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When he learned his secretary had arranged a job interview for someone, he thought nothing of it.

Oh, but when he saw the bluenette walk into his office, still as beautiful as the last he laid his eyes on her, his heart began to race like it had in his high school times.

She greeted him a quiet and non-stuttered 'Hello' to which he did not reply to.

The fool.

He gestured for her to sit down as she handed him her resumé. She began to tell him reasons on why she would be perfect for the Uchiha Corporation.

He couldn't care less. She would be hired no matter what the hell her credentials were.

That smile of hers had his heart melt into molten lava.

The millionaire twenty three year old dug his face into her resumé attempting to hide his forming blush.

Oh my.

Why would she want to work under him?

He was 599% sure he had traumatized the poor girl.

You see in high school, the love sick bastard had bullied her to a very extreme extent when the inaccurate thought that she had feelings for his dimwitted best friend slash rival had crossed his mind.

He wasn't the jealous type.

He was the extremely jealous type.

He put gum in her hair, spread false rumors around (to ensure her relationship status went from 'single' to 'still single'), flicked her forehead, mocked all the qualities in her that he secretly enjoyed etcetera, etcetera.

You get the point.

She should hate the bastard.

The last time he spoke to her was on prom night when he told her, and yes, they both remember the exact words he had idiotically spoken.

'Of course, Hinata can't get a prom date. No one is as stupid as to have feelings for such a pathetic weakling like her. Who would want that piece of trash?'


He would love to have her for himself. He only said that because Hinata had danced with Kiba. It's a wonder on how they hadn't noticed him glaring at them from across the ballroom.

Unbeknownst to Hinata, Sasuke was territorial.

She had run out crying and Sasuke had never felt so shitty in his life.

Eh, he kind of deserved it.

After prom night, he decided that he would never interact with her ever again.

He didn't want to hurt her anymore. He was just a sadist looking for his masochist.

An extremely hot, popular, rich sadist nonetheless.

Such a shame, really.

After he forbid himself from talking to her, (stealing a few lustful glances here and there) (okay, a LOT of lustful glances here and there), they graduated from Konoha High.

He heard from Naruto that she decided to attend a college elsewhere. And at the very moment, when he realized he would probably never see her again, his heart turned to stone.

Well, it was already stone before but you get the point. He was a talking, walking block of ice.

Oh, but now she was standing right in front of her and he was not to let go of this very chance again.

He quickly scanned her portfolio status.

And by 'portfolio status', I mean her marital status.

Single, read the fine print.

Sasuke closed the manila folder and crossed his arms against his chest.

"I graduated at a r-r-really advanced college that helped me-"

"Shut up."

She did.

"You're hired."

Well, that was one short interview. Two minutes and seventeen seconds to be exact.

Hinata's eyes widened and her lips curved upwards.

Sasuke's heart skipped a beat.

She quickly stood up and without thinking took his much larger hand and shook it with both hands, "Thanks Sasuke! Thank you so much Sas-"

She noticed his widened eyes and let go of his hands much to his dismay, "Sorry, Mr. Uchiha."

He coughed and loosed his black tie almost as if it was suffocating him. He stood up, with his hands in his expensive slacks' pockets.

"I'll show you to your workstation, Ms. Hyuga," he opened the door for her and then led her to Sakura's cubicle.

Hinata knitted her eyebrows together, why did he bring her to Sakura? To show off his high school girlfriend that she envied?

"Get out."

Now it was Sakura's turn to be confused, "What?"

"Get. Out."

Sakura blinked, "I don't comprehend."

"Take your belongings and move to the open cubicle by the farthest left wall. This will be Hinata's work station from now on."

Sakura glared at Hinata as Sasuke glared at her, "Why can't she go over there?"

"Because I said so," he harshly snapped back.

Because 'over there' is in Naruto's territory, he'd rather stab himself with a pen while he's lit on fire than let Hinata be around her supposed high school crush.

And besides, this cubicle coincidentally was right in front of his office window.

But that was a complete coincidence.

(Not a coincidence.)

"Sasuke, I don't mind, really. I'm okay wherever you want to place me."

He wants to place her into her bed and explore her body piece by piece as she screams out his name in the middle of the night.

But that's just theoretically of course.

Sakura pointed an accusing finger at Hinata, "See? She doesn't want this cubicle as much as I do!"

"By the time I come back, I better not find you here. Come," he lead a puzzled Hinata elsewhere.

"That's the break room. That's the copy center, emergency exits, restrooms and vending machines are down that hall, there's the supply closet and that's all you really need to know since you're only going to be working on this floor. Understood?" he asked her as he navigated through the top floor of the Uchiha Corporation.

She nodded while looking around until she stopped, "Excuse me, Mr. Uchiha, but what's on the other side of the office? You didn't show m-me around there.."

