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Sasuke ran his large hands through his hair and checked his breath in his palm twice before leaving his private office. He feigned confusion as he glanced at a newly arrived Hinata, "Hinata! What are you doing here? Didn't you get the email?"

Hinata rose her perfectly chiseled eyebrows at him as she set down her bag, "What email?"

"I sent a mass email to everyone on this floor. Sales have been rocketing and so I thought I'd surprise everyone with a paid day off. Besides, it's Friday and there's not much work to do. I thought I would finish whatever paperwork we had leftover for the day and head home later on."

Hinata face palmed her forehead and let out a heavenly sigh, "What? I did not get that email. I'm so sorry. I feel like an idiot."

It was hard for Sasuke to hide his dirty smile. Of course she didn't get the email. He didn't send her one! He ensured to send everyone else in the office the email so he could have all day to talk to Hinata. Today was the day that he was going to ask Hinata out for dinner! He didn't need any petty distractions or petty competition around.

"I can't believe I didn't get that email."

Sasuke snapped his fingers to his left side, "Darn."

Hinata shrugged and shook her head, "Darn it. I mean-I guess since I'm already here, I could help you with whatever paperwork you have left."

Sasuke rose both his eyebrows and a sly grin played on his lips. Hinata gulped and shook her hands in the air, "I mean if you want me to."

Sasuke's mischievous smile fell as his usual poker face slipped onto his face, "I do want you."

A crimson red painted her cheeks as she processed his words. As soon as he realized his mistake, he violently coughed into his fist. He nervously laughed as he pathetically attempted to regain his cool composure, "As in I want you to help me out today. I didn't mean that I want you. Not that you're not attractive because you are! It's just that the way it came out, it sounded like I was confessing to you or something! I mean not that I don't like you! I'm not saying that I love you! On another note, you uh, look very nice today. Not that you don't look nice any other day because you're really beautiful and I just start to ramble sometimes and things come out of my mouth sometimes and I should probably shut up now."

Hinata let out an angelic laugh and a stiff Sasuke felt all the tension leave his body. Hinata covered her cheekbones with the palms of her hands, "Correct me if I'm wrong but I think my ears deceived me. Did you just call me beautiful?"

"I call them how I see them," Sasuke confidently inquired as he stared straight into Hinata's eyes, "You are one of the most beautiful people around, inside and out. Shame on me for not realizing it in high school."

Hinata blushed even harder with her lips involuntarily forming a smile, "Do you really mean all that, Sasuke?"

What was he doing?

He wasn't ready to ask her out to dinner!

Yet here he was, indirectly telling her that he was attracted to her. He was rambling like a lovesick fool who was way in over his head. She was the masochist, not him! So he shook his head and crossed his arms against his chest, "No."

Hinata's eyes widened but her blush barely faltered. Sasuke gulped as he felt a cold slap of guilt across his face. His impulsive words had hurt her feelings.

He could see it in her eyes just like everyone else could see the love he has for her in his eyes.

"Kidding! I meant every word. You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen," he professed with an embarrassed smile that of a teenage boy, "I mean honestly, I only teased you back in high school because I was and still am-"

Naruto's loud booming voice rang through the practically empty office, "Good morning, everyone!"

Hinata licked her lips and look away from Sasuke's hard gaze, "Good morning, Naruto."

Sasuke smiled at his dimwitted best friend through gritted teeth, "Mind me asking what the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm going to work, duh! Wow, there must be some pretty heavy traffic today. No one's here yet," Naruto happily announced as he set his briefcase down in order to chat with his coworker and boss.

"Didn't you get the email?"

Naruto let out a 'psh' sound and waved Sasuke's words away, "I check my emails when I get to work. Why? What happened?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes at his plan's sudden obstacle, "What happened is that you're an idiot. What kind of stupid, irresponsible, ignorant, unprofessional imbecile doesn't check their email before work?"

His onyx eyes glanced at a gaping Hinata and he shut his mouth that instant. Sasuke coughed into his closed fist, "Anyways, you guys can go home. I'll just finish the paperwork from our shareholders by myself."

