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"Normal Speech"

'Inner Speech/Thoughts'

"Telepathic conversation"


Copernicus City, Moon; CE 60

Preparatory School

Kira, age 5

Early birds get the worm, that phrase have exist longer than he could count. Who had said that? Oh, its okaa-san's favourite phrase. It shouldn't matter that he now wakes up as early as 5.30 am instead in nick of time as he usually was; she still said that albeit prouder that usual. What had he experience in his dream been crazier and scarier than anything happening in his short life? What was that all about? It's that really happening or nothing more than fantastical dream. The man is truly a weird person.

[Dream Sequence Start]

"Hello there"

When he opens his eyes, this is what Yamato Kira saw, an adult man wearing a black kimono and brown robe. Okay that weird, who wear kimono with leather obi, glove and boot?

"My name is Anakin Skywalker. What was yours little one?"

[Dream Sequence End]

"Ahh~" Kira try hard to suppress his yawning, the late excitement prevent him to get any sleep. What of this nonsense about this Force, ghost? He might be more tired that he thought. If such thing exists, scientist must found it years ago.

"True. But you're civilisation is still young compare where I come from"

Where were those come from? Kira look to his back, left and right, though it still bearing no fruit. 'I'm I still dreaming?' Thinking about it brought him back to his audacious dream. What this about ghost and the Force? It sounds a lot more about 'ki'. Ki or qi, chi, chakra, prana, mana, etc are bogus at worst and a myth at best. There is no empirical data and hard prove to even support this kind of claim. The very idea of mystical power that can generate magic is unthinkable.

Kira is not an expert this subject. God forbid no! He was an avid appreciator of video games and by proxy a programmer hobbyist. All the math and algorithm fascinate him more than mythical, supernatural or conspiracy theorist combine. Though, ass-kicking magic and burning sword kinda cool.

"They not exactly burn, more like melting everything they touch."

"Who's that?" Kira's shouted, which was definitely not his imagination, someone who is clearly a male was talking to him but he still fail to see any indication the source of this... bogeyman.

"Are you alright?"


Let it be said that it was not the one of his most proud moment .An elder man in his fifties look at him with worried eye. He frighten scream earlier got his and the attention of the passerby who seem to come out of nowhere from the once abandoned walkways. "Are you alright child?"

"Yes, I'm alright. Thank you ojii-chan" his quickly try to regain his composure, the mysterious voice that heard just now is as loud ants. Though if fails to convince the old man. The wrinkle on his forehead grew tenfold. He have to think of something"I just realise I'm late", he really hope that work. "I'll have to go now. Thank You for your concern".


*Ding~ Dong~*

"I … made... it" It took awhile to catch some breath, his five years old stamina although augmented, consume quite a lot of his miniscule energy to stay away from the old man. "Kira!" Kira twitched the high pitched voice of his homeroom teacher stood at the front of the class, it not just her, the whole class looking at him now.

Prue-sensei like most Copernicus citizen is European descent. The majority of these city citizens are anyway. Rightly so with Copernicus are the massive scale moon base habitat built by the countries with spaceflight capability who also the same ones who built the ISS, making the early settlers and a large numbers of it populations from the ISS countries members. Prue- sensei crouching to his eyes level "Are you alright Kira? You're face looked pale" Kira thinking her exacted words. 'Pale? Do I look pale?"

"Its nothing teacher, I just sprint that's all. I don't want to come late at school"

"Is that so" for a moment he wondering if Prue-sensei believe him. While not technically a lie, it sounds like one. "it's alright then, please do not waking up late again" after a bow and an apology. He go to his seat, didn't even bother to correct her. His disrupting the class enough as it is.

School was frustratingly boring for five years old Yamato Kira. A week long enrolment felt like years in regard of the activities. It was ironic, the lack of thereof time the school demand for its student. There is nothing wrong with the syllabus; Copernicus Preparatory School is not a kindergarten where children were taught basic mathematics and alphabet... Correction, there teach that for about a month. Two years syllabus of the kindergarten shortened is the result of blooming Coordinator. Thus, Naturals children aware at their early age the importance of knowledge.

Students nightmare for sure, but a teachers wet dream nonetheless.

Kira like learning, he love it. Though there is something he rather avoids.

The dreaded PE session.