Sasuke inwardly gulped, "Don't worry about it. You are to never go by there."

Hinata cutely tilted her head to the right, "Why?"

"Oh my cheezus, is that Hinata?!"

That's why.

A big, anime Sakura-styled vein popped up on his forehead as his current worst enemy ran towards them.


Fuckity fuck fuck!

Hinata turned around to see Naruto running towards her with open arms, "Hinata! I haven't seen you in years!"

He stopped running and put his arms around her; pushing her into his chest. He harshly squeezed her until her face turned into the color of tomatoes, which was Sasuke's favorite food.

Sasuke stood less than a foot away, seeing her 'blush' and began debating on whether he should kill him, kill him, not kill him or kill him.

Choice C it is, unfortunately.

Sasuke pried his Hinata away from a slobbering Naruto, "No public displays of affection in the work area."

Naruto smirked at Sasuke, "Ohh, I get it. No PDA unless it's between you and h-"

Sasuke covered his mouth with his hand and moved his mouth closer to his ear so Hinata wouldn't hear his semi-serious threat, "Speak and I'll slit your throat."

He let go of Naruto's mouth and sighed, "Hinata, I'm sure you're familiar with Naruto."

"Hinata, what are you doing here? Did Sasuke finally profess his love-"

The infamous Uchiha CEO blushed, "Damn it, Naruto! Go back to your office. I still need that sales status report by the end of today."

Naruto laughed as if he knew Sasuke's most discreet secret, "I'll talk to you later Hinata!"

"We really do need to catch up, Naruto," said an innocent looking Hinata as Naruto walked away.

"Sure do. I'll talk to you during the lunch break," he winked at her just to anger Sasuke and walked off to his large cubicle.

And by 'catch up' she means asking him 6382652722 questions about Sasuke.

Sasuke grit his teeth.

She wasn't even here for ten minutes and he already had competition for her heart.

Damn it.

"Let's go," he harshly said.

Hinata nodded as he led her back to the previous occupied cubicle, "I'll let you get acquainted now."

He gave her a nonchalant nod and went back to his office. He shut the door and leaned against it. He put a hand against his heart, futilely attempting to calm it down.

He shook his head and slightly spread open his office window shades. He saw her fixing some papers on her desk and oh.

She sure was beautiful.

Not that Sasuke's pride would ever allow him to admit it.

The tender look in his eyes quickly disappeared as he saw Kiba begin small talk with HIS woman.

His cool composure cracked when the mutt had dared to produce a giggle out of her.

He never did that!

Okay so yeah, he bullied her, traumatized her and ruined high school for her but still!

It wasn't fair. (In Sasuke's twisted opinion.)

He grabbed a pile of paperwork on his desk and opened the door. He interrupted Hinata's laughing and Kiba's chit chat.

He placed the heavy paperwork on Hinata's desk and glared at Kiba, "Mr. Inuzaka, Hinata has work to do so please go bother someone else," he said through gritted teeth.

Kiba looked at Sasuke, at Hinata and then back to Sasuke getting the 'hint hint' as he remembered his relentless teasing in high school in backfiring attempts to make her fall for him, "Understood, boss. I'll talk to you later tonight, Hinata."

He quickly left with Sasuke's imaginary daggers digging into his back, "Hinata, I expect you to complete all these forms in an hour. Return them to my desk as soon as possible and do not let people distract you from your duties."

People such as potential competitors for her love.

He quickly turned around and walked right back into his office.

He sighed.

He must be a sadist of some sort.

Hinata sighed as she clicked a pen and began to fill out the paperwork. A blonde popped her head above her cubicle wall.

"Hinata! It's so good to see you," said a smiling Ino.

Hinata looked up and smiled back, "Hello I-Ino. As beautiful as ever I see."

Ino smiled, "Thanks Hinata. You just started today?"

Hinata nodded, "First day and the paperwork has already piled up."

"But hey, at least the pay is really good," Ino took a glance at the pending paperwork, "Wow, Sasuke assigned you all that?"

Hinata sighed and nodded.

"Wow, he must still hate you, hu-" Ino quickly covered her mouth, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean-"

Hinata shook her head, "It's alright. I know he still hates me."

Ino took pity upon her new co-worker and old friend, "I truly am sorry."

Hinata waved her hands in denial, "It's o-okay. You should get back to work before he scolds you."

Ino smiled back at the girl, "If you need anything, I'm right here!"

What she needs is Sasuke to place her into her bed and explore her body piece by piece as she screams out his name in the middle of the night.

Sound familiar?

She stared at the almost due immense amount of paperwork the only guy she's ever loved had assigned her to.

Hinata sighed.

She must be a masochist of some sort.