This Is Me Finding You

It had been years since the two had set eyes on each other. It had been years since they'd talked in words that weren't saturated in code. It had been years since they had opened their mouths and not had lies come out. Lies like "I don't miss you" or "I'm not seeing anyone" lies about love or money, lies about dealings or safety. But now, to look across the room and see her like this. It had been years since she had trusted him like this. Years since she had trusted him with something so serious as a bomb strapped across her chest, literally.


Neal quickly glanced at his bathroom where he was sure Alex didn't know he had company. "Alex," Neal said in a whisper. "I need you to put your coat back on," he gestured to the long oversized coat that was hanging on her elbows currently. "I'll send my date home and then we'll figure this out."

"Oh, your uh, date?" she said sounding displeased.

"Yes you met her once before," Neal said trying to interject some normalcy into the situation.

"Oh the insurance broker, seems kind of pedestrian for you," Alex said with a forced smile on her lips. She could feel her heartbeat speeding up and swallowed trying to calm herself.

"What, what is it what's wrong?" Neal asked judging by her expression.

"It responds to my heartbeat," she divulged.

"Ok then just think calming thoughts and go sit on my bed while I get rid of Sara."

Alex nodded and pulled her coat on. She thought of butterflies and bunnies and frolicking children in fields to steady her heart.

"Sara," she heard Neal say as the insurance broker appeared in the room once more. "I regret to say that I'm having a bit of a friend crisis," he nodded towards Alex sitting on his bed and Alex looked away from the other woman. "I really hate to do this but do you think you could accept a rain check, this lovely bottle of wine," he pulled a rather expensive one from his stores and handed it to her, "And this," he said as he pushed his lips passionately onto her's. Alex looked at the scene in horror. He was her's she'd loved him for years she wasn't willing to give him up. He was her beautiful fantasy.

When they pulled apart Sara smiled up at Neal and walked out of the apartment just as Alex's chest started to beep again.

"What is that?" Sara asked peaking her head back in.

"New alarm," Neal said closing the door on her and hurrying towards Alex. "Seriously what is that?"

"It is an alarm you weren't far off but it warns when my heartbeat is about to set off the alarm."

"Ok so calm the fuck down!" Neal exclaimed.

"That isn't helping!" Alex said as she felt tears swell in her eyes.

"Ok, ok I'm sorry," Neal said feeling his own heartbeat start to race. "Here, here," he offered and bent over to look into her eyes. He took his hand across her cheek and stroked her cheek slowly. "Hush," he cooed to her and she felt her eyes flutter closed from his ministrations. "I've got you," he promised. The beeping slowed before disappearing all together and Neal let out a sigh of relief. "I'll call Mozzie."

"Thank you," Alex whispered as Neal took out his phone.


A loud knock was heard on the door just as Neal was handing Alex her second glass of wine. Neal rushed to answer and Mozzie stepped in.

"What is wrong with you?" Mozzie asked sounding annoyed. "Oh Alex is here, wait I thought you had a date with Sara tonight, you cancelled our chess game."

"We have a problem," Neal said.

"I assumed so you were very cryptic on the phone," Mozzie was clearly annoyed.

"Here's your problem Mozzie," Alex threw her overcoat open and revealed the bomb for a second time.

"Dear Lord this is bad."


"You boys enjoying the view?" Alex asked annoyed as both men stared at her chest and stomach where the bomb was intricately attached.

"Mock all you want Hunter but you've got a serious explosive on your chest right now," Mozzie said continuing to stare. "Our best bet at getting it off of you is to figure out how it all works."

"What do you remember about them putting it on?" Neal asked.

"Oh well you know first they started by wrapping it around me as I spun in ballerina circles then they attached the wires with tiny sparks of fairey dust," she said sarcastically. "Really Neal you think I just sat still consciously while they attached a bomb to my chest?"

"Ok sorry stupid question," Neal muttered bringing his hand to his lips to concentrate. "We could try just cutting the wires."

"That could trigger an automatic countdown," Mozzie interjected shaking his head. "We could cut the beige wire that's usually the bluff wire."

"But if they're professionals they'd know we would think that and make that one they're failsafe wire. Who did you piss off anyways?" Neal asked looking at Alex.

"A lot of people are pissed at me for a lot of different reasons, this particular run in is with the Italians," she paused, "I think."

"Lovely Alex," Neal threw a fake pleased smile up at her.

"Can you get it off or not?" she asked as the two men stood up straight.

Neal looked at Mozzie who's face confirmed his thoughts. "Well we can," Neal said truthfully. "But you aren't going to like it," he looked at her as he slid his hands into his pockets, his lips turning into a resigned straight line.


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