That's right, PE class. It was ironic a Coordinator such himself hate that subject. It not an exaggeration to say that the Coordinator was tailored to excel every field of human capabilities; they are stronger, smarter, more durable, adaptable, and resilient. Kira like other of his kind share these traits. Alas, he also a child who like to sweat under the glare of sun. What child wouldn't? It just happens to be that he didn't like the crowd.

Children have a tendency to be cruel. Let's just say they has yet to master the art of tact. Children also didn't care academically rigorously as they do athletically. This is where Naturals and Coordinator aware how vastly their difference from each others.

They don't even know what it really means yet.

"It's suck!" Kira said it aloud, don't really care who might hearing him. He might be too young to really understand what or why his friends don't really get along, but even his young mind didn't mistaking the hostility.

"Yeah" that voice again. Like before, he heard the same male voice. Unlike before, he easily determines the direction of the voice. Kira wait no time to follow it. A man wearing what he could ascertain a gi cum kimono with a robe adorn his body. He body glowed with blue like a spectre of ghost.



The man merely gazes at Kira; eyes open wide before grinning like a fool. "Finally! It took you long enough for you to finally able to see me" he spoke some more, but Kira's mind shut down.

"A-Are you a-a gh-ghost?"

"How rude, I'm just go to higher plain of existence after I died!" The man said indignantly, like a mere suggesting than he was a common ghost is offensive.

'Oh, he not a ghost', *sigh relieved* ' Her just go to higher plain of existence after he ...after he... died'

Aren't ghost is a death soul.

Like anyone confronted with shocking revelation without a proper coping mechanism, he faint.



That very moment, for better or worst mark Kira's life as a also makes his childhood complicated as the teachers was convince he have a weak body. So convince them forbidding him doing anything they deem strenuous. His 'fainting' spell didn't help his case either.


Phase 03b: The Collapsing Land


Present day

Near Heliopolis Space

In space, outside of Heliopolis only a few klicks from the colony, two GINNs launches out of Vesalius. Dock Master and Chief Engineer Saratova release her breath she hadn't realise holding. No matter how many sorties, its still takes her nerve blazing. No, it not because of her inexperience as she barely past twenty. Its not because she crews not yet pass seventeen. Nope, not at all.

Her muse end when red alarm with buzzing penetrate everybody eardrum. Another launch pad activated "What happened" her subordinate asking in panic. Someone activated the launch pad. "Aegis! You're not clear for takeoff. I repeat. You-"

"Chief!" someone yells. Normally if someone from her crew interrupts her at critical moment; they will get a severe punishment. The fifteen year old mechanic just ignoring his livid boss and simply pointing his finger at something. She looks at the pointed finger. A grey clad MS move to launching pad, in the blink of the eye it gone.

At the bridge, Captain Ades was frantic. Aegis is one of their missions; their primary objective is to take OMNI new weapons. In occurrence if that mission becomes infeasible. They've to destroy it. As his ordering hailing the Aegis, the Commander stops him."Commander?"

"Let him go, we already extracted all the data we need to reverse engineer it. A battle between Earth newest mobile suits, it would be interesting would you agree?"

The way he spoke is like he wants to see how fast his car would go. Right now, he'd give any reasons to convince him to justify his desire. In Andes truthful opinion; he doesn't give a damn.

"Yes" but an order was an order. He in this business long enough to know when you're superior officer wants something and asking it politely; you just do or agree anything they ask.

"Athrun! Show us that same spirit that made you defy orders!" Ignoring the chatter Aiman's making about insubordination Captain Ades preparing for the worst.


On the deck of Archangel, Chandra reports that there is an N-Jammer electromagnetic interference.

Space warfare essentially not much difference from your old naval war tactics. A spaceship rely more on its sensors than human eyes. The vacuum out there can kill anyone without the right gears. Aren't its the dilemma sailors face on the warship or submarine? Is stand to a reason the jamming is really a bad thing. "It seems he has no intention of waiting until we head out there. That bastard!" Mu La Flaga ever the Captain obvious.

"Do they intend to hit us again within the colony?" Natarle Badgiruel asked.

"Easy for them, we can't fire, but they can fire as they wish."

All personnel currently on the bridge can't help but to agree with Lt. La Flaga aptly assessment.


Captain Ready Room


On the captain's ready room, Murrue listen to her new Commanding Officer briefs her on her new responsibility as his XO. The captain drone on and on about the rules, ideologies, Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)... Anything a XO of the new Orb Royal's Ship (ORS) Archangel. She doesn't really paid attention to a word his said. Not for a lack of trying, it just that... Her mind is wandering elsewhere. The reality of her new situation has not quite sitting in yet, how did this happen?


