What To Do In A Boring Meeting...

If you're ever bored in a meeting or school try some of these!

Disclaimer: Ah, I don't own Hetalia. Himaruya has done a better job of it than I ever could...

It was a boring meeting. Everyone had to entertain themselves somehow...

No.1: Run to the window and say "I'm sorry, I thought I saw the Bat signal!"

It was a boring meeting. It was a very boring meeting. Germany was droning on about something, but nobody was paying attention.

Suddenly America shot out of his seat and ran to the window, startling many nations out of their half-concious states.

"America vhat are you doing?" Germany asked, just as confused as everyone else. "Hahaha... I'm sorry, I thought I saw the bat signal...," America said, then started laughing, "The looks on your faces!" Most faces were shocked, pure suprise written into them.

Many nations saw it as a joke and started chuckling along. Needless to say some were not that impressed.

"America, you idiot, just sit down and stop laughing, so we can continue with the meeting!" England demanded, not laughing.

America continued laughing as he sat down, much to England's annoyance.

Many nations gave America strange looks after that. Said nation was too busy drawing the Bat Symbol in his notebook to notice all the looks at him though.

A.N: I have a lot of these on my computer, and I was suddenly struck by inspiration to write about the ones that did inspire me.

School will never be boring again!

This chapter is kinda dedicated to my friend KFzeta03, who loves superheroes, like Robin and Young Justice.