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Ezra huffed in annoyance as he ran another angry hand through his hair. He slammed the door of his car shut before making his way over to the sidewalk. He felt tears pricking at the sides of his eyes and quickly wiped them away before they could fall. He briskly walked through the streets of New York City taking a deep breath of the crisp night air. Stuffing his hands into his coat pockets he picked up his pace, dodging other civilians walking around too.

As he continued on, the crowd of people surrounding him got less and less until it was only the occasional person or two. The bright lights of Times Square were far behind him by now as he turned a corner the only light now coming from a buzzing street lamp. He finally stopped for a moment to catch his breath leaning against a brick wall. The smell of cold concrete and car exhaust filled his nose as he closed his eyes.

"I'll never forgive them," he muttered to himself as he thought back to the previous hour's events.

He heard a soft rustling and saw the move of a shadow causing him to stand up straighter. He swallowed thickly looking around the road he resided on. He grasped his phone inside of his pocket, ready to pull it out in case he needed to. He saw a shadow slowly walking towards him and only until they stepped under the light did he realize it was a woman. He breathed a sigh of relief letting go of his phone as he took in the figure's appearance.

She was wearing a short black body con dress and towering black heels. He could see her ribs through the dress and her face was somewhat gaunt, but she still one of the most beautiful girls Ezra had ever seen. Her chestnut brown hair was slightly messy but it still cascaded down her shoulders in delicate curls.

"Are you ok?" she asked him quietly. She stepped closer to Ezra her hazel eyes boring into him.

"Maybe I can help you feel better," she whispered as she took in Ezra's disheveled appearance.

Ezra didn't know what compelled him to walk closer to this woman or pull out the two 50's from his wallet when she said it would be 100 dollars. Perhaps it was the aftermath of what had just happened to him earlier or how hauntingly pretty this girl was. He didn't think he would ever know.

He saw the girl visibly relax a small smile gracing her pink supple lips.

"Thanks," she murmured taking the green bills and storing it in her bra. She took Ezra's hand leading him farther down the street. Ezra took a deep breath, still not believing what was happening, as he was led to some mystery location. The woman turned a corner still pulling him along until they came to an abandoned building. The woman looked around before quickly stepping inside.

The bright light of the full moon casted an eerie glow in the building as it streamed in through the cracked windows. Ezra tentatively stepped farther into the dark room and nervously shifted.

The woman turned to face him smiling at his weariness of how to go about this. She slowly brought her fingers to his chest and dragged the zipper of his coat down. She hastily untucked his dress shirt from his pants before quickly popping each clear button from its confines. She ran her hands along Ezra's taut stomach making him shiver. She placed her hands inside his jeans and squeezed him eliciting a groan from deep within his throat.

"You want everything or just sex?" Her hot breath against his ear made him grown even harder as he mumbled that just sex was ok.

The girl undid the top button of his jeans before pulling the fly down. She dragged them down his legs taking his boxers with them. She hiked up her dress so that it rested around her hips and Ezra saw she wasn't wearing any panties. She grasped Ezra's shirt in her hand and pulled him towards the wall until she was pushed up right against it. He gripped her hips and slowly pushed into her, reveling in the feeling of skin to skin contact.

He slowly picked up speed each thrust harder than the one before it until he felt the woman tense beneath him. He felt her walls clench around him sending him over the edge as he came alongside her.

He pulled out of her, immediately feeling cold at the loss of contact. He pulled his boxers and jeans up and fastened the zipper and button before the realization of what he'd just did hit him.

Ezra knew he had a mortified expression across his face causing the woman to look at him with concern.

"You ok," the woman asked as she fixed her dress back into place.

Ezra ran a hand through his hair, exhaling harshly.

"I-I just had sex with a prostitute," he choked out.

He saw the woman flinch at his statement and immediately regretted saying it.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I didn't mean it like that."

He saw the woman bite her lip and take a deep breath as her eyes down casted. "Except you did," she shrugged.

"No…I didn't" he assured her. He awkwardly placed his hand on her shoulder in what was supposed to be a comforting gesture.

A gust of wind blew by causing the woman to shiver and pull her arms tightly around her body. Ezra saw how skinny her arms were as she clutched herself tighter before she turned to walk away.