"Let me be blunt. All of you have been drafted to Orbs Royal Self Defence Force"

Silent greet him back. Everyone except his sister looked at him like he grows a second heads. They couldn't comprehend what being said earlier. Not that Murrue noticed, the nonsensical of that announcement still left her and everybody else is the infirmary baffled.

"What nonsense are you talking about!" it seems Ensign Badgiruel has lost her composure. She, the miss-prim-and-proper Natalie lost her temper to the young man, a mere boy. No one will fault her for that. They were busy gawking.

She includes.

"Kid, you're sister must be a prankster but you're a real jester" Mu said with a chuckle of his own joke. 'This is not the time! And must it be in rhyme?! '. As a former teacher, she took up child psychology. His body languages tell her he really believed was he said to be true. And right now, even with a poker face, really don't appreciate to adults berating him.

"Kira-kun" used a gentler tone. Quickly establish her as his voice of reason. Her teacher persona slips back as years of experiences dealing with teenagers. Using the 'san' suffix as his culture dictate living (a month at Heliopolis given her ample time to familiarise with the local's culture) "Why do you think of that?"

For a brief moment his eyes change, he looked at me with gentler and thankfulness. And as if a flicker of light, it gone to his usual calmness. His sister apparent playfulness gone as his brother began to speak. "Minna-san" it took awhile for Murrue translate it in English. It's generally means 'everyone '. "I don't know how you're at Heliopolis, but l pretty sure why you're here" it seem it pretty obvious they figure it out about the deals the brass hook up with some of the Royals.

They identities still kept secret even to her. "We're come by ships of cause. What else?" I can't keep gave La Flaga an eyes roll. Correction. The eyes roll, the very same she gave to any misbehave child. "Yes we did, dear" I said patronising. Please note the pure lace sarcasm earlier. Please! I'm imploring you.

La Flaga have a decency to shut up before giving me a eat-shitting grin and a wink, apparently didn't miss how my tone can be misunderstood. 'You... you are insufferable blockhead, moronic, idiotic blonde! '. "Ramius-san" Kira's voice kicks me out of self ranting by adding the san suffix to my name as oppose of Miss Prefix. He waits after he got my attention before continuing, "I can't help to notice the uniform you're when you were brought in. You're wearing Morgenroete Engineers Uniform aren't you?"!

"What that gonna do with anything?" La Flaga yet again quick to ask the question everybody has been pondering. "That's irrelevant. You're stalling. Get to the damned point! "Badgiruel snapped, her patient is wearing thin.

The question he asked still unanswered. Murrue don't know how to response. Answering that to a claimed foreign nation military officer has serious repercussion. The later incident put any secrecy invalid though. 'I reckon it's too late for in cognoscible'

This delivery mission was supposed to be a secret. The new G- weapons were so important for the war effort the Admiralty pull the not-yet-ready Archangel and an escort to Earth Alliance Tech and R&D. With what had happen to this colony... Every chance of deniability was no longer possible.

For better or worse, Orb is now at war. When shit hit the fan, OMNI are better off having their support.

Badgiruel had said something, La Flaga interrupting few in between. The argument became heated when Badgiruel are a second away to start to a shouting match. How exactly the Ensign got her drill sergeant persona?

"It was a cover" Murrue spoke with resignation, the cat was really out of the bag now.

[Flashback End]

After that was history. Now she sits, listen obediently to child half her age like a good (hopefully) XO she is. I, a mere lowly lieutenant; what about the idiot?

"Me, be Commander of a ship? Not my thing" the idiot said with amusement. "Not that it matter. Apparently every Orb ship needs two XO, one for Naval and one for Knight. That is they equivalence for CAG I guess" a strange concept.

Two senior officers, who hold the same rank, but have their own jurisdiction. Naval's XO for everything from ship operation to daily affair. Knight is for security, off-ship mission or defence. At the first glance resemble of CAG.

Yeah right.

A Knight role far exceed of a CAG. CAG are essentially a subordinate of a Naval Officer. That mean, pilot who hold the same rank grade of their Naval counterpart have less authority. Orb took a different route, most naval tradition dating back from British Empire, it stand to reasons modern naval military adopt the widely used and proven method, this is true. Orb Naval Tradition only dating back from the Exodus.

