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Jades POV

"Jade, Jade...JADE!" I jumped a little as Cats voice brought me back to reality. I turned my head to look at her "What" I asked.

"I'm scared...What do you think he wants with us" She asked me, I was about to tell her that everything was going to be okayy and that the gang would find us and get us out of here but, looking into her deep brown eyes so full of innocence I knew I couldn't lie to her.

"I don't know Cat, I really don't know but, can I tell you a secret" she nodded her head eagerly "I'm scared too".

"Aww Jadey" she said as she shuffled closer to be and wrapped her arms around me, I returned the embrace and we slowly drifted into a restless sleep.

Becks POV

"Okayy guys we need a plan to get them out of there as quick as we can' I said hurriedly.

"Okayy, how about we..." Andre started before he was interrupted by Tori, "heyy guys look" she said pointing at the house.

We all looked over and saw the man open the door look inside and then walk away again, it may have just been me but I don't think he locked it again.

"Oh my god guys did you see that he didn't lock the door" Tori said excitedly "Lets go".

We all ran up to the door, I got there first. Throwing open the door we stumbled in the door. "Jade, Cat" I shouted.

I couldn't see anything and them suddenly someone collided with me and wrapped their arms around me. Looking down I saw a head of red hair.

"Yay Beck I know you would save us" she said. She detached herself from me and started attacking Tori and Andre with hugs instead.

Looking back around I saw Jade standing in front of me. "Jade" I said relief flooding through me. I wrapped my arms around her kissing the top of her head, breathing in her scent which I could never get sick of.

"Are you okayy" I asked. "Yeahh i'm fine" She replied "Lets just get out of here" and thats when we heard it. The slam of the door and then the key turning in the lock.

We all turned around to face the door, which confirmed our suspicion, we were locked in.

Cat started whimpering and Tori hugged her while she silently sobbed. My grip on Jade got tighter and she buried her head in my shoulder.

Then I realised something.

"Heyy guys, Wheres Robbie?"

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