Gundam SEED: FORCE Emerge

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Phase: Teaser

Copenicus City, CE 61.

Preparatory School

A car in a black paint move elegantly across the road and stop in front the entrance of the building. Laughter and cry of loud happy and innocent children reach the boy ears as Copenicus City Premier Preparatory School newest student exiting the car. No, a Limousine should aptly called. The boy with forest green elementary uniform neatly wore tie and cap seem to match perfectly with his navy blue hair. After a moment of silent goodbye, the driver leave the scion of
Zala to his class. One would thought Athrun Zala would be escort to the teacher office by an adult, nervous, winy and agitated. But they would seen him in the classroom ready to start learning.

That was two hours ago.

After done eating his
lunch, Athrun try waiting the class to start. The operative word is 'try', his inexperience and the rowdiness of his peers making the silent boy become uneasy. Whatever the people or that 'shrink' say is not true. Never, he is not socially inept. He knew how to socialize, he talk to the maids, his father's occasionally guests just fine. Father and mother doesn't really need
to sent him to Preparatory school on the MOON no less, surely they have hundreds of preparatory school on PLANT. Darn, he talk to the adult just fine! It must be count for something, wouldn't it.

Sigh, he began looking
around. He got ten minute left to do something, anything. He even willing to
play with girls... on second thought, no.

Girls have cooties.

Yuck! Anything but that.
Pinkie back home always so bubbly and clingy. Always dragging him to play with her dol-THING! He abruptly interrupt. He do not want to remember that lifeless, amputated D-word thing. Darn, he NEED to do some- what's he doing? His inner rambling stop as he watching a boy as he's asleep under the large ork, or was it a plum tree? Doesn't matter. Now, that statement is nothing odd going on. People sleeps during recess all the time. Good, I use the less swearing word.
Swearing for the bad said so, and mother always right...

Why do I feel like someone laughing with a male voice at me?

Anyway, nothing wrong sleeping under the big three that I don't recognize it sleap-able name . The tree that manage to filtering the sunlight that seem to invite even me to join him. No, the tree is enchanting just fine. What is puzzling me is he sleeping with no outer winter uniform suit on the fake gravity in the fake Autumn with the fake atmosphere thus NOT-SO-FAKE-CHILLING without feeling COLD.

I want to do that to.

Why do I hearing 'How cute' with the same voice again? Am I really going crazy? "It rude to staring you know ", I heard a voice said. This time, I search the voice, and my eyes seeing
the ligh- I mean person. "Huh?" articulate answer, I hope. "It not polite to stare you knows. So new kid. What your name? My name is Yamato Kira", Yamato introduce himself with disarming smile and a bow, A bow? Why not just shaking hand? It must be this place culture. With an awkward bow I reply" My name Athrun Zala, it's nice to meet you.", even before he reply I fire him with another question "How can you sleep in this chilling weather ?"

A pause or two. With his eyes blinking, as if confuse...

He IS confuse. Finally he answer at the third pause "Oh, I just tryin",he pause with (an angry face?) then rapidly continue "the Jedi meditation technique my shisō teached me this morning to feel the force power in this moo-". He abruptly shut his mouth, his purple eyes widen, his single front braid covering slightly of his left eye.

What with the stupid excuse.

He obviously trying to sleep, 'Jay-dy'? Chi-sou? What th-. Any thought cease to exist when I notice he looking at me so intensely and drawing his hand to... wave? "Thou shan't remember that",he said so seriously as if that was the most important things in the galaxy.

My temples troubling unconsciously as I waving him back. My treacherous Co-ordinator mind recalling back what he said. Jay-dy? chi-sou? or it chilli? The force? THIS moon? Not THE moon.

That only means...

Silent... Deep Silent with capital D.

I look blankly at him...He give me the 'lost sheep' look.

Universe! He's into a Cult. Genocide or Terrorist type I don't know. O' Universe, O' Father, O'
Mother above. If I get through this alive, I'll be a good boy, I do everything your heart desire. I even agree to be-be-betroth to that Pinkie, anyth- my fear induce promises cut short by a word I can't comprehend. He scratching the back of his neck, he wink at me with his right purple eye that slightly covered by a single small front-braid and said "Hoe~", then showing his tongue.

I loss it. All my promises forgotten. 'WHAT THE HELL IS F*CK*NG G*TT*MM*T THAT SUPPOSE TO F*CK*NG MEAN'. The last I heard was the sharp ringing school bell.

A/N: Gundam SEED characters dynamic and pairing still in the shrouded mist for now.