It was a bright sunny day in Littlest Pet Shop at Big City. Unfortunately for Doggie Diva, Doggie Diva has visited her. In The Morning when Blythe Baxter and Pets found Doggie Diva's Microphone. Doggie Diva just 'Happened' to find them. The Current taker began taking Doggie Diva's Microphone. causing her to Run her away and Cry. after moments later in the road outside Littlest Pet Shop, a orange hedgehog appears and sits with a Sad Doggie Diva.

"Why a Current taker Took my Microphone" said a Sad Doggie Diva

"Come on, You are a Great, Nice Singer, and Awsome Dog" Said a orange hedgehog

She turned her head with a Smile "Thanks hedgehog"

orange hedgehog smiled sadly "Anything for a pet friend"

Her Eyes are Filled with Tears as she look back into a sky. "i mean, what so great about her, Blythe Baxter's a human, Just a human, she loves me". She Didn't Turn her Head this time and Instead Broke down in Sobs next to a orange hedgehog.

"Hey, Cheer up Doggie Diva, when we come back in the Littlest Pet Shop, We'll figure this Out and Solve a Problem." said a Orange hedgehog

She Touched orange hedgehog's hand, Turned her head with a sad smile, small tears glistening on her cheek, she wiped them away.

"Thanks hedgehog for cheering me up" Said a Doggie Diva

"Anything for a friend" Said orange hedgehog once again

They hugged together and went back into Littlest Pet Shop.