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Summary: Five young maidens descend into the fiery world of demons to compete for the title of "Maiden of the Mizu Shrine." They will face dangers and horrors unimagined. They will need all their training and courage to face the evil and malignant creatures that dwell there, thirsting for their flesh and blood. One will prevail in a world where failure means death.

Rating: Teen

~Oh No! by Marina And The Diamonds~

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine
I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
Oh, Oh no! Oh no! Oh No-oh!

A Kyuubi's Kiss

Chapter Four: The Bond

"As your master, I command you to save me!"

Those words harshly rang in the small clearing. She gave her new familiar a triumphing smile as she awaited him to fulfill her order. He deserved this – she was going to tame this disrespectful and ill-mannered demon.

Kurama still couldn't even comprehend what had just taken place. This woman…this priestess…this bitch, had the audacity of commanding him! Him, Kurama, the Lord Kyuubi himself! He had killed many demons for less than simply telling him what to do – many knew of his infamous temper and ran from it. There was no way he would allow himself to be so degraded! By a human woman no less! It was an absolute disgrace to his good name! Going so low as to force him to become her pet familiar – this woman was too daring and foolish! He's never been so humiliated before in his life!

He could feel his rage bursting within him. She had no right to thrust this undesirable responsibly upon him. Familiars were nothing more than a laughing stock in the demon realm – what demon would be idiotic enough to sacrifice their freedom for a messily human? He was certainly was not one of them. Damn her! His dignity as a demon was decaying drastically because of her. Right now, Kurama would love nothing more than to sharpen his claws upon her lifeless carcass.

"I will never listen to a human woman!" He snarled. Kurama bared his fangs and growled at her. A dark aura surrounded his body as his claws sharpened. "I refuse to be treated like a domesticated mongrel!"

Sakura narrowed her eyes. "You have no choice!" She took a deep breath. "As your master, I command you to save me!" This time her voice held more authority and power that sent a shock through his form. It emitted a pain that almost brought him to his knees, but he held strong. He refused to submit! He was stronger than this! He didn't hold the title of Lord Kyuubi for nothing! He would love to rip that smile off her face and have her flopping onto the ground in pain.

The violent force running through his veins came rushing back – it was the same exact feeling when this accursed woman created the bond. It brought a deep wrenching sensation to his gut. He also lost his breath because of the stir within him. The golden rings appeared once again and flashed a bright creamy hue. The inscriptions inscribed into the rings outlined itself in crimson and glared heavily.

Kurama reached to pull at the band around his neck and tare it off but he couldn't move. Trying again, his body remained reluctant to budge. He held no control over his own body! Kurama feverishly shifted his shoulders to at least reclaim his arms – still his body wouldn't listen. He fought to regain his dominance, but the effort was proven pointless. He was immobile.

Next, he felt his arms move on their own accord. It was like he was a puppet being strung along by his puppeteer. Kurama used all his willpower to fight against the almighty strength of the rings. He frantically thrashed about with all his might. It like he was trying to pull away from the invisible force that was tugging him towards Kabuto. He dug his heels into the ground and even then it was still pulling him.

"Do not defy my orders! Take down Kabuto!" Sakura commanded. She was beginning to become irritated with his resistant behavior. Wasn't a familiar supposed to be obedient and loyal to his master? Lady Tsunade's familiar, Lady Shizune, listened to all her commands without question. Why was this demon so defiant?

The pain ascending through his limbs became immensely unbearable. At the moment, he would have gladly torn off his own appendages if it meant escape. "Release me, you wench!" He roared, slashing his claws into the rings on his wrists. Every time he did so, the bands would send a wave of energy that added to the vastly increasing torment.

Sakura gritted her teeth and stretched her arm to the side. "Enough, you will listen me to!" She transmitted some of her remaining energy. "Do as you are told and take Kabuto down!"

Kurama's body pulsated with the sudden increase of her power jolting within him. That was it. He had no rule over his body. Her spirit spilled inside him, pouring into every nerve and muscle, taking control of his entire being.

