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Chapter 6 : Thank You.

Victoria was staring at Avan with mouth wide agaped in utterly shock. Avan started to laugh really sheepishly and somehow fakeliy.

"G-Got ya," he joked while poking her stomach. 'flat' he thought, but didn't say it out loud. She let out a relieved sigh and smacked his arm playfully while started to laugh along.

"That was mean! You sounded so honest," she replied chuckly and puntuated every word with a punch on his arm. He caught her fist before the last punch hit his arm.

"Man, that actually hurts for such small fists," he said jokeliy. She withdrew her hand and chuckled softly.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover," she replied, trying to sound wishly, making Avan laugh out loud again and again it caused him to receive a punch on the arm.

"The heck, seriously Vic, you have metal fists," he said poutly while rubbing his arm. Victoria just winked and smiled at him. They both shared another laugh before entering the filming set, but they both know that there was an akward tension between them, maybe only for a split second, but still it was there.

Everything went normal on set, after the filming suddenly Robert called for Victoria. She nodded to Robert as a gesture that she will be there soon. She first need to get a ride home. She doesn't like to use the limo that often.

"Hey Avan, I can get a ride home?" she asked him with a smile and weet pleading eyes. He chuckled softly and nodded.

"You, always," he replied a bit flirty, Victoria gave him a weird look, but shook it off and thanked him.

"Wait here for a second please okay? Rob called me," she said with a wink. It would be like killing a puppy to say no to this cutie. He nodded and placed his bag down again. Victoria quickly ran off to Robert.

"Hey Rob, what did you need me for?" she asked him. Robert smiled mysteriously, making Victoria even more curious.

"A certain person has a suprise for you," he replied. Victoria glanced around the area, but saw no one standing. When she glanced once more she saw someone entering the door.

"Dan!" she squeeled happily, aftere the show 'Zoey 101' ended they didn't saw each other very often.

"Hey Victoria," he greeted her and smiled.

"Heyo, what honor do I have to get you here to visit me?" she smiled at him. Dan searched for something in his bag, after searching for a few seconds he pulled something out his bag. It seemed like a new show. The titel read VicTORIous. (A/N : The name didn't came up like this, but bear with the non realistic stuff ;) if you want to know how it happened : Vic and Dan were talking, suddenly Dan got an idea for the name :" The show name is going to be Victorious and your character name is going to be Tori!" Voila :3)

"What's this Dan?" Victoria asked suprised, but there was already a huge smile across her face. Dan grinned.

"You guesse it," he replied. Suddenly Victoria let out a loud shriek and jump hugged Dan.

"Oh my god! I can't believe you are giving me my own show!" she yelled in excitement. Suddenly Avan stormed inside.

"Is everything okay Vic?!" Avan asked her out of breath. He ran in high speed when he heard Vic scream, fearing that something happened to her. He was breathless standing at the door opening. Victoria turned around with a huge smile plastered on her face and ran towards Avan to tackle hug him. They both fell on the ground with Victoria on top.

"Woah woah, what happened?" he asked again. Trying to calm her down, but he miserably failed. Avan looked up seeing Dan and Robert also with a huge smile on their faces.

"I! I I I I,.." Victoria tried to explain, but her attemps were fails. She just kept on squeeling happily and jumped danced arouns the room when she got up from Avan. Avan also got up and scratched his head.

"Well my job here is done, I got to go again," Dan said, he looked at Avan and back at Victoria and he started to smile, then he got another script out his bag.

"Hey you," he said looking at Avan. Victoria stopped squeeling for a second to listen what Dan was about to say. Avan glanced around the area and behind him befote facing Dan.

"Me?" he asked while pointing at himself. Dan nodded and grinned.

"How about trying to audition for this part for the show that is upcoming?" he asked him. Avan scanned the unopened script and smiled.

"That would be my pleasure sir," Avan replied and gladly accepted the script. Before the both man could say another word Victoria started to squeel again, causing Avan to laugh.

"Oh my god! Avan!" she screamed while jump hugging him. Avan saw this coming so kept his balance sturdy so they both won't fall back down on the ground again. Dan decided to quickly leave before he would loose his ears and Robert had to something else. Avan had to drag Victoria to the car since her mind was kind of somewhere else. In the car it wad silence, apparently Victoria fell asleep and stopped squeeling. She probably got tired. Her face was faced to the window and Avan would glance a few times at her and smile at her sleeping profile.

"To be with you, I guesse we will have to stay friends," he sighed softly and placed his free hand on her hand which was lying beside her body. She flinched at the contact, but didn't move.

"True," Victoria added in her head. "Thanks Avan." she whispered to herself when Avan turned the music softly on. It was right loud enough that he didn't hear her whisper.

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