"Have you eaten today?" Ezra wondered. Judging by her appearance he guessed her meals were few and far between and felt like maybe he should have given her more money.

She turned back to face him and shook her head, "I was just going to go grab something," she explained referring to what he had just paid her.

"Can I buy you a meal?" he asked. He already felt bad about her situation not to mention what he had said to her and felt it was the least he could do.

"You've technically already bought me at least a month's worth of food, so you've already done more than enough." She smiled appreciatively.

Ezra quickly did the math in his head and by what she just said she was eating about 3 dollars of food a day.

"Please," Ezra asked.

"I'm not some charity case," she snapped.

"No, but whether you want to admit it or not you do need some help and I'm not leaving until you let me buy you a real dinner."

The woman sighed and shook her head before mumbling a, "Fine."

Ezra gave her a triumphant smile as they walked side by side out of the abandoned building. The walk to the restaurant Ezra was taking them too, was silent, but soon they arrived. It was a small pizza shop a couple of blocks down called Joe's Pizzeria. Ezra looked down at the frail women next to him and practically saw the desire in her eyes as she stared at the slices on peoples plates.

Ezra stepped up to the register and ordered two slices of cheese for himself and looked down at the woman who said cheese was fine for her too. The man behind the counter grabbed four slices of their famous cheese pizza and let it heat up in the oven while Ezra paid. The employee fished the pizza out of the dark oven and put them on two plates handing one to Ezra and the woman.

Ezra walked towards the back of the restaurant and found a table for the two of them. He pulled out the chair for the woman who smiled gratefully at him.

Ezra watched as the woman in front of him practically devoured her pizza and he felt a twinge of sadness creep through him as he realized just how sacred this food was to her.

"By the way," Ezra smiled, "I'm Ezra."

"Aria," she replied.

"That's a beautiful name," Ezra commented as he took a bite of his crust.

"Thanks," she said as she curled a piece of her hair behind her ear.

They happened to be sitting next to a juke box which Ezra decided to flip through.

"Want to pick a song?" Ezra asked looking at Aria.

"That's ok," Aria shook her head, "You can pick."

Ezra tapped his finger on his chin as if he was thinking intently before finally pressing a song.

"B26," he announced.

A soft guitar began to play, followed by a low melodic voice.

"I like this, what's it called?" Aria tilted her head to the side as she took another bite of her food.

"Happiness by The Fray," Ezra told her. He smiled at Aria as he saw her slightly bob her head as she looked down at her food.

After they finished their meals an awkward "what do we do next" silence filled the air.

"So where do you usually sleep?" Ezra asked. He knew it was somewhat rude to be asking this girl he hardly knew all these questions, but he felt this strange need to make sure this woman would be ok.

"I usually go to the homeless shelter, but if that's filled up I just find somewhere on the street," Aria explained, shrugging as if it was no big deal. "Speaking of which, do you know what time it is?"

Ezra pulled his phone out of his pocket and checked the time before responding, "9:00."

"Crap," she sighed. "Shelter closes at eight." She said when she saw Ezra give her a confused expression.

Ezra saw the slight look of panic in her eyes as she realized she would have to spend another night on the sidewalk. "You can uh stay at my place, if you want," Ezra proposed.

"No, I can't… but thank you," Aria responded. She shifted in her seat and looked down at her hands staring at an imaginary spot.

"Aria, please," Ezra asked. "I wouldn't be able to just leave you on the side of the street and walk away."

"Thank you for being so nice to me, but I can't ask you to do that."

"You're not asking," Ezra shook his head, "I'm offering."

Ezra saw Aria's eyes become glassy, extreme appreciation reflected in them.

"I'm the reason you didn't get back to the shelter on time so please just let me do this. And I don't really feel like being alone right now, and I don't think you do either."

"Thank you," she whispered.

"Of course," he nodded.

"Your apartment's really nice," Aria smiled as she looked around.

"Thanks," Ezra smiled back. "Do um, do you wanna borrow some clothes? That dress doesn't really look comfortable."

"That's really nice of you but I don't need too," Aria blushed and put her head down. Ezra waved his hand and quickly walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of his boxers, one of his smallest pairs of sweatpants and a big sweatshirt. He walked back over to Aria and held out the items.

