'Big Brother, can you fix a broken watch?'

The drive all the way to the hospital wasn't all too bad or awkward; Conan used that time to study the three in the car. He focused first on Hakase, the older man seemed jolly—he reminded him of a Santa Claus in a weird way, he paid no care to providing them with food and transportation almost to the point it seemed that he actually enjoyed providing them (or just to his brother and was just nice enough to do it for him and Hattori) with these two miraculous things. When he first met the man, he associated him as grandfather figure or so basing off the casual relationship he and his brother had; it didn't take a genius to deduct that the two knew each other for a long time and would be willing to help each other in times of need. He hoped his relationship with the man would grow into that same relationship.

Throughout the relatively short trip, he was engaged in a conversation with Hakase. He learned that the man was an inventor and had merrily promised to invent some cool items for him (for him! And without any cost at all!) once he got settled down, and he learned Hakase is his father's best friend. He knew with his whole body that he could trust and like the man behind the wheel.

Throughout the conversation, he could feel his brother's eyes on his body trying to peer into his mind and secrets. He pretended to not notice the analytical blue eyes; he learned that his brother was a great detective and he knew that his brother had immediately faulted into his nature oblivious to how uncomfortable he was feeling right now. In his gut, he knew he can trust his brother and he wanted so badly to do so but the scars—both physically and mentally—of that night was still painfully there, haunting him, and he did not relish the idea of explaining that night and the pleasant memories he held dear beforehand. No, not yet.

The car pulled to a stop in the half empty parking lot of the hospital. He guessed people just made it a point to not get sick or injured on a holiday. He scooted to the left once Hattori and his brother exited the car. He began his attempt to exit the vehicle but his brother's hands grabbed his sides picking him up and out of the car. He didn't say anything but he really hoped this won't become a habit, that people are constantly just going to pick him up; he's been picked up too many times for his liking and he could walk perfectly fine (he will soon after his leg decided to heal). Although, he probably wouldn't mind if Papa- Hakuba-to pick him up from the ground for one time or so.

They traveled to the entrance; apparently his brother had already made an appointment beforehand (when? He had no idea). He kept his eye on the dark-skinned teen who joked with a grumbling Shinichi- he had to admit that his brother needed to relax a bit more- he learned that the Osakan is also a detective and Hakuba is one too. He met plenty of impulsive individuals many who revealed themselves to contain a terrible character but Hattori appeared to be cool yet annoying and an amusing person who really do care for others, and besides, he's really good friends with Shinichi so he couldn't be a bad person. They reached the front desk and his brother had passed him over to said Osakan to fill out some paperwork, this time an annoyed utter slipped out of his mouth at being held. The three looked at him before forming small grins. They sat down while Shinichi finished filling out the paperwork, they waited for the nurse to pop in and call for him.

After five to ten minutes, the nurse called for him and Shinichi picked him up, much to his dislike, and followed the seemingly nice and pretty nurse dressed in white into a room. She checked out his height and weight; he kept a good look on her discreetly distressed facial expression as she wrote down his weight. He was well aware that he was most likely underweight since he had to scrap for food everyday just to survive and to calm his usually rumbling stomach, but he tried ignoring the silent concerns. The nurse continued to check his body until she seemed fit that the hospital had gathered enough information about him to utilize for that one visit alone and to repeat the process for his future visits, and she left the room and left him and Shinichi alone in the room (they left Hattori and Hakase in the lobby) to wait for the doctor.

He could feel the blue eyes staring at his right leg but no words were spoken. He honestly was surprised that his brother had never inquired to how he actually broke his leg but he guessed he'll know soon enough when the doctor will ask him how it happened. He wasn't sure if he should say something or not to Shinichi.

He didn't.

The doctor came in and Shinichi gave a casual hi, he blinked. Shinichi knew the doctor? The young brunette man looked at him and smiled kindly. He dazed into the young doctor's face, his eyes smiled as well. He seemed to be a good man. "Hello Conan-kun, my name is Araide Tomoaki and I'm going to be your doctor for today." He spoke gently as he bent down in front of him inspecting his right leg. He said a hello in return.

Araide sensei gently poked at his leg, and he responded with an 'it hurts' to inform Araide sensei more about his injury. "It's most likely broken but I'll have to take an x-ray scan to confirm it. Say Conan-kun, can you tell me how you injured your leg?" Araide sensei looked up at him genuinely concerned for his leg, he glanced at his brother whose mind was racing with different possibilities and links, and he turned his attention back to the doctor and exhaled heavily.