Hinata stood up from her desk and Sasuke couldn't help running his eyes over her curvaceous body. She was wearing a white collared, long sleeved shirt tucked in a high waisted pencil skirt with adorning heels. He would love to pound her into his bed. Hell, he'd pound her anywhere. Sasuke subconsciously bit his lower lip as he gave her body a run through. Hinata's firm voice awoke him from his dirty thoughts, "I'll help you do whatever you have to. I feel bad for leaving you all by yourself to do this."

Naruto strode over to Sasuke and pat his shoulder, "I'll stay too! What kind of friend would I be if I left you guys all the work?"

Sasuke's eye twitched at Naruto's statement, "Me and Hinata can handle it. Alone. As in just me and her."

An oblivious Naruto shook his head and his hand slid off of Sasuke's shoulder, "Don't worry about it! I don't mind."

"But I do," Sasuke lowly growled at Naruto hoping he heard.

"Really! It's no trouble at all. The more, the merrier," Naruto proclaimed with a wide grin smacked on his face.

Hinata gulped and stepped forward to the attractive businessmen as she locked eyes with Naruto, "Don't you have to go do that thing at that place? You know, that place that isn't here."

The dumbfounded idiot shook his head vigorously, "Nope. I don't have anything to do today. I already checked my schedule."

Sasuke grit his teeth, "Well, maybe you should check it again."

Hinata let out a short lived sigh and headed towards Sasuke's office, "There's no use arguing with Naruto. Let's just fill out the paperwork with him."

Sasuke threw Naruto a dirty look as he followed Hinata. Naruto shrugged and knitted his eyebrows together, "What? What did I do?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes as Naruto fell in tow. Naruto pulled a chair from the corner and pulled it closer to Sasuke's desk. Sasuke sat in his large, leather chair as he eyed Hinata. Hinata patted her body with a confused look on her face that Sasuke found absolutely adorable. Sasuke envied her hands as they wandered her body.

Naruto bent over Sasuke's desk and pushed Sasuke's jaw up. Naruto laughed after he mumbled in a low voice, "Wipe that drool, Sasuke."

Sasuke smacked Naruto's hand away. Thankfully, Hinata hadn't noticed what the fool had done. Sasuke cleared his husky voice, "Hinata, are you looking for something?"

"I'm looking for my phone. I'll be right. I'm just going to get my phone from my bag," Hinata inquired as she left the phone.

Sasuke looked to see her scrambling through her bag through his office's door and then snapped his head towards Naruto, "What the hell are you doing?"

"What the hell aren't you doing? You're taking it so slow with Hinata. Don't you like her? You need to step up before another guy does."

"I do like her! It's just that these things take time. I'm taking baby steps."

An exasperated Naruto let out a long groan, "Well, stop taking baby steps and start taking baby-making steps!"

Sasuke blinked.

"If you don't stop talking this instant, I'm going to sue you for everything you've got and frame you for embezzling the company."

Naruto stuck his tongue at his boss as Sasuke rolled his eyes. Hinata walked in just in time with her phone in hand. She laid her phone in the middle of the desk and sat down, "Sorry about that."

Sasuke split a large pile of white papers into three unevenly piles. Naruto narrowed his eyes at Sasuke seeing as he had distributed the pile unevenly; giving Naruto the most work and Hinata the least amount of paperwork. They took out their pens and began filling out the paperwork. The clocked ticked for fifteen minutes with lustful glances being exchanged by Hinata and Sasuke.

She would look at him and he would look away. He would look at her and she would look away. Etcetera, etcetera. The conniving blond was about to say something until Hinata abruptly stood up, "I'm going to the ladies' room so if you'll excuse me."

Sasuke gave her a nod of acknowledgement as she left his private office. Sasuke returned to his paperwork quickly filling out the needed blanks. He glanced up at Naruto for a split second, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Naruto wiggled his eyebrows at Sasuke, "Hinata left her phone. You know what this means."