"Now go!" Her voice demanded his utmost obedience.

He watched as his body advanced forward with inhuman speed and sent a strike to Kabuto's face.

Kabuto grunted, in mid air he quickly did a front flip and saved himself at the last possible moment. He wiped his cheek and chuckled. "How the mighty have fallen?" It was clear that Kurama was having an inner battle with himself. His claws once again slashed at the rings. "It's amusing to see you like this. I almost thought that there wasn't going to be a person alive who could tame you, but." He adjusted his spectacles. "I was clearly wrong."

"Shut your mouth!" Kurama growled. His body leapt forward and took another slice at Kabuto.

Kabuto easily dodged it. "Well, well, well, what is this? You're not as fast as you once were." He curled his lip as he glanced at Sakura. She was once again leaning against the tree, her face was draining color and her breaths came out in short puffs. "I see now, if your master loses power, you in tune lose your own strength as well." He side stepped a stiff attack and threw his head back and laughed. "How positively wonderful, since your master is weak, so are you! It's just your luck to be bonded to an incompetent and pathetic priestess!" He held his gut and slightly hunched forward. "This is just spectacular news to report to my master!"

Kurama lunge his body in the demon's direction. "Bastard!" He hated to admit it himself, but his moves were steadily becoming more sluggish and slower. He was normally more agile and swifter than this. If he was at his full capacity, he would have easily defeated Kabuto with just a finger, hell he could have used his fox fire and incinerated him.

"As much as I enjoy seeing you struggle, fox." Kabuto leapt to the side and dodged another feeble attack. "I feel that it is time I take my leave." The sun's rays reflected a harsh glint off his glasses. "It's quite clear that your priestess is nothing special, I have deemed her as nothing more than a worthless human woman with under average spiritual powers. I feel she won't be a threat to my master's rein. If anything, she had assisted me in making you not a threat. " He sneered. "As long as I allow her to live, your threat is diminished. I quite rather fancy this unfortunate predicament you're in. It's marvelous!" He cackled. "That is unless, she suddenly becomes stronger, but that is highly unlikely with energy levels that low. It's a preposterous thought indeed."

"You go to hell!" Kurama snapped. "When I gain my freedom again, I will personally open the gates of hell for you!"

"Your too kind, fox, but I'm not quite ready to leave this world – well not yet anyways. Not when there is so much to do." Kabuto soared into the sky. "Lord Orochimaru will be very pleased of this new development," he whispered to himself, disappearing into a cloud of mist, evaporating from sight.

"Come back here!" The fox demon roared. "I'm not done with you! Come back and fight me like a man!" He swung his body side to side as if expecting Kabuto to jump out and attack him at any moment. Kabuto's demonic aura was nowhere to be found. "Damnit!" He punched his fist into a tree and watched it topple over.

Sakura released a breath she was holding in. She was glad that Kabuto was finally out of their hair – for now anyways. She deeply hoped that he wouldn't return, but she wouldn't hold her breath. Demons were despicable creatures that enjoyed inflicting misery upon others. She was definitely sure that she would be seeing that demon again in her journey.

She watched Kurama swing his arms around and stomping his feet like a child throwing a tantrum – except a child couldn't pick up trees and throw them. A throbbing headache was starting to form, the pounding pulsated profoundly. She messaged her temple, why of all demons did she have to pick this one?

That's right, she was desperate and her pride was too great to apologize to this scum.

In a way, she was extremely happy that she had found a strong familiar, but was very unsatisfied with how disobedient he turned out to be. "I guess, it wouldn't have been that easy, right?" she muttered to herself and closed her eyes. Well in time, she was sure they would become a good team. This was an unbreakable bond they shared, so they would have no choice but to learn to enjoy each other's company. Thinking back, it probably would have been a better idea if she created a bond with Lee.