"A couple days ago, I was uh scavenging one of the city's dumpsters for uh supplies and when I found nothing, I proceeded to get down but it had snowed so I miscalculated the distance and slipped and my right leg had hit the edge of the dumpster and twisted painfully. The fall wasn't really pleasant either." He explained with a strain laugh trying to ignore the shocked faces of both Araide sensei and Shinichi; Araide sensei's eyes widened and he could tell the doctor is trying to maintain a neutral face, without doubt he had heard several bizarre stories of various injuries but he guessed the word 'scavenging' and 'supplies' had concerned him- although he had showered and was wearing old but clean clothes you can tell something was off about him. He didn't bother to glance at his brother; it would probably be the same facial expression he expressed so freely yesterday and this morning.

Araide sensei mustered up a smile. "Just be careful next time, okay?" He nodded with a promising smile. Araide sensei made him stand to check his balance and how it affected his movement, although he repeatedly reminded him that he could sit down if it grew too painful, he eventually led him to a room to complete his x-ray. It finished soon enough and they retreated back to same room where he met the kind doctor.

Araide sensei placed a cast on his leg. "Well, this should do it for the meanwhile," He handed a small pair of crutches. "In three to four weeks, come back so we can check the healing process and possibly transfer you into a boot."

"Okay Araide Sensei. Thank you." He said in his natural childish voice. Araide sensei just smiled.

"Thank you so much sensei." Shinichi said. Araide shrugged with a smile.

"It's no problem. I'll see you when school starts up again Kudo-kun." Shinichi smiled and offered the same regards before leaving the room and headed toward the lobby.

He looked up at his brother. "You know Araide sensei?" He stated the obvious but it really wasn't obvious to him.

Shinichi nodded. "Yeah, he is also the school nurse at my high school Teitan High." He breathed a small 'oh' understanding everything.

They reached the lobby which Hakase had first recognized them giving them a small smile and wave. Hattori noticed the divert attention of the professor and turned his head and waved at them before standing. "The verdict?" The Osakan laughed.

"Broken." Shinichi answered sounding less pleased. Of course.

"Well we figured that already." Hattori just laughed and Conan just gave a small glare. The Osakan really didn't need to laugh at his misery.

A silence fell over them as they walked back to the car (and yes, he was finally walking on his own). Hakase invited them to come over to his house where he'll make some hot chocolate with marshmallows which he had immediately said yes to; he hadn't had hot chocolate since over a year and it swelled him with nostalgia of him curling up with papa on the couch during cold winter nights with a steaming cup of hot chocolate both in their hands while papa told him stories. Stop it. He needed to stop thinking about him.

He paid half attention toward the debate of which works of Ellery Queen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were superior between Shinichi and Hattori with the occasional comment from Hakase. He leaned his head back against the seat as his mind took control of his conscious and opened the door of memories. He is interested in mysteries, and papa had some interest and had read him some of Doyle's work (Sherlock of course) but had refrained from reading him too much; he now understood that papa didn't want his mind to grow suspicious of him.

It broke his heart.

Papa was a criminal, he ripped him away from another family but he couldn't help but love the man. Papa treated him as if he was actually his son; he remembered that smile. A kind smile that never wanted to let him go.

He snapped his head to the left once he felt a warm thumb swiping over his eyes. He stared at Shinichi who gave him a worried concern. "Why are you crying Conan-kun?" He asked and he merely just blinked. He was crying? He didn't realize it. Before he could answer (or make one up), Hattori decided to speak up.

"Hey, there is no need to cry. Men don't cry." The dark-skinned teen flashed him a smile.

"Cry if your heart tells you it's okay, not your mind because everyone has the right to cry and we need to cry, it's as necessary as the warmth and cold. So never hold back your heart."

Conan could feel that warm hand ruffling his hair as Shinichi retorted back to Hattori. "Weren't you crying yesterday over your loss of money?" Shinichi kept a hand on his shoulder.

Hattori gave Shinichi a glare, crossing his arms over the seat. "I wasn't crying. I just mourned my loss but I regained my money quickly afterward."

"Yeah right." Shinichi sarcastically responded back. This just led to Hattori commenting on Shinichi's cold heart. He looked at his brother; did he have an icy heart? Why?

They reached Hakase's house and he was so glad that the conversation didn't turn back to the topic about him crying.