Sasuke's eyes widened and he dropped his pen; making a stray mark on the form he was working on, "Oh, no. Hell no! I am not invading her privacy."

"What? Why not?"

"Ten years down the road and we're married and she finds out that I went through her phone, she's going to be upset about this invasion of her privacy," Sasuke professed as he rubbed his temples in small circles, "I'm not risking it."

"So you're implying that you want to marry her? Don't you want to see what kind of cute pictures your future wife takes?"

Sasuke glanced at her phone and then at his idiot best friend then back at her phone, "Still not worth it."

"Don't you want to see who's been texting her? Gosh, I wonder how many males text her. Who has she been calling? What kind of pictures does cute little Hinata take?"

Sasuke glared at Naruto and clenched his jaw, "Don't call Hinata 'cute'."

"I thought you got over your sadist phase when we graduated high school. What? You don't think she's cute anymore?"

"She's the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. It's just that you're not allowed to call Hinata attractive without my permission."

"Oh, okay. Then can I have your permission to call her cute, boss?"

"Hell no."

Naruto let out a low chuckle, "I can't say I didn't see that coming. But come on, let's snoop through her phone! She'll never know."

"I refuse to stoop down to your level, Naruto."

"Hm, I wonder if she takes any provocative pictures. I wonder if she sends them to anyone."

"Hinata's not like that."

Naruto picked up Hinata's phone and outstretched towards Sasuke, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"You piss me off," Sasuke exclaimed when he snatched the phone from Naruto's hand. He clicked on the phone and slid his index finger on the bottom of the screen, "It's locked. It needs a password."

Naruto rolled his eyes and took the phone. He typed in some random letters causing the phone to beep at the incorrect typing. Naruto simply tried again much to Sasuke's chagrin, "What's her birthday? Favorite food? Favorite color? Favorite number?"

"December twenty seventh. Cinnamon buns. Purple. And fifteen. You'll never figure it out. There's approximately one billion possible passw-"

"Got it," Naruto smirked as he had typed in his best friend's name onto his secret admirer's phone.

Sasuke snatched the phone from Naruto's hand. Naruto walked to the other side of the desk and looked at Hinata's phone along with Sasuke. Naruto clicked on her photos while Sasuke kept glancing up at the door, "This is wrong. This is so wrong."

"Fine then. I guess you're going to let me look through Hinata's dirty pictures all by myself," Naruto exclaimed as he stole the phone back from Sasuke.

"Like hell I would."

Sasuke snatched the phone back and clicked on her photos. The camera roll was adorned with pictures of Hinata and her puppies. Some were of well done food and some were of various places. Sasuke clicked on an absolutely breath hitching picture of Hinata cuddling with her puppy. Sasuke gulped and glanced at Naruto, "Would it be creepy if I-"

"Yes. Whatever you ask, the answer is yes. But Hinata passed that level of creepy; seeing as what her password is. So yes. It would be creepy if you sent that picture to yourself."

He did it anyway.

"You know me too well," Sasuke said as he sent the picture to himself. He showed Naruto the picture of them once again, "What kind of dog is that?"

"It's probably a puggle. It looks like a mixed breed of a pug and a beagle. Why do you ask?"

"No reason."

"You guys are so obliviously in love with each other. Just tell her how you feel already. I guarantee you that she likes you back. You should see the way she looks at you," Naruto inquired as he ran his hands through his hair, "Are you even paying attention to what I'm saying?"

Sasuke foully stared at Hinata's phone screen. The screen had lit up in a small banner; alerting of Omai's text message, "Who the hell is Omai? And why is he texting my woman?"

Slightly distant footsteps could be heard in the office and Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other, "She's coming. Lock the phone. Put it back where it was."

Hinata's footsteps came closer. Sasuke tossed the phone back in suspense and Naruto tossed it back. Sasuke threw it back at him, "You put it back, Naruto! It was your idea."

Naruto barely caught it between his index and middle finger. Naruto's eyes widened and he tossed it back to Sasuke, "You take it! You were the one who wanted to snoop!"