Taking one last glance at her familiar's temperamental form, Sakura heaved a sigh and slid her back against the tree bark. Why did she suddenly feel so exhausted? Little by little, her energy was draining away. Why was that? Was it because she used too much energy trying to command her familiar's body? Her chest felt tight as the images before her became distorted and blurry. "What's happening to me?" Chills ran down her body creating a trail of goosebumps along the way. She embraced herself tightly hoping to provide some kind of heat that her body lacked, it failed miserably. Her skin was beginning to drench in cold sweat. The combination of hot and cold made her dizzy and woozy to her stomach. She would feel her legs become wobbly, they too were quickly losing the strength to hold her up. The fatigue was too great. She couldn't fight it any longer. Sakura felt herself slip away to ignorant darkness.

Kurama's ears perked up when he heard a loud thud. He switched his attention to the fainted Sakura. She was lying on her back while one of her hands clenched at the material over her heart, bundling up her kimono top. Her body almost appeared lifeless, she appeared stiff as a board and her pallid flesh gave her a gaunt complexion.

He narrowed his eyes and stocked to her. All that was on his mind was how beautiful she would look if she didn't have that pretty little head attached to her shoulders. "This is all your fault, priestess." When she didn't respond, he nudged his foot against her side. There was no movement. He harshly kicked her and watched as she rolled around, once more landing on her back. Still there was no reaction, not even a flinch – completely and utterly motionless. Was she dead? His heart suddenly swelled up with happiness. If she was dead then he wouldn't be a familiar anymore!

Kurama knelt by her fallen form and placed his hand over her mouth. He was deeply disappointed to find she was still breathing, barely, but it was still there. Not for long though, he would make sure of it. The demon reached his arm out and went to coil it around her throat. His palm felt large compared to her petite and tiny neck, it fit snug around her. How should he kill her? Fast and swift in one move or enjoy himself and take it slow? Perhaps, watch her face turn blue?

Kurama's thumb would put pressure on a vein then released it when the flesh paled. In a way, he was fascinated how smooth and silky her skin was under his fingers. If she was a normal woman or more preferably, a demon woman, he would have taken her to his bed a long time ago for her exotic looks. It was a real shame to kill such a rare blossom. She should have knew better than to defy him. For her ignorance, death was her punishment.

Stroking his thumb over her veins, he felt her blood run placidly through them. At least he was kind enough to kill her in her sleep. As he tightened his grip around her neck to strangle her, the rings shined scarlet. Kurama jerked his arm away and clutched it to his chest. The rings had forced him to remove his hand! The stinging sensation left his limb completely numb, the arm limply fell to his side.

Despite the rage emitting from his persona, the scenery around him remained in its oblivious bliss. The breeze pressed by scattering leaves around them. It seemed to create a blanket around Sakura, giving her such a serene and peaceful expression.

The fox demon roared. He couldn't even kill her when she was out cold! He couldn't kill a messily human woman! How much power did she have on him? Even in her own weaken state, she still controlled him! Damn her! He clenched his jaw and jabbed his claws into the ground next to her. A growl vibrated through his chest as he raked his nails down, wishing it was her flesh he was carving into.

"Damn you," he hissed. "For this, you will have wished that you let me kill you." Kurama tugged at her hair and pulled her up so her ear was leveled with his mouth. "I will make your life into a living hell as long as I remain your familiar." His crimson eyes blazed with hatred as his grip tightened around her rosy locks. "You brought this upon yourself, master," he said with as much venom as he could muster. Releasing his hold, he watched as her head plummet to the ground.

He tsked in distaste. "Pathetic." Kurama turned his back to her and began to advance out the forest clearing. There was no way he would share the same air as her. He was going to return to his shrine and figure ways to make her time in the demon world torture. Kurama stretched his arms above his head and yawned. Plus he needed some beauty rest. This was a stressful and overbearing experience that he wanted to sleep off. He would mutilate and mangle the priestess later.

