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Naruto clicked the button to hear the message.


Hey Sasuke this is your uncle Madara and before you delete this message I recommend you listen to it first even thou I know you hate me right now, we have decided to take Itachi off life support tomorrow at 4:30. I recommend you come and say goodbye. I'm sorry Sasuke but that what need to be done.


Naruto was in shock Sasuke did mention none of this. Suddenly his blood started to boil as he replayed the message and notice how Sasuke's uncle said all of that in a uninterested tone like he even care if Sasuke said goodbye. Naruto was about to pick up Sasuke's house phone and throw it out the window but something stopped him. Naruto decided to sit on Sasuke's sofa and started watching TV.


Sasuke is outside his apartment and made sure that if Naruto was in the apartment he wouldn't see the gun he hid in his shirt. Slowly Sasuke climbed the stairs think about everything that happened. Not everything that happened in the last six or seven months, but everything from his first memory to now.

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******************** Flashbacks **********************

Someone moved in next door and Sasuke's mom was baking something to go say hi. "Mom do I really have to go say hi I have to do my H.W." Itachi wined.

"Yea you do." his father said from the sofa. Little 4 year old Sasuke stumbled with messy hair and a navy blue baby blanket into the room.

"I see someone woke up from their nap." his mom said putting the cake 4 year old mixer into a pan than in the oven.

"Wha-"Sasuke said. She walked over to Sasuke and carried him than kiss Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke rubbed his eyes.

" Still sleepy?" she said.

"No" Sasuke said sleepy.

Three hours later (because I don't want to bore you)

Later the cake was baked and mama uchiha made the enter tier family go say hi to the new neighbors. She made someone knock on the door. Than a boy around Sasuke's age with blond hair and blue eyes answered the door.

"Hello is your mommy or daddy home?" She asked to the young boy.

"Naruto who's at the door?" a man that looked like the older version of the the four year old 4 year old boy said.

"Hi were your neighbors the Uchiha." Mother Uchiha said handing them the cake.

"Come in" he said.

The Uchihas walked in the apartment and into the living area. Sasuke was still a little sleepy and trying not to fall asleep on the couch because that would be rude. Anyway Naruto like of having a friend that lived close by. "Wanna play?" Naruto said.

"OK" Sasuke said than yawned.

"Kay follow me"Naruto said. Sasuke did.

"Sasuke come over here mom and dad want to talk to you over the phone." Itachi yelled to his younger brother who was watching TV. Sasuke walk over to Itachi who handed him house phone.

"Hi Mom and Dad!" Sasuke said so gladly. "Where are you?"

"We're at the hospital working." his mom said.

" You guys working late?"he asked.

"Your mom is" his dad said.

"Come home soon." Sasuke said.

"We well" His parents said in unison.

It was a warm, sunny day and seven year old Naruto and Sasuke have been playing all day and they decide to lay in the grass instead of running around playing tag. They start looking at the clouds. "What do you see?" Naruto said.

"Fluff" Sasuke said. Naruto almost laughed.

"No." he said "I mean what shapes or objects to you see." Sasuke looked confused. Naruto got closer to Sasuke and pointed to a cloud that looked like a bunny. "Look there what do you see?"

"A fluffy rabbit thingy."


"I don't see it."

******************** End of Flashbacks **********************

Sasuke thought of things like that as he when up the stairs. He opened door to his apartment. He wasn't expecting Naruto to be home yet. "Hey"Naruto said.

"Hn" Sasuke said.

"Come here." Naruto said patting the spot next to him.

"Later I'm tired." Sasuke said "I'm gonna lay down." Naruto got up and kiss him on the cheek.

"Kay" Naruto said.

Sasuke walks into his room close the door behind him and goes to his feet off his bed and takes out and old shoebox. His slowly put the gun in the box put didn't close the box but don't close the box. He just stayed there staring at this fully load gun. That gun for some reason made him think of his parents. That was probably the last thing they saw before...it happened. After that Itachi randomly popped in his mind. Sasuke finally had enough. "Naruto" he said hiding the gun.

"Yea?" Naruto said walking in the room.

"Can you go buy me some ramen?" Sasuke said.

"OK" Naruto about to leave but Sasuke stopped him by grabbing him by the arm and holding him close and tight than give the blond a surprise kiss. They finally departed after a good long minute. That kiss was so prefect so sweet, soft, gentle, it was even better than prefect. To bad Naruto didn't know what was going to happened once he left. "Still want be to go?"

"Yes I'm hungry." Sasuke said. Naruto turn around to leave but was stop with Sasuke saying this. "Love you"

"I love you too."Naruto answered than left.

Sasuke waited until he heard the door slam and lock. Sasuke slowly walked to his door and locked it. He waited a minute than took out the gun again with a notebook he's been writing in for the last 6 months Naruto and the school therapist said it would help but it didn't. Sasuke open the book up to the last thing he wrote and set it on this desk. Sasuke sighed he sat on his bed with the gun. He just sat there rethinking everything. After rethinking everything twice he set the end of the gun to his temple and his hand slowly started to shake took a deep breath and shot. That one shot killed him instantly.

Five minutes later Naruto come back with Sasuke's ramen. He put it on the table and found it weird how Sasuke wasn't watching TV or something Sasuke told him he was tired but didn't think he would fall asleep. Naruto when to Sasuke room and try to go into Sasuke's room with out knocking on the door but it was locked. Naruto knocked Sasuke what felt like an eternity to Naruto decide to text and call him. No answer. Naruto took out the master key, which Sasuke did know about, and open the door.

He couldn't believe what he saw it was just a bloody mess. Naruto slowly walked over to Sasuke's corpse. Naruto was shocked and upset. "How can Sasuke just do that i-"he thought as he slowly touched Sasuke still warm cheek. Naruto just broke down and fell by his love. "Why did you do this to me?" he said as if Sasuke could here him. Naruto notice Sasuke's notebook and the bloody gun that was near him. Naruto starts reading the page it was open to:

Dear, Journal or Whatever,

People told me to write my pain away instead of cut but I just doesn't feel write and this stupid pill they are making me take aren't helping. It's all ready at its max dose for my age group. They weren't doing anything anyway so I stopped take them all together,well all they were doing was making me sleep in class not that I even care anymore. Itachi is at the hospital still and at this point do I even care if he come out of that coma? I must if I'm yelling at my uncles to leave him on life support.

(Sigh) what the point of me being alive? No one cares. I mean who would honestly care. I know people would say Naruto but he doesn't deserve to care for me. And I don't deserve to love him. He gives and gives and all I do is take. Take everything. I start fights sometime why because I'm alone and scared. Scared because his probably hate me for that fact. So today I'm going to end his pain. More importantly my pain, my suffering, my hurt.

P.S: Naruto please live without me. I'm not worth it.


Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto through the book across the room. He looked at the the gun which surprisingly was still warm, probably because of Sasuke's blood,with tears in his eyes Naruto got next to his love's body than put the end of the gun in his mouth. "Sasuke" he thought "you were, no are my everything." than he hoped and prayed Sasuke left one friendly bullet from him just one that's all he asked...than pulled the trigger. He land near Sasuke.

Two lover always meant to be.

Sadly one try saving the other and for that payed with his life.

One light trying to light up the darkness.

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