During the Exodus, a ship crews comprise of sailors, samurais, royals, farmers, children, women... suffice to say, by the end of their journey, they've developed a unique tradition.

That's how she becomes an XO of the ship. The idiot still has to differ to her decision regarding all ship and crew affair.

Equals or not.

How exactly we're been drafted to Orb's military?

Blame the ADMIRALTY for ordering this mission.

Blame the French idiot for not even resist a little, He even got a nerve feel amuse. Is that he standard setting or what? Being charming.

Blame the Prim-and-proper Badgiruel for buying Kira's explanations. So what if the Intelligent put all the crew as Montereite Inc. An honest to god legal, a real authenticates paperwork that shows all of Archangel crews are Morgenroete worker. Thus, by wartime emergency are obligated to work under the military.

They knowingly sign up all of us as real Morgenroete employees. We can't just resign from this debacle. It can't be done by employee signed agreement. There was very small detail was the Intelligent obviously miss.

The most important is in wee print detail is:

All of the assets and workforce of Morgenroete will under martial law in occurrence of National Emergency Act and serve as support personnel to the military.

All personnel from the said company under government contract or subcontract who has completed military basic training or under reserve, or hold honorary title of any field are drafted into military when martial law in effect.

There, the tiny, miniscule, little, wee clauses that force us legally to be draft into Orb Self Defences Force.

People wondering how a whole bunch of foreign military staff let themselves to literally jumped ship despite treading dangerously close to treason.

Murrue blamed Badgiruel for that; she should just be a lawyer. Who in the right mind read OMNI's rulebook, or any rulebook for that matter as a hobby? 'If I ever found the ones responsible for this debacle, I'll shoot them!'


Elsewhere, Earth

Far from Heliopolis, a young man wearing a vintage tailored suit sneezing as his usual sinister missing from his visage. "Young Master?" he look at his butler, he already past twenty and Carmlin the butler still refuse to calling him anything but Young Master. "Nothing Carmlin, prepare my dinner" and his butler gone, he await report from his agent eagerly. ZAFT was fool enough to take the bait, he knew the G-Weapons was hard to resist. He already got the blueprint of G-Weapons and Archangel, the production of mass produced MOBILE SUIT and Archangel begin at full swing already a month ago. When Natural friendly OS for their new MOBILE SUIT complete, Coordinator will be destroy.

"Kukuku Muahahaha"

"Young master?"

"*Cough* What?*cough*" damn you Carmlin, can't you give me a break?

"How would you like your egg?"




"Ramius-san, are you listening?" He eyed his new Commander with concern. Ramius-san hardly gives him the attention he need. He admit, he droning on and on about her duties as a Naval officer of the unofficial ORS Archangel. He truly intent to release them all back to the government, but truth to be told; this ship is they only hope of escaping and evacuating the civilians. He knows not all escape pods works perfectly, or he also knows the said contraption can't hold all Heliopolis growing populations.


"Archangel defence systems Ramius-san. Are you familiar enough with them now?"


"Do you have any questions?"

She pauses, choosing her word carefully. Her wariness was very understandable under the circumstances. When she do open her mouth, a scream of siren blaring throughout the ship. "General Quarters, General Quarters, All hands to battle station"

What now?


CPO Arnold Newman

ORS Archangel Bridge

He thought he sees some crazy deep shit this world had to offer, obviously he wrong. There are more things that thinking the cold fish 'cute' after all. He'd be delighted is the situation is not so dire. Alas, he not that morbid. When the cold fish and Lt. La Flaga enter the bridge the whole crew complement minus the engineer team await they explanation. He looks around to only bridge crew only two others beside himself. Only 3 persons form the whole dozens crew. There is no other way; they have to do triple shifts. It'd be a truer definition of despair if any.

La Flaga and Badgiruel stand side by side of each other. Both look grim, he reckon La Flaga as an easy going guy; one of the officer he can deal with, the seriousness is more pressing as he and others can't help to stood rigid. They're both looking at each other as if telling their fellow officer to do something. 'Not good' he has a premonition their bearing a bad news. As the petit officer spoke, he has a sudden urgent to dig his ears.

So he does just that.

"Please forgive me ma'am, I must just herd wrong. What was it again?" She face plush with slight red, lips form a wordless open-and-close action, like a fish; whether by confusion or simply anger he don't know.

"We been draft to Orb Self Defence Force" La Flaga continue for her with blunt I-shit-you-not kind of voice.