Just as he was about to leave the clearing, the bands attached to him once again radiated in dazzling colors. The next thing Kurama knew he slammed into something that halted his advances. "What?" he muttered. "What the hell is this?"

The invisible force refused to allow him access beyond it. Kurama bit the inside of his cheek in annoyance. Was this the work of that insufferable woman? He pressed his hands against the barrier that immobilized his movements. No matter how much pressure he rammed into his hands, the barrier stayed put.

Kurama's eyebrow twitched in frustration as he heaved a sigh.

There was no choice. He had to use his secret weapon. Harnessing the energy in his palms, he released his signature attack. The flames spurred out and went to strike its target. Black smoke clouded the area. Kurama smiled in victory. There was no way that his fox fire would ever let him down. His legendary move was the reason why many demons were afraid of challenging him for his title as Lord Kyuubi.

When the haze cleared, Kurama's jaw went slack. How?

The barrier was still intact. There wasn't a scratch or dent on it.

What?! It couldn't be! There was no way! How could his most powerful attack fail at destroying a simple barrier? His flames could incinerate the thickest metals, destroy villages, and cremate the largest demon armies!

He fell to his knees. How could this be? Why did this happen to him – the great and powerful Kurama? He couldn't believe it. Just like that, he knew that his freedom had dwindled away into the wind. Was he to be a loyal dog and stay by his master's side for the rest of his life? Was the cunning fox destined to be ruled by a human female?

It was all that priestess's fault! He couldn't kill her and now he couldn't even leave her presences. Just as Kabuto said previously, how the mighty have fallen? His heart sank, he had no choice. There was no escape from her grasp. The bond was made. Even he knew of the legends of the priestesses coming into the demon world and creating bonds with their familiars. He also knew that it was an unbreakable bond that none could break. The only escape that he knew of was by death. Kurama wasn't just about to go and kill himself to gain his freedom. He still had his pride. He wasn't going to take the easy way out.

Standing back to his full height, he dusted his yukata of the unwanted particles. He brushed back his golden mane and took a deep breath. He needed to calm his nerves. Kurama's ears folded back as he stared at the woman lying lifelessly.

If he wasn't able to leave her side, so be it. He had little choice.

He once again found himself by her side. The shade of the tree shielded her from the sun's strengthen rays. The wind gently trickled by. Some of Sakura's hair escaped from her ribbon. Kurama stooped down and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. With the tip of his claws he traced mini patterns against her ivory cheek. It would briefly give her flesh color, but instantly afterwards it would return back to its pallid hue.

Despite all that has transpired movements ago, he found himself still fascinated with her. What kind of power did this woman posse that she was able to subdue him? Him! He was by no means a low D-rank demon, if anything he was mostly likely one of the highest ranking demons out there. It must have taken a lot of strength to force him to battle like that. Was she really a normal priestess?

This information would probably come to him in time. At least he wouldn't be bored for a while, just until he found a way to break this accursed bond. There must be some way out of this partnership. He was sure of it.

He glanced up. There was a sturdy tree branch that towered just above her form. Kurama jumped into the air and seated himself comfortably on the branch. He would remain close to her, but he wouldn't help her. If he was lucky, she would die from extreme exhaustion or lack of medical attention. He would be here waiting till then. After all, the patient predator is always rewarded at the end of the hunt.

White, fluffy clouds glided across the pale blue sky. The cloudy layers created a pleasant blanket from the ever persistent sun.

Kurama tucked his arms into his kimono sleeves and leaned back. This wasn't as comfortable as his beloved pillow, but it would have to do for now. His tail lazily wrapped around his lap and dangled over the edge. The demon suppressed a yawn that was threatening to come out. This was around the time when he would be taking his daily nap.

Kurama's ears twitched to the left and peered his eyes downwards. Someone was nearing their location rapidly. Deciding to ignore it, he slouch his shoulders and closed his eyes. This was a good time as any to take a short nap.