Sasuke glared at his idiot best friend; feeling under pressure due to the suspense created by the click-clack of Hinata's heels in the office. Sasuke pointed at the door and nodded at Naruto, "Go distract her! I need to look through these messages."

"How do I distract her?"

"I don't know! Tell her about the time you wrestled a bear or something! Make something up if you have to! Shut the door on your way out! And whatever you do; do not let her come in," Sasuke exclaimed as he pushed Naruto out the door with suggestive hand signals.

"You owe me one for this," Naruto inquired with a slam of the office door, "Hinata! What a coinicidence, meeting you here. Say, have I ever told you about that time I wrestled a bear?"

Sasuke leaned back in his chair and opened Hinata's text messages. She had one 'read' from Ino and one unopened from this Omai AKA the supposed woman stealer. Sasuke accidentally clicked on Ino's text message first.

From: Ino

'Good news! Sasuke sent a mass email saying we don't have to go to work today! Hallelujah. It's a paid day off. He said he was going to finish all the remaining paperwork by himself at the office so do you want to go get something eat later?'

Sasuke's eyebrows quirked in surprise and confusion. It had said that Hinata already clicked the message at 7:30 AM which meant that she knew she didn't have to come to the office. She didn't reply back. Sasuke wracked through his brain to find a reasonable explanation as to why she said she didn't know that she didn't have to come in.

Obviously, her being secretly in love with him wasn't a reasonable explanation in Sasuke's eyes.

"Her thoughts must be jumbled up by that Omai guy," Sasuke mumbled to himself as he clicked on Omai and his future wife's conversation.

From: Omai

'Am I still going to the see the most adorable thing on the planet tonight? )'

Sasuke fumed as he looked at the flirtatious emoticon. Who the hell did this guy think he was? And what was going on tonight? Sasuke decided to scroll through the messages like the lovesick bastard that he was.

From: Hinata

'I am so tired! I get so much work at the office.'

Well, apparently, she doesn't get enough if she still has time to flirt with this guy!

Sasuke scrolled through the messages. In anyone else's eyes, it would seem as just friendly chat. But Sasuke wasn't just anyone. In his eyes, they were practically making wedding arrangements!

From: Omai

'Your boss is harsh. Why don't you quit?'

From: Hinata

'You and I both know that I can't do that.'

From: Omai

'Oh right! Aren't you guys like high school sweethearts?'

From: Hinata

'Far from it. The man hated my guts! I still think he does but I can't quit. When those pretty eyes glare at me...(Masochist.)'

From: Omai

'So you both have nice eyes! Combined with your good looks and if he's nearly as handsome as you describe him; your children will be beautiful!'

Sasuke completely disregarded the fact that Hinata had indirectly said she was physically attracted to him. It didn't even cross his mind! All he could think of what was that he had called Hinata good looking. That did not fly well with Sasuke. This guy obviously needed a wake up call.

Next thing Sasuke knows, he's holding the cellphone to his ear. The cellphone rang five times before the other bastard picked up, "Hey, Hinata! Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"And aren't you supposed to know never to try to take another man's woman?"

"May I ask who this is?"

"This is your worst goddamn nightmare. Tell me what is going on with you and Hinata! Why did you pick up on the sixth ring? Wait till I tell Hinata that you have a side woman."

"I think you have the wrong number."

"Is this 1-800-womanstealer? Also known as Omai," Sasuke rambled on; attempting to sound as threatening as he could.

Sasuke heard Omai let out a chuckle on the the other line, "I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding. Is this Sasuke?"

"Why are you laughing? Life isn't a joke. But you want to know what is a joke? You and Hinata's relationship. Break up with her."

"There's nothing going on between me and Hinata! You've got it all wrong. Don't tell her I told you this but you're the one-"

"Wow! You have the audacity to keep secrets from her! Wow! Wow! I knew she had crappy taste but wow."

Omai let out a hefty laugh, "Speaking of crappy taste, I knew Hinata was a masochist but I didn't know it was this bad."