He practically hopped into the grand house and plopped on one of the couches setting aside the crutches against the armrest. Hakase just laughed before heading into the kitchen with Shinichi. Hattori decided to plop down on the couch across from him turning on the TV to the news. He just idly watched as new reporters reported about last Christmas deals, couples on this loving holiday, recent yet unsolved cases and the weather. He glanced at the clock set in the corner of the screen, it was thirteen hundred; he felt his stomach rumble slightly. Hattori raised an eyebrow before grinning. Hattori simply stood and shouted out to his brother as he walked over the kitchen. "Yo Kudo, the kiddo is hungry." Conan kept his embarrassed face turned away not wanting to admit to hunger.

A doorbell soon was rung. He watched as Shinichi walked over to the door and opened it. Due to his futile position and Shinichi blocking the entrance, he couldn't see the people at the door so he just twisted himself back into a comfortable position missing the annoyed expression on his brother's face. He turned himself around as he heard a woman's voice. A young woman with curled long blonde hair had her arms wrapped around Shinichi's neck giving him kisses on the cheek as Shinichi scowled and struggled to pull away from her. A man laughed and he looked toward a tall young man with dark hair and glasses and a moustache. He stared, Shinichi looked like him. "Oh Shin-chan, don't treat your dear parents like that." The woman whined playfully and Shinichi snorted at 'dear'.

He watched until the grinning man caught his stare. The man's face dropped. His silence garnered the attention of the other two standing there. The woman's face dropped as her hands fell from her son's neck as if they were dead weights. The woman gasped, "Conan." Tears shed from their dormant pockets and ran down her beautifully carved cheeks as fast as she ran to him on the couch embracing him in her warm and soft arms. "Mom," he gasped out in shaky breaths. The warmth and safety of her embrace provoked tears to crawl out and soak her green sweater. The man, his father, made his way over to them and joined the embrace. Since his head was settled in between his mother's shoulder and bosom he couldn't see the facial expression of his dad but he felt the warm tears. He knew the other three in the house were staring at their reunion but he ignored it, all he could focus on was his parents. His real parents.

It sent a chill down his spine.

After several minutes of Yukiko and Yusaku embracing Conan and apologizing to him and themselves, and promises for a better future, then did they finally pull away. He stared at his parents' faces. They stared at him as if a missing piece had finally returned to its place within their almost completed puzzle. He couldn't say anything it was if something was stuck in his throat. He didn't know what to do; his body seemed to be floating in space. He felt warm and happy being this close to his actual parents who had never wanted him to leave yet he felt cold, as if being with these seemingly cheerful and loving people was wrong.

Yukiko caressed his cheek. "Oh, just what happened to you Conan?" She asked softly, desperation poured out in the quest to know the truth. He glanced down at his leg almost believing that was what she asking about but he knew better.

"I was with papa." He immediately regretted the words once he uttered them out loud. They are his real parents, not mama and papa.

"Papa?" Yusaku questioned. Conan clamped his mouth shut. Shinichi, who had sat down near them, shrugged silently informing them that he no idea who papa was as well.

"Apparently he looks like the teen detective Hakuba Saguru but Conan-kun hasn't told us who he was." Shinichi explained. Yusaku looked back at him with a stern face recognizing the name but luckily Hattori stepped in clarifying Shinichi's explanation.

"Don't worry, Hakuba made it clear that yesterday-we all hung out together- was the first time he had met the kid. I'm Hattori Heiji by the way, Kudo's best friend."

Yusaku and Yukiko nodded as they stood and shook hands with the dark-skinned teen. "I'm Kudo Yukiko, it's nice to meet Shin-chan's best friend other than Ran-chan." She smiled at him before sitting down on the couch wrapping her arm around Conan.

"And I'm Kudo Yusaku. If I'm right, your father is the Superintendent for the Osaka prefectural Police?" Hattori offered him a small smile with a nod confirming the question.

"Yeah he is."

Yusaku nodded and proceeded to tell the teen that he knew his father before sitting down returning his focus on him as Hakase walked over and handed him a cup of hot chocolate. He took it in his small hands carefully bringing it to his lips. He brought it down to his lap as it was too hot to drink from; he looked at his parents' faces. "I, uh, it's really nice to meet you two. I dreamt of meeting you two when I learned that, that papa wasn't really my father." He said.

Yukiko gently squeezed his arm as she began tearing up again. "And we had really wanted to see and meet you again after we had lost you. We never stopped looking for you, my son. We never wanted to lose you." Warmth surged through his body although he hadn't a sip from his hot chocolate. There was no lie in her voice nor was it written on their bodies. "And we'll never lose you again." He couldn't help but smile at that despite how it made him sad.

"And I never want to lose you either."

'Conan, I wish to help you with these memories that haunt you.'

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