"Sakura! Lee!" A voice called out. "Where are you?" Chiyo pulled back a brush of bushes. A couple of villagers were trailing closely behind her, assisting in paving out a path for her. One of them used their claws to slash a stray branch out of her way, thanking him she preceded deeper into the forest.

Chiyo was absolutely certain of it. Something must have happened within the confines of the woods. One of the villagers told her that he had seen Lee and the pink haired priestess wonder into the forest not too long ago. Fearing for the worst, she collected up a squad of eligible demons and began her search. She had to find them and make sure they were safe. Chiyo wouldn't forgive herself if anything bad had happened to them especially Sakura. She made a promise to Temari that she would protect her and protect her she will!

What truly made her worry was when she sensed three powerful demonic energies – one which she knew was Lee, but she had no idea who the other two were. Could have it been an ambush of two against one? From what she could perceive, Lee was unfortunately the weakest ranking demon of the three. The other two were clearly out of his range – one out ranking him by a rank or two, but the other one. It sent shivers down her back how dangerous and vigorous the aura was. The third one was definitely in a league of their own – too powerful to be reckoned with. She hoped that Lee hadn't bitten off more than he can chew.

One of the villagers picked her up as they crossed through the river bank. How far did they have to go? Were they lured deeply into the forest?

"Lee, I hope you are alright, my boy," she whispered to herself. She grimaced; Chiyo had already known the outcome of the hefty battle. He had lost, but he still had his life. Thank the lords for that. As long as he was breathing, she would be content with the end results – despite his throbbing pride.

They were near. Lee's life force was weak, but it was still there. She could track them down with just that. They were closing in on it now; it wouldn't be long till they've found Lee and Sakura.

Although, it also alarmed her when the auras suddenly vanished – no, one of them disappeared without a trace, but the other one, the more powerful one, had dwindled in strength drastically. It was like it was subdued and forcibly weakened. For a brief time, the two auras clashed with one another – it felt enforced in a way.

Did Sakura –? No, she had faith in Sakura that she didn't do it. Sakura wasn't that careless, she hoped she wasn't anyways. Please, let her imagination just be running wild with worry.

"There they are!" One of the villagers shouted pointing into a forest clearing. "I see them!"

Chiyo pushed pass the group of men. There was Lee and Sakura! They were safe, she was thankful. She placed her hand over her mouth in horror when she witnessed the full extent of Lee's injuries. "Lee! What happened to you?" she screeched, advancing to his side. She gingerly held his head up and hugged it to her chest.

She could feel the trickle of tears coming out. The tear drop landed on Lee's cheek, dripping down his chin onto his blood caked yukata. Why did this happen to Lee? Who would do such a despicable thing?

Chiyo reached her hands down his chest. A huge wound was inflicted into his stomach, leaving behind a gush of beaten flesh. She didn't care that her hand was quickly covered in the crimson liquid; she was too shocked to react – too stunned to even move. Young Lee was a good boy, he didn't deserve to be beaten like this.

She brushed her blood covered hand over his swollen cheek and jerked her hand back when he flinched. "Lee? Can you hear me, boy?" she said softly, sweeping his bangs out of his face and feeling for his temperature. Chiyo sighed in relief, he didn't have a fever. His body must be going through the process of healing. Luckily, demons had a higher capability of healing than humans. She could feel herself relax a bit. Good, he was on track in getting well.

Chiyo looked over her shoulders. "How is Sakura?" she questioned one of her men.

"She is quite pale, but she is still breathing, Lady Chiyo. It appears she just collapsed from exhaustion," one of the smaller men stated, effortlessly picking Sakura up bridal style. "All she needs is to rest."

"Thank goodness," Chiyo breathed. At least they were alive.

"We should return to the village, Lady Chiyo," another villager spoke. He gathered up Lee onto his back and wrapped his arms around his legs. "Lee needs medical attention immediately. We cannot waste any time."

"Yes." She nodded. "Let's quickly go!"

The small group scattered out of the forest clearing and raced back to the village.