It could be delivered better, damn it. He didn't sign up for this, he surely never ever sign a wrong military application even if he drunk. Natalie Badgiruel explain it great detail of things and Lt. La Flaga nodded in agreement. Could that even possible? Isn't it count as treason? Or even espionage? He did not have a concrete logical explanation to all this. The lieutenant order general alert after enemy detected, lo and behold the young Captain with Lt. Ramius enter the bridge.



"Report" he asks curtly, no use for courtesy now.

"Three heat signature approaching fast! ETA T-minus one... Captain" Chandra inform with slight hesitation in the end at Sensors Console. He seems not comfortable with the idea yet, but his trying.

"Ensign, Tactical!" she comply quickly. He turns to his Knight "La Flaga-san how is your bird?" He look befuddle, until recognition enter his eyes. "My bird is useless" the inflation on the bird must be the source of his confusion. As 'bird' is synonym to a jet fighter, mobile armour is a spaceship in space-faring era. Thus, the usage fell out of norm, most pilot just call it MA.

"Man the CIC" even before La Flaga reaches the console, he turn to Ramius but she beat him to it as she quickly made a home at Operation console. The console was responsible to receiving general information of ship status.

They maybe young (pot to kettle, much), but Kira believe this ship in capable hand.

"What is this button do?"

Or not.


The ground shook as if the earth itself quakes with thunderous scream of Archangel's magnetic breathable rocket fire through Heliopolis's airspace. The mammoth size nay, the Argentinosourus size warship of newest Morgenroete craft soar majestically through the air.

On Archangel starboard launching pad, engineering crew are busy supplying Strike with weapons. In the bridge, Chandra detected two GINN with heavy armour and Aegis.


Heliopolis shook again with thunderous explosion as this time, a gaping hole sucking oxygen out to space. Two GINNs and the Aegis enter the colony throu the self-made entrance.



Kira vaguely recognise the other two, but the red Gundam, he recognises it even with his eyes close. We meet again old friend. The moment the hijacked Gundam and runs away, he can sense Athrun piloting the red ones. He dont know what compelled him to take an arm, but he bet Athrun more in shock if he knows Kira do the same.

He look to his left, Flaga busy himself with ongoing data feed. "La Flaga, get me through to the pilot."

"Patching through", Kagari face is on his screen.

"Yes Captain?" She smile, but it look to Kira that she try to hide her fear with that smile. It looks force.

"Ensign Yamato, your mission is to protect Archangel; we detect two GINN and Aegis. Avoid close range fight with Aegis at all cost"


"Kagari," all military personas gone, her protest die as his voice change tune.

'You and I both know the OS is a trash, we weren't even covered Juyo yet. How do you expect fighting Aegis how made for short range combat?'

'I can take him'

'Remember three force signature I talked about?'


'The red Gundam is one of them'

"Captain?" he look Newman, the helmsman still await his order, he glace at everyone on the bridge, and they all look at him with trepidation. To them, Kagari and I must be staring at each other and lost in our own world.

He must get hold of himself, "That was all, Ensign" a blank screen quickly as her reply. "Badgiruel-san" Natalie gives him her full attention, "Ready the big gun" Archangel's main cannons open up and fires at the mobile suits. Nothing was ever easy hitting a moving target; a fast moving target is ever harder as they dodge it.


ORS Archangel

Pilot's waiting room.

Tolle Koenig

The sound of a large quake earlier makes everyone edgy, Mir scream as fire fight begins outside of the ship. Kira's sister they just meet a mere hour ago launched in the Strike to protect them.

Tolle quickly try looking for the video feed. A ship of this size must rely on its sensors and its cameras. He just needs to finds a camera that shows the battle going on outside.

Found it!


Kagari, Strike

In the sky, Kagari pullout Strike's sword, and the freaking bastard sword was a third quarter of Strike height. She wondering why she use this Sword Striker weapon pact until she remember Aile Striker was out of juice, she can't use Launcher Striker unless she want to create another big hole on Heliopolis. Right now she battles a GINN, pilot by the man who almost kills her and the civilians by exploding his own MS.

That is the power of the Force, it let anyone who can sense it to recognise others signature even in their sub-consciousness. She has no way of knowing the same man she fought before was named Miguel Aiman, nor does she know the man face. But the moment they meet at battlefield her instinct somehow recognises this bastard aura, same as the persons who pilot the red Gundam call Aegis. Miguel fires at Strike, but she dodges it. The single edge on the bastard sword is too small for her to defect it. This big ship-slasher sword lacks the Lightsaber wide cylindrical surface area and the magnetic force field to defect back the bolt from any beam rifle to its master.