"Keep them," he said.

Aria backed up and held her hands up, "Ezra…no."

"Yes," he stated and put the clothing into her arms. "The bathroom's down the hall, second door on the left."

Aria shook her head and stared at him incredulously, "Thank you," she murmured before walking in the direction he'd pointed.

Aria quickly changed into the clothes he had given her and met Ezra back in his living room after he had changed into more comfortable clothing too.

"I'm not really sure if this couch will be too comfortable, but I can get some extra pillows or blankets or something," Ezra rambled as he scratched the back of his neck.

"I've been sleeping on metal cots or the sidewalk for years, Ezra," Aria laughed. "This will probably be the best night of sleep I'll ever have," she quietly admitted.

"I'm sorry," Ezra murmured.

"For what?" Aria asked, tilting her head.

"That you have to live like this," Ezra explained.

Aria shrugged and gave him a thankful smile, "I get by."

Ezra lips curled up the slightest as he stared at the girl in front of him. He was so impressed that someone so small could be so strong even when life had obviously thrown them so many obstacles.

"Ezra?" Aria gave him a confused expression as she laughed lightly.

"S-sorry," he stuttered a light pink tint coloring his cheeks. "I'll go grab those pillows," he quickly said, before disappearing down the hallway to his office. He ran hand through his hair silently cursing to himself that she had caught him staring. He turned on the light to the room a shimmering light catching his eye. He walked over to the table in the corner and picked up the gold man's watch that lied there. The day's events flashed through his mind as he grasped the metal tightly in his hand. His jaw tensed as he threw the watch across the room and watched it hit the wall making a small dent.

He breathed heavily and ran his hands down his face. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard quiet footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw Aria standing there, a look of concern etched across her face.

"I heard a crash," she said. She curled a piece of hair behind her ear, and cautiously glanced at the watch that lied in the middle of the hardwood floors.

"Sorry," Ezra breathed. He grabbed the two pillows that were placed on the couch in the room before handing them to her. "Here," he said.

"Thank you," Aria stated as she looked down at the pillows in her arms. "For everything."

Ezra nodded and stuffed his hands in his jean pockets.

"Good night," she smiled.

"Good night," he smiled back. He watched Aria leave the room and heard her settling into the couch. He leaned his back against the wall and closed his eyes. He just wanted to sleep and forget everything that happened today. Well almost everything. Even though the way he and Aria met was not ideal, there was definitely something about her that drew him in.

He sighed and shut off the light to the room and walked to his own bedroom. He collapsed onto his mattress, not even bothering to change out of his clothes. He untied each of his shoes and dropped them off the side of his bed before letting sleep overtake him.

Ezra squinted his eyes open, a stream of light through the window waking him up. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, before turning to the side of the bed and standing. He remembered everything with Aria and walked out of his room to go find her. He expected to see her still sleeping on his couch and was surprised to find her not there. He walked closer and realized that the blanket he always had on his couch was gone too. He looked around the room and walked into the kitchen and saw his bowl of fruit was empty also.

It surprised him when he felt a pang of sadness that she had left. He sighed knowing he was crazy to think anything could have ever worked out between them. At least he knew she would be a little better off, now that she had his blanket and at least some food. He took a quick shower before deciding to make some breakfast.

His stomach growled as he rummaged through his cabinet's for something to eat. He pulled out a box of pop tarts put them into his toaster when he heard a knock at his door. His furrowed his brow, not expecting anyone before walking to the door. He opened it, surprised to see Aria standing in front of him.

She looked up at him with wide eyes and bit her lip.

"I'm sorry," she whispered reaching out to give him his blanket and the fruit she had stolen. "I panicked and it was there and I didn't think I'd ever see you again."

"Why'd you come back?" Ezra asked.

"You were so nice to me," she said, "I couldn't go through with it."

"To be honest, if I was in your situation I probably would have done the same thing," he said, "And you know, I was actually just about to have a pop tart for breakfast and you're welcome to join me," Ezra proposed. He flashed her a smile and silently hoped she would say yes.

"That's ok, I should probably go," she murmured. She looked down at her hands knotting them together.