Kurama watched the display before him uninterestedly. He held his head with his palm and inspected his claws instead. It was rather boring to watch an elderly woman worry over nothing special. He flicked a piece of dirt from under his nail and glanced down.

They were going to take the priestess somewhere to rest? That was fine with him. Let them take her and get her out of his way already. As he observed them leaving, he went back to taking his nap. Perhaps now, he could rest in peace. Just as he was about to relax, the rings reacted to the Sakura's distancing presence.

Kurama was hauled away from the tree. "What the –?" He plunged into the ground. Dirt smothered his face; he swiftly shook his head and blinked. The rings yanked him forward back into the forest. It quickly had drawn to him what the bracelets wanted him to do. "Oh no, I'm not going to follow that woman!" He tugged at the rings and tried going the opposite direction.

It was proven futile. He was wrenched off his feet and forced into the woods. "No!" He bellowed. "Why do I have to follow her?"

Kurama tried latching onto any object that he came across and held on to it for dear life. He was currently wrapped around a tree stump. The rings made his limbs unwillingly loosen and got him back onto his journey. He reached out his hand and clutched tightly onto a large rock, again the rings halted his resistance. This happened for a couple more times, until he finally gave up. The influences of the rings were great. He had quite the dilemma of defying their powers. He clicked his tongue and speed up his pace. This seemed to please the rings as they allow him to take control of his body again. So that's it? If he followed the rings wishes, he was able to take over his actions once more.

In no time, he caught up to the group of villagers. Kurama pursed his lips and kept a gap between them – well as much as a gap the rings would allow. It appeared the rings were satisfied as long as she was within seeing distance, if he somehow lost her, the rings would compel him to speed up until she was in his view point again. It was rather annoying. Parentally, he had to be around her at all times. This thought aggravated him heavily. So he had to play babysitter as well?

As the group entered the tiny village, Kurama trailed closely behind them by jumping atop the huts. He was real discreet about his presences, using a little of his energy he masked his demonic aura. It was better no one was aware of his existence. He'd much rather stay out of sight. This left him with little trouble, if one of the villagers somehow saw him it wouldn't be good for him– he wasn't practically welcomed in many villages. Thinking about it, he wasn't really sure if these were one of the places. The list was too great to even remember all their names and locations. What could he say? He didn't particularly like to follow rules or authority and did whatever he pleased – many village chiefs didn't seem to like that.

Despite the vast crowds, the group effortlessly gained excess through, more so the villagers moved out of their way. He watched as they sprinted through the small confines of the village until they finally arrived by the outskirts of the small town. The elderly woman motioned for the men to take the injured priestess and demon boy inside a cozy cottage.

Kurama landed by the rather enormous tree that towered the hut. It was very convenient, this way he could stay out of sight and could bathe in the shade of the leaves. He leaned his shoulder against the bark and pulled out his Kiseru pipe and lit it with the flame at the tip of his finger.

Now what? He was already bored.

Boredom was his greatest weakness. Nothing was worse to him than not being entertained. What was a fox to do?

Kurama blew out a puff of smoke. He decided just for the hell of it, he used his sensitive hearing to tune into the hut. In a way, he was curious what was happening in there. If she was dying, he wanted to be able to hear her heart stop beating. Now that would be a sound that would sooth his sleep.

Chiyo frantically smothered the grounded herbs into Lee's stomach. She tenderly traced her fingers along the opening and lightly patted them into the heart of the wound. When her fingers felt a little dry, she would scoop more of the grounded herbs from the stone bowl and apply more. She needed to make sure that Lee would heal as soon as possible. Even though he would be healing his wounds on his own accord, it still wouldn't hurt to have assistance in healing faster – he was the protector of this village, they needed him. One of the villagers had to help force Lee to sit up so that she was able to get to his back and do the same treatment. She couldn't believe that the injury went straight through him, whoever this demon was he must have been after the kill – it was a miracle that Lee was alive. Once she was satisfied that the wound was positively covered and drenched with the green liquid, she quickly bandaged him up.