"I'm going to be straightforward with you. I want Hinata. I'm better for her than you. If I ever find out that you talked to her after this, I will hire a hit man. And if you ever, ever mention this conversation to her, I will burn down your house myself. She's mine!"

"Oh, boy. You've got it bad, don't you? You really like her don't you? She's not really my type anyway. She's missing something between her legs if you catch my drift."

"I do! And what the hell do you mean that she's missing something? She's perfect the way she is! And if in the end, she makes the stupid decision of picking you over me and I find out that you hurt her, it will be your funeral. I will hunt you down and feed you to my snake. I swear if you ever make her cry, I will kill you with my bare hands with no mercy whatsoever. I will kill you in your sleep," the door suddenly flung open with a slightly distracted Hinata in the doorway, "Bye. Love you too, mom."

Nice save.

Hinata was looking past her shoulder while she slightly shook her head, "Naruto, as interesting as your story of how you accidentally joined a mexican gang, I've got to get back to work."

Naruto followed behind her attempting to hold her back by her shoulder, "Want to hear about that time I ran over this handicap-"

Hinata and Sasuke flew their heads to Naruto and simultaneously yelped, "What?"

"This handicap sign!"

Hinata put her hand to her chest and let out a sigh of relief. Hinata sat down across from Sasuke and shook her head, "Please don't scare me like that."

"Naruto, stop fooling around," Sasuke inquired with a roll of his eyes, "Go make yourself useful and get two new ink cartridges from the Hatake's floor below us. This time, can you at least do what I say instead of doing it half assed?"

Naruto stood up and turned around before he walked to the door. He ran his hands on his sides and through his hair and vaguely moved his head to gesture Sasuke making out with Hinata. Naruto closed the door and the pitter-patter of his feet gradually faded away. Hinata fixed up her skirt and looked at Sasuke holding her phone, "Did something happen? I heard you yelling death threats...to your mother?"


Sasuke slid her phone on the desk and adjusted his tie, "Yeah. Sorry I used your phone. My mom was just saying how she wanted to do this thing and I said no."

Hinata blinked in her natural pure innocence, "What was so bad that you told her you would kill her in her sleep?"

So maybe it wasn't such a smooth save.

Sasuke loosened his tie as he felt it was choking the life out of it despite it fitting perfectly earlier. He looked straight into Hinata's eyes and his heart beat quickened, "She wanted to set me on a blind date with one of her friends' daughter."

Hinata's eyes widened in shock, "What! She-she wanted to set you up! What is she doing? She can't do that!"

Sasuke smirked at her signs of slight jealousy. He interlocked his fingers and put them under his chin. He bit his lower lip in order to prevent a full on smile making his way to his face, "It's not like you're jealous, right?"

Hinata gulped and picked up her pen. She continued filling in the needed blanks on the paper. She avoided eye contact with Sasuke as she spoke, "Nope. Why would I be jealous? I already have a leading man in my life."

Sasuke's eye twitched.

R.I.P Omai.

Sasuke clenched his jaw, "Is that so?"

"He's the cutest thing little thing," Hinata professed as she continued to fill in the paperwork, "I got him from the animal shelter just a year ago."

Omai's name and voice popped up in his head. Sasuke angrily snarled with jealousy thick in his voice, "You sure you didn't get him from the pound? Wait, did you just say animal shelter? You're talking about a dog?"

Hinata looked up for several seconds and then returned back to her paper, "Of course."

Sasuke let out a sigh of relief and briefly smiled when a brilliant plan lit up in his eyes, "I have two dogs. One's a beagle and the other is a pug."

Hinata dropped her pen and looked up at Sasuke. She smiled at him and she laid her head down on the desk, "My dog is mixed breed. He's a puggle which is half beagle and half pug. Wow! What a coincidence! I love animals but you're a busy man. How do you make time for two dogs?"

Sasuke licked his lips as she cheerfully smiled at him. He wants to make her life hell so that smile will only be shown to him. That smile. Those eyes. Her personality. God, those lips!