Ezra placed his finger under her chin tilting her head up to look at him. "Where?" he pointed out. "Now come on," he grabbed the things she was holding and put it on the small table next to the door before grasping her hand. He took note of how cold it was as he tugged her through his apartment to his kitchen.

He left her at the bar stools that looked over his counter while he grabbed the pop tarts out of the toaster and two plates. He handed her his as they each sat in one chair.

"I haven't eaten a pop tart in years," Aria laughed. She took a bite of the sugary square savoring the taste as she closed her eyes.

"It's literally the only thing I can make without burning this place down," Ezra chuckled. Aria looked at him and smiled as she took another bite.

Once they were both finished Ezra grabbed his plate and stood up to grab Aria's realizing just how close he was to her. The proximity ignited a spark within him that spread as he watched Aria part her lips and stare up at him with her captivating hazel orbs. Ezra swallowed as he looked into her eyes their chests practically touching.

Aria was the first to break eye contact and Ezra could see a ghost of a smile playing at her lips. Ezra cleared his throat as he hurriedly went to put the dishes in the sink.

He placed the plates in, feeling Aria's eyes on him. He turned around and leaned against the counter across from where she was sitting facing her.

"Can I ask you something?" Aria voice was soft, tentative. She ran her fingers along the cuffs of the sweatshirt Ezra had given her yesterday before looking up at him.

"Of course," he nodded.

"What made you say yes that night?" Her eyes held a pleading look as she tried to comprehend what would compel Ezra to do what he did.

Ezra sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he went to sit on the bar stool next to her.

"My brother had been staying over here while he was visiting," he started. "About an hour before I met you I caught him and my girlfriend, well now ex-girlfriend, you know," he motioned with his hands. "That watch I threw was actually his."

"So you were angry and wanted to get back at her," Aria clarified.

"Partly," Ezra said. He shook his head as he looked at a spot on the floor. He smiled as he continued, "And I still don't know what, but something about you really caught my interest."

Aria blushed as Ezra looked at her, before glancing around the room. Her eyes landed on the clock, noticing it was already one.

"Need to be somewhere?" Ezra asked once he saw where she was looking.

"No," she shook her head. "I'm just wondering, you have a really nice apartment in New York City…don't you have to go to a job or something?"

"I'm an author," Ezra explained.

"Really?" Ezra watched Aria's eyes light up and look at him as if that was the most impressive thing anyone had ever told her.

"Yeah," Ezra smiled. "I actually just published my second book about a month ago."

"What's it called?" Aria incredulously asked. Her smile practically took up her whole face as she awaited his answer.

"Nobody said it was Easy," he answered. He saw her lips part and her eyes widen as she looked at him.

"You're Ezra Fitz?" she whispered.

"The one and only," he laughed as he held out his hands to the sides.

"That's my favorite book," she murmured. "It's the only thing I've ever spent money on that wasn't food or clothes," she admitted.

"I'm glad you liked it," Ezra said a smile spreading across his face.

"Ezra, I loved it," she stressed. "That book was literally the only thing keeping me going at times," she stated.

Ezra realized that maybe the reason he felt such a strong connection with her was because he had basically written a parallel character to her. His book followed the lives of different people he had created all of them faced with some obstacle in life. One of them had been a homeless girl who he realized was strangely similar to Aria.

"Daisy," they both said at the same time.

Ezra smiled and nodded, "I named her after Daisy in The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald is my favorite author."

"Me too," Aria placed her hand against her chest.

"So you like to read?" Ezra asked.

"Yeah," Aria responded. "I used to write too. I'd always wanted to be an author like you."

"What's stopping you now?" Ezra shrugged his shoulders.

"Ezra," Aria gave him a look like it should have been obvious why she wasn't writing now. "I live on the streets which doesn't really lend much time for writing."

"I was actually thinking about something," Ezra announced. "Maybe you could stay here until you get back up on your feet," he proposed. He bit his lip anxiously waiting for her reaction to what he had just suggested.

"Ezra, that's so, so sweet of you," she said, "But really you've already done way, way too much."

"Please," he begged taking her smaller hand in his. "I'm going to be living alone now and I think we could both use the company." He saw the internal struggle in Aria's eyes as she contemplated what he was saying.

