quiet in my home so in that reason, that's why I don't throw parties."

Kaito pouted. "Come on, don't be like that. Get out your shell and have some fun."

Shinichi sighed, not really wanting to argue knowing everybody, maybe not Hakuba though, will join Kaito's side and go against his reasoning. They walked in silence. The cold air hunged in the air as the eight neared Shinchi's house. Five minutes later, they arrived at Shinchi's house only to stop and gape at the sight before them. A child about seven years old, wearing a teared up shirt and shorts. The boy was barefooted and his hair was a mess, he had dirt and cuts all over his body. The boy leaned against the gate of Shinichi's home, asleep, and holding a book and a letter.

It didn't take long for the four girls to exit out of their state of shock, and flock around the sleeping child as their motherly instincs brimmed with life. Ran held the freezing child in her arms. "He is very cold." Ran stated.

Putting down the bags full of groceries, Shinchi looked for his keys. Finally finding the keys in his pocket, he took them out and opened the gate. He tossed the keys to Kazuha, who caught it. "Open the door. Get him inside." He ordered.

Shinichi retreated to get the abanded groceries before rushing inside. Aoko closed the door after he came inside. He quickly went to the kitchen and put the groceries down on the counter before going to the bathroom to get the first aid kit. He entered the bathroom and immedietly searched under the sink. His eye caught sight of the kit, he reached out and pulled out the first aid kit. He ran to the couch where the sleeping child layed.

Kaito roughly grabbed the kit from Shinichi's hands, while Ran went upstairs to search for children cothes. Shinichi kneeled down next to Kaito helping him with the boy's wounds.

"Oi, Kudo. Do ya' know who the kid is?" Hattori asked.

"The hell if I know. I never seen the kid before." Shinichi bluntly answered.

"A mystery novel and a letter. This is what he has." Hakuba stated.

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious." Sonoko said, sacrasm ringed in her voice clearly.

Hakuba rolled his eyes. "And he has a letter. It reads;

Dear Kudo shinichi,

Hello, my name is Kudo Conan. I am your younger brother..." Hakuba trailed off, staring at his former Sherlock fan in disbelief.

Shinichi paused at what he was doing letting the words sink in. "Younger brother! I don't have a younger brother." He exclaimed.

Hakuba continued reading, "I'm not sure if you knew, if kaasan or otousan even told you. But if you don't know, well, a little while after I was born, these people took me away. When I grew a little older, I learned my name and figured out who you were, niichan. Since then, I spent my time looking for you. If you don't believe me just ask kaasan and otousan.

Your younger brother, Conan

P.S. I heard you like mysteries and is a detective, so with all the little money I had, I bought this mystery novel for you. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas, niichan!"

(During when Hakuba was reading the letter, Ran came down with a change of kid clothing.) Everybody turned to regard Shinichi who shook his head in disbelief. "I have a younger brother? There's no way that's possible." Shinichi muttered.

Ran leaned near the child with curosity. "You know Shinichi, he looks kind of like you." Ran said causing everyone to glance back and forth between 'Conan' and Shinichi, trying to see the similarities.

"Your right Ran-chan, he does look like Kudo-kun." Aoko agreed which was followed up by the rest agreeing with her.

"Don't be ridiculous. Kuroba-kun and I look alike , you don't see us assuming that we're siblings based on our looks." Shinichi tried to reason.

"Are you sure about that? I'm still convinced that we are actual twins." Kaito said.

"Shut up Kuroba-kun." Shinichi growled. Kaito grinned.

"Why don't ya' call ya' folks an' see if it is true or not." Hattori suggested.

Nodding, Shinichi pulled out his phone and dialed his father's number. The phone rang three times before it was picked up. "Moshi, moshi. Shinichi?" It was Yusaku.

"Uh, otousan. Um, I-I need to ask you and kaasan something." Shinichi said.

"Sure son, anything. Wait a minute, let me go get your mother," A bit of noise were heard over the phone. "ok, she's here and the speaker is on. What is it that you want to ask us?"

Shinichi hesitated. "Do I have- do I have a younger brother?" He finally asked.

There was a long pause. Silence resided in both sides over the phone. A sigh came from over the phone, breaking the silence. "Yes, you have a younger brother." Yusaku said.

Shinichi stared down at his appearant little brother in shock. "Shinichi, son. May I ask why you asked this and where did you gain the knowledge of having a sibling?" Yusaku asked.

Still staring at 'Conan', he answered, "When I was walking home, I saw this child leaning against the gate of our house and then I took him inside. He had a letter with him and it read that he was my younger brother. So that resulted in this phone call, to see if it is true or not." Shinichi explained.

"Conan is there with you right now?" Yukiko finally spoke.

"... yes. Kaasan, otousan, why haven't you told me that I had a little brother? How come I wasn't notified about this?" Shinichi questioned.

"Shinichi, during the time I was pregnant with Conan, you were always outside, either at school, playing soccer, or with Ran. And every time we tried telling you, you would tend to ignore us. Then when Conan was born, shortly after, somebody took him away for that we have no reason why they did. We gave a huge search for him, but since he was recently born, it was difficult to identify our baby. You were young at the time and we really didn't want you to worry about it, so we decided not to tell you about him. Gomen." Yukiko explained.

Shinichi gave a soft chuckle. "I see, you didn't want me to be worried. Thank you. Well. I'll take care of him. Bye." Shinichi hanged up. "Wow, I still can't believe it even though it's been confirmed." He said softly.

An awkard silence came but left when Hattori spoke, "What a Christmas gift, ne?"

Shinichi turned and glared at the Osakan, then gave a small laugh. He turned back to look at his younger brother. Shinichi put a hand over one of Conan's still cold hand, and gently squeezed. ' Wake up soon, Conan-kun.'

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