The beam rifle hits the cable wire and it crashes into to ground. Miguel fires again, but it hits an apartment instead of Strike. 'Another hit like that and Heliopolis will collapse'. Miguel fires again, but its shield deflects it. Kagari put away the shield to its place, she may don't have a Lightsaber yet. Until she does, she has Sword pack to rely on.

Aiman dodges as Kagari charges at him.


Athrun, Aegis

Far away Athrun watches the battle. The other three GINNs are in heavy combat with Archangel. Aurol's GINN fires missiles at Archangel, but it dodges. A missile then hits a bunker. Just as it hit the bunker, a shrilling sound was heard. He has no way of knowing that shrilling sound was the shelter's alarm has risen up to level 10. As the battle between Miguel and Strike continues, endanger that very own Heliopolis existent as a structure. "Athrun, what are you doing?!" Miguel yells, nothing wrong with their radio, but the heat of the moment unnerve him further. Athrun the Strike look at him, saw that the Strike 'eyes' glaring at him, saw that they look at each other. Athrun was no way of knowing this, but he knows the pilot is the girl he almost kills with his gun who resemble Kira's aura. Then Miguel fires at Strike but it dodges yet again. She then flies at Miguel and cuts him in half.

Athrun saw in horror when the spark of electrify was seen until it explode, claiming Green Coat Miguel Aiman life with it.




An explosion was heard when Archangel finally shoots down a GINN. They was suppose to feel relieve but the shot also damaged the shaft. The other GINN pilot takes his bazooka and aim at Archangel, perhaps keen to avenge his fallen comrade. The GINN then fires the missiles, but Archangel shoots the remaining GINN. Now one more left, but the Aegis seems not hostile. It should be the end of it. It should be the completion of their objective. Kira and Kagari should reunite with each other and with other children. They should cry the tears of joy for their survival, laugh with relieve for their salvation.

But this is not a fairytale; life was sometimes cruel and oft unfair for the living.

By winning the battle, they lose their home.

The remaining missiles fly and blow up the shaft. The colony then begins to break apart. Houses and buildings fall into ruin. The shelter then activates Dismissal mode and all the escape pods launch out of Heliopolis.

Everybody is in silent, they watch in horror of what become of the once majestic mega structure. A marvel of the times before PLANT now becomes a massive space junk. Even on Vesalius, her crew can't escape this impulsive action. Like watching a car accident, even watching it remain people can't help to slowing their car to catch a glimpse of horror. Captain Ades calls for his Commander, but even Rau is in silence.

The colony gravity's begins to change and pulls out Archangel, Strike, Aegis and everything out into space.

Heliopolis was no more


"What you say may be correct, that there is a war going on outside our world. But we don't agree with it! We dislike war! And that is why we chose to be here in neutral territory!" – Yamato Kira nô Athha


Glossary of the thing you may or not know:

CAG: The Commander, Air Group (CAG) is the senior pilot aboard a battlestar (yeah I took it straight from Battlestar Galactica 2003), responsible for Air Wing operations and personnel. The billet is filled by the senior flight officer with a rank of captain or higher. In this Universe, the rank filled by senior Knight of at least Lieutenant. In real life, The term "CAG" is obsolete as Air Groups are now known as Air Wings and the position is "Commander, Air Wing" (CAW), but it is still used, especially on an informal level of certain countries.

The CAG in US Navy is a captain (O-6) of equal seniority to the ship's captain (or skipper), with both under the command of an admiral who commands the Carrier Strike Group. Orb Self Defence Force places the CAG under the ship's Captain, a ship Commander are the same rank (O-5) to his or her Knight counterpart.

Argentinosourus: First discovered by Guillermo Heredia in Argentina. Argentinosourus is a genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur is the biggest herbivore that walks on earth ever recorded. The generic name refers to the country in which it was discovered. The dinosaur lived on the then-island continent of South America somewhere between 97 and 94 million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous Epoch when other sauropod extinct.

Magnetic breathable rocket: A marriage between VASMIR and SABRE rocket engine.

Juyo: Form VII, also known as The Way of the Vornskr, or The Ferocity Form, was the seventh of seven forms recognized as canon for Lightsaber combat by the last Jedi Council of the Old Jedi Order.