"I won't let you say no," he tried to convince her.

"Remember in your book when Daisy described every person that gave her money, even if was only a few cents, like an angel?" Aria wondered

Ezra nodded impressed that she remembered that line.

"That's you," she gave him a sad smile.

Ezra smiled, "So will you stay, please," he asked. Aria bit her lip and looked into Ezra's eyes.

"However," Ezra added, "If you do stay you have to promise to not go running off into the night again," he held out his pinky finger towards her.

"Ok," Aria breathed as she locked her finger with his a gleaming smile stretching across her face.

The rest of the day was spent talking about their likes and interests, basically just getting to know each other better. Ezra ended up calling in Chinese food for dinner which was greatly appreciated by Aria, who hadn't had that style of food in quite some time.

"Do you think I could take a shower?" Aria nervously asked as Ezra threw away the last of the take-out boxes.

"Oh of course,"" Ezra exclaimed, mentally scolding himself for not remembering to offer.

He led her down to the bathroom across from his bedroom and held out his hand in front of the room. "Here you go."

"Thanks," Aria smiled. She disappeared into the room, while Ezra decided to go watch TV in his room.

About ten minutes later, Ezra heard the water shut off and Aria call for his name. He jumped up from his place on his bed and walked over to the door to the bathroom. He cautiously knocked and heard a "Come in" from inside. He peeked his head through and saw Aria peering around the shower curtain at him. Ezra breath hitched in his throat as he looked at Aria, her dark, wet hair, framing her face. He saw a glimpse of the curve of her side, but most of her was covered by the white curtain.

Aria blushed when she noticed him staring. "Can I have a towel?"

Ezra snapped out of his daze a red tint spreading over his own cheeks. He rushed out of the bathroom to the linen closet down the hall, and grabbed a big white towel. He raced back to the bathroom and quickly handed it to her.

"Sorry," he shook his head. "I completely forgot."

"It's ok," she smiled. "Thanks," she said taking the towel from his hand.

Ezra headed back to his room lying down on his bed while he flipped through the numerous channels. He saw movement and looked up to see Aria standing in the doorway, still dressed in the sweats and shirt he had given her.

"I wasn't sure where to put this," Aria held up the towel Ezra had given her.

"You can just throw it on the floor," Ezra said, "the maid will grab it tomorrow," he explained.

"Are you sure?" Aria widened her eyes.

"Yes," Ezra laughed. He watched Aria with amusement as she awkwardly placed the towel on the floor of his room.

"Uh you wanna watch TV with me? Ezra asked. He was still somewhat flustered from when she had caught him staring and didn't know how well sitting in a bed with her would go over.

"Ok," she shrugged. She sat down on the left side, sitting cross-legged.

They watched some random reality show on TLC a more comfortable silence filling the air.

"Can I ask you something?" Ezra said repeating Aria's words from earlier.

"Sure," she replied. Ezra turned to face her wondering whether or not he should say what he was going to.

"How did you get into this situation?" He murmured.

He saw Aria's face fall the slightest before she regained her composure and curled a piece of her hair behind her ear.

"My parents kicked me out of the house at sixteen," she explained. "I had to survive somehow."

"Wow," Ezra breathed. "Why'd you get kicked out?"

"It's a really long story," Aria waved her hand her voice cracking the slightest on the last word. Ezra got the feeling it was a sore topic and not something she wanted to discuss and didn't press the issue.

"You want to see a really funny show?" Ezra asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"Sure," she smiled.

Ezra flipped to The Office and soon they were both doubled over in laughter.

"I don't think I've actually laughed in years," Aria sighed, once she had caught her breath.

"It's a beautiful sound," Ezra said as he stared down at Aria. He saw her blush and shake her head before turning back to the T.V.

About an hour later Ezra felt a shift in the bed and looked over to see Aria had fallen asleep. She had shifted so she was facing Ezra her chest rising and falling with every breath. Ezra still couldn't believe how beautiful she was sometimes. A piece of hair had fallen across her face when she moved and Ezra softly brushed it away with his fingers.

He placed the comforter across her small body, before slipping into the bed himself. His last image was of her peaceful face, before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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