Sasuke shook his head attempting to get rid of any incoming dirty thoughts. Sasuke shrugged as his eyes glued themselves to her perfectly curved lips, "I leave my dogs with my neighbor."

"I know this great dog sitter. His name is Omai. I'll give him a call right now to see if he can take care of your dogs too," Hinata stood up and reached for her phone with no prevail.

Sasuke stood up in tow and rushed to put his hand on the phone. Hinata put her hand on top of his much larger one, "What's wrong?"

Sasuke and Hinata looked into each others' eyes. There was that spark again. The chemistry was obviously there along with the sexual tension. Sasuke gulped. What to do? What to do? Would Omai blab on him? Would Hinata check her caller history and fail to see his mother's number there? Would she realize his lies? What to do? What to do?

Sasuke a deep breath in. He needed to think of a plan and fast. But how was he supposed to think straight when his heart was about to leap out of his chest?

He needed a plan to get him out of this rut. A foolproof plan that would prevent her from using her phone. An intricate proposal that would help her forget about the situation completely.

He leaned closer to her, "We both have dogs."

At this point, he was just winging it.

"Let's take a moment to acknowledge how much we have in common."

Hinata nodded and she felt her hand start to slide up his forearm, "Uh-huh."

"We both work at this office. We went to the same high school," Hinata silently nodded along as Sasuke continued to talk, "We have the same colored hair. We're both good looking. You have lips. I have lips."

Sasuke was losing it. Where the hell was he going with this? A spontaneous coma had never sounded better to Sasuke. Hinata pressed herself against the edge of the desk, "Interesting. We do have a lot in common but there's a l-little something that we don't have in common."

Hinata was leaning over the desk and he couldn't help noticing that several buttons of Hinata's shirt had unbuttoned giving him a pleasant view and tighter pants. Sasuke's breath hitched in his throat and Hinata took a hold of his tie, "And what is that?"

Hinata tugged on his tie forcing him to lean closer to Hinata. He licked his lips as their noses slightly nudged each other. Hinata bit her lower lip and hesitated for several seconds before she continued, "You don't want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you."

And at that point, Sasuke lost it. He dove in for their very first kiss. He kept his lips planted on Hinata's. Hinata placed both hands on Sasuke's neck. Sasuke wanted to hold her body against his but this damned desk was in his way. Sasuke detached his lips from Hinata, "Nonsense. You don't know how long I've waited for this."

Hinata took the second initiative and pressed her mouth against his once again. She licked his lips; signaling that chaste kisses weren't going to satisfy her hunger. Sasuke slid his tongue in her sweet cavern.

Had he died and gone to heaven?

Their tongues played together while their lips moved in synchrony. Hinata wanted to bring him closer to her but the desk obviously hated Hinata. Hinata's hands slid off Sasuke's neck and she stopped kissing him. Sasuke opened his eyes to find out what her lips were doing that was so important that they weren't on his, "What's wrong?"

Hinata looked up at him with those big eyes and a crimson blush on her cheeks, "It's j-just that this desk-"

"Say no more," Sasuke cut her off. Sasuke went to the edge of his desk. He ran his hands through the desk. Everything on his desk, including his coffee and computer, now adorned his floor. The desk was wiped clean of all the meddling objects. Hinata gasped, "Aren't those things important? What if-"

"You're more important. Besides, I always have back ups," Sasuke inquired before he reclaimed Hinata's lips as his. He helped her climb on top of the sturdy desk without breaking their passionate kisses. He pulled Hinata back so her legs wrapped around his waist and her back was pressed against the desk.

Hinata dug one of her hands in Sasuke's hair while the other attempted to unbutton his pants. He let go of her lips and began to lick and bite Hinata's soft neck. He was going to mark her. The hickeys would tell everyone that she belonged to him and only him. He was territorial.

"I could be so fucking good to you," he growled as he kissed her neck.

Hinata's moans only added fuel to the sexual tension. Sasuke began to unbutton Hinata's shirt and subconsciously began grinding into Hinata's soft spot. Sasuke nipped and licked down Hinata's large chest as he popped button after button.

