Special Day

Hi! The day after I posted the Short Mindless drabbles I made up my mind that I'll just make it a series of One-shots. The first drabble I posted was actually my first time writing so I really do hope you guys enjoyed!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned and I do not own Fairy Tail itself.

Lineart by: brownman06
coloring by: LuNa-HD

Today is a very special day,

A bright and sunny day…. Is what I'd say.

I wore a very special gown

Then I drove my way to town.

The church bell rings

And countless angels sing

As I walked down the aisle,

You wore this huge happy smile.

You reached for my hand as if on cue.

This is the start of our happy ever after…..If only that was true.

I walked past you and whispered "good luck"

Then I giggled a bit when it seemed as though the smile on your face was stuck.

Your features softened though your huge smile was ever so present.

I couldn't help but smile knowing that between the three of us there was absolutely no resentment.

We watched as Juvia strode in

Her face adorned with a huge yet beautiful grin.

I'm happy for the two of you….really I am though I can't help it if I cry in the end.

So don't you dare forget that I'll always be your friend,

And that even though you're married I'll always be there for you,

Don't worry someday I'll find the right guy….but for now there's only you,

My best friend, my teammate, my nakama…. From the bottom of my heart I love you.

So how was it? (^.^)

Hope you liked it! Personally I like the twist

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