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Jade's POV

We were just walking home from Karaoke Dokie after an amazing night of singing and dancing, and my hand was now entwined with becks and the moonlight was shining down on us things are absolutely perfect...well apart from the constant chatter from a certain red head.

'And now my brother is not allowed to enter Canada ever again' Finished an ever so bubbly cat.

'So little red how many countries is it now that your brother has been banned from...12?' Andre questioned. 'Actually counting this one it is 13' Cat stated proudly.

We walked a little bit further, now passing the woods which, even though i would never admit it, actually scare me. Beck let go of my hand and moved his arm protectively around my waist.

'Did I tell you about the one time my brother went to Mexico and he...'Cat started, at that point I stopped listening to her because I have probably heard this story a hundred times already. I went off into my own world and started thinking about the assignment I have to do for Monday.

I snapped out of my daydream when I heard a scream, it took me a couple seconds to realise it was cats scream. I instantly started to worry because even though cat is annoying she is my best friend.

I looked around but all I saw was a blur of red hair as cat ran into the woods. We all shouted for her to come back but we got no response. So , very reluctantly, we all entered the woods to go and search for our lost cat.


After about 5 minutes of walking and shouting cats name I asked the question that had been puzzling me since she ran of:

'So why did cat run off anyway?'

'Their was rustle in the trees, I think it was a bird or something' Tori answered.

I stopped abruptly making Robbie, who was walking behind me, bump into me.'So cat ran off and is now alone at night in these woods because of a bird' I said it slowly trying to process the stupidity of the situation,'thats so stupid'.

There was bunch of 'yeah I know's from everyone apart from Robbie, who had been strangely quiet and distracted since we had entered the woods. I brushed it off as him just being scared as usual.

'Well whatever we better keep going' I said.

I started walking away quickly making beck have to run to catch up with me, when he did, he snaked his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear:

'Don't worry babe, we'll find her'

He could sense how worried about her i was because of her tendencies to be scared of anything, as demonstrated today, we all kept up a swift pace just wanting to find cat and get home.


I didn't know how long I had been running, but I was getting tired. It was probably not the best idea to run into the woods considering what had scared me was in there but when I get scared I can't think straight, I think...Curved. I almost laughed at my inside joke until I remember the situation I was in,

Why was a scary man watching us?

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