Hinata bit her knuckles in order to retain her moans. Sasuke took her hand away and kissed it, "Don't hold back. I want you to call out my name. Scream it. You're going to regret ever applying for this job when you can barely walk tomorrow."

Sasuke let go of her hand and slid both his hands underneath her bottom. He gave her a rough squeeze; radiating a particularly loud moan from Hinata, "Ahh! S-Sasuke."

Sasuke shifted his hands to her pencil squirt. His eyes quickly scanned the skirt as one of his hands roamed Hinata's 'swimsuit area', "Where the hell's the zipper on this thing?"

Hinata took a hold of her skirt and hitched it up, "Rip it off if you have to, Sasuke. I don't care. I've waited too long for this. I can't wait anymore."

"Good things come to those who wait," Sasuke continued to rub himself against her womanhood. Several moans came out of his mouth before Hinata slid her tongue into his once again.

Hinata bit his lip before ending another kiss, "But I don't want to wait."

"I want to take my time ravishing you. Making love to you. If you rush me, I will punish you. And you don't want that, do you?"

Hinata seductively licked her lips before kissing him again, "Please do."

Sasuke smirked against her lips and slightly pulled away, "Has anyone ever told you that you're a bit of a masochist?"

Hinata giggled and she thrust her hips up; resulting in her melting point meeting Sasuke's clothed erection. That drove Sasuke to the brink. He slid his hands up her skirt to take off her troublesome lace panties. He began tugging the underwear off with their lips still glued together. The room was filled with moans and heavy breaths.

The door flew open and Sasuke and Hinata stopped in their tracks with wide eyes, "I got the ink cartridges you wanted."

Naruto walked in.

He blinked.

And he walked right out.

Hinata's hands flew to her face. And Sasuke rolled his eyes. There goes the moment. Naruto was a dead man, "I'm so sorry! I should've locked the door."

Naruto walked right back in much to Hinata's embarrassment and Sasuke's chagrin, "So it wasn't my imagination."

"Get out!"

"Oh my god! I can't believe he saw us. This is embarrassing."

"Am I interrupting something?"

Forget Omai!

R.I.P Naruto.


"No! I was just leaving," Hinata fixed her skirt and buttoned her shirt at the light of speed. She fixed her disheveled hair and avoided eye contact with the longtime rival as she hopped off the desk, "I've got to go."

Sasuke buttoned his pants back up, "Hinata, wait!"

A red faced Hinata kissed Sasuke's cheek. Hinata nodded at a smirking Naruto as she grabbed her phone from the mess on the floor, "I'll see you on Monday. Good work today, guys."

Hinata left Sasuke's private office and quickly passed by her desk. She hastily picked up her things and speed walked to the elevator. Sasuke and Naruto heard the elevator's ding which meant Hinata was gone. Naruto finally mustered up the courage to look at Sasuke. Surprisingly, Sasuke had a large smile on his face, "You're not mad?"

"I am simultaneously the happiest and angriest man on the planet. That was amazing. If only someone hadn't interrupted," Sasuke growled as his smile fell and his glare regained its rightful place.

Naruto put his hands together in an apologetic manner, "I am so sorry. I thought I was hallucinating."

"You and me both."

Naruto clicked his tongue and awkwardly rubbed his neck, "So how much trouble am I in?"

"Hm, let's see. I was just about to make love to the girl I've been pining for since high school and you drove her away," Sasuke spoke as he put on his jacket.

Naruto scratched his cheek and smiled at Sasuke, "On the bright side, I did bring the ink cartridges."

Sasuke gave Naruto that 'look'. Sasuke dug in his pocket for a key. He threw it out Naruto as he made his way around his desk, "I think you forgot who signs your check. Clean up the mess on the floor. Redo all the files that were ruined in the heat of the moment. Clean up the spilled coffee and then lock up when you're done."

Naruto let out a heavy sigh. Naruto sat in Sasuke's chair and quirked an eyebrow at his best friend, "Wait! Where are you going?"

"Apparently, to the pet store."