At long last Farkas was able to remove the damned bulky, itching cast from his leg. He hadn't seen his limb for more than a moon's turn. The two times he had shifted, Tilma had removed the cast, but forbade him to walk. As soon as the full moon had passed, the old woman would enlist help from Sivanna, and the two would recast his poorly leg. He would admit, he had sulked a bit, but truly who wouldn't have?

Sivanna carefully removed the cast and set it aside. Farkas planned on burning the damned thing, first chance he got. He rubbed at his newly emerged leg, realizing how much smaller it seemed than his uninjured one.

"Looking a bit lopsided there, brother." Vilkas laughed, earning a disapproving tongue click from Sivanna.

Farkas shot him a look, but couldn't keep from grinning. "Maybe now you'll finally be the faster between us."

"Ha!", Vilkas exclaimed. "You were only faster because your legs are longer."

Farkas snickered. "Whatever you have to tell yourself, dear brother."

"After you properly stretch and prepare your leg for use," Sivanna said seriously. "I would be happy to show you both, what true speed looks like."

Farkas and Vilkas snorted in unison, but she wasn't wrong. Sivanna was sleek and built to run. He looked forward to shifting with them again.

"So, back in business as usual?" Vilkas asked, a smile on his face. He had been doing that more often now; smiling. Farkas furrowed his brows, not exactly ready to tell the others what he had decided. While he had shuffled about Jorrvaskr, unable to work, he had thought long and hard about what he wanted to do when he healed. Vilkas would not like what he had chosen. Farkas met his brother's eyes, and the smile faded slightly.

"Actually Vilkas, there's a plot of land that I plan on buying.", Farkas said.

"Land?" Sivanna asked, her head cocked to the side. "Are you... leaving?" She turned to Vilkas, who was looking bewildered.

"I want my own home." Farkas said with a sigh.

"There's an empty house next to Adrienne's forge.", Vilkas said a little too brightly.

Farkas shook his head. "I'm going to build. I'll have a home near a lake, I can go fishing and shift without having to sneak out of town." He smiled at the thought of it.

"Why?" Vilkas asked, his face oddly dejected.

"It is time. I'm ready to walk my own path now, besides," he smiled at Sivanna. "She can keep you in check now."

"Is it far?" Sivanna asked.

"It's on the southern shore of lake ilinalta." Farkas replied.

"That's near Falkreath." Sivanna said with realization.

He nodded. For a moment, no one said anything. Then Vilkas broke the silence. "How can we help?"

First, let me say thank you for following, and commenting, and just being here for this. It's been a long journey and to be honest I'm kind of sad that it's over. You have no idea what it means to me that you came this far with me. That being said, if you haven't had enough of my rambling, I'm writing a sequel focusing on Farkas that is set shortly after Sivanna's story ends. I hope to find you there. You have my love and appreciation!