A Short Mindless Drabble

Hello everyone this is the first one shot that I submitted in . It's a short and simple, yet I hope you enjoy

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned and I do not own Fairy Tail itself

Lineart by: brownman06
coloring by: LuNa-HD



Gray….What's so special about him? He isn't really cute or sunny.

He usually teases me and makes me feel funny,

Yet he's able to make me smile unconsciously

Even though he hardly takes me seriously,

So why won't he leave my mind?

I find myself thinking of him from time to time,

I do enjoy his company

And he's kinda funny.

I look around the room left, right up and down,

Whenever he's not around I unconsciously frown.

What's wrong with me? Am I sick?

Did someone cast some sort of magic trick?

There's this unknown feeling in my chest,

When I see him my heart thumps and won't give me rest

Sigh now I feel so stupid,

I know that I was shot by that stupid cupid.

Lying to myself isn't really worth it,

Fine! I do like him but….just a tiny bit.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it! :)

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