The villager placed Lee on the hay bedding and bowed low to Chiyo.

She wiped off the sweat that soaked her brow with her wrist. "Thank you all for your assistance," Chiyo said with a toothless smile. She was very satisfied with her helpers; they did a wonderful job in assisting her and handling the situation well – they too must have sensed the immense danger within the forest and still came with her. "I couldn't have done it without you all," she said sincerely.

"It is our pleasure." They all knelt and inclined their heads. "Don't mention it, whatever we can do to be of use to you, Lady Chiyo."

She returned the bow and dismissed the group of men. One by one the men exited out the hut not before saying their respects. The straw door flapped back in place, leaving Chiyo to her thoughts. She was still pondering about today's events. What had happened within the forest?

She glanced to the other hay bedding to see Sakura resting peacefully. Her chest rose up and down in slow breaths as the color in her cheeks was subtly returning. At least she wasn't wounded in anyway, if she had the same wounds as Lee, she would surely be in big trouble – even Chiyo had her limits. Exhausted had an easy treatment.

She sat by Sakura's side and took off the piece of cloth on her forehead. Chiyo dunked it in the bucket of cold water and squeezed the excess liquid then placed it back on her brow. She grimace, something was off about Sakura – despite her weaken spiritual powers, she felt it – it was there. Chiyo sensed another aura in constant flow with hers. It spiral and thrashed against the pure energy trying to devour it. This only happened when –

Sakura's eyes shot open and swiftly jackknifed into a sitting position. She covered her mouth and coughed violently. Sakura hunched forward and brought her knees to her face. She muffled the coughs by baring her face into her legs.

Chiyo got back to her feet and picked up a large wooden spoon and scooped up some water. She went back to Sakura and placed the utensil by her face. With the tip of her finger she tapped her finger on Sakura's head.

Sakura flinched back and tensed up her body as if expecting someone else to be there. Chiyo narrowed her eyes at that. Why did she react in such a way? That's very strange. When Sakura realized it was Chiyo, she relaxed her shouldered and quickly lapped at the liquid and guzzled it down. She coughed some more until the violent outburst cleared went away.

Chiyo gently patted her back and scooped up some more water for her in which Sakura happily drank it all down.

Sakura wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and panted out her breath. "Thank you, Lady Chiyo." She closed her eyes and tried to compose herself, she didn't want the elder priestess to see her like this.

Kurama frowned as his ears folded down. Damn, she was alive and well. Well, that's disappointing; he was really hoping that she wouldn't have awakened. He slumped down onto the branch and leaned his forehead against the bark. So he had no choice now, she was alive and that only meant one thing – he was her god damn familiar.

He pulled back his fist and violently punched the tree. The vibration tingled all the way down to its roots. Kurama's temper was rising again. Why couldn't she just die? Damn his curiosity for getting the better of him! He should have just stayed in his shrine and found some demon woman to keep him company rather than seek out the unique beauty. Because of his snooping nature, he was damned for all eternity by this wench!

Why couldn't he run away? Foxes were master escape artists, but he knew all too well what was preventing his getaway. He growled and brought his arm close to his face. The rings had long since disappeared, but he could feel the weight of these accursed bands – they weighed heavily on his soul. He could feel her insufferable spiritual powers running through his veins, it enraged him. How dare a woman force herself onto him – in him? Blasted priestess!

Kurama flexed his wrist. The bands outline faintly glowed for a brief moment as if preparing to halt any unwanted motions that he might commit. When he did no such thing, the rings vanished from sight.

If only they vanished forever.

He clicked his tongue and turned around so his back was against the bark. Crimson orbs gazed up to the blue sky. Kurama brought the pipe to his lips and sucked in more of the smoky substance and puffed out random designs into the air. The only option he had left was to wait for his master to get well and see what happens from there.

Oh how that word caused bile to rise in his throat. Master. Yeah right, as if he would ever consider that human in any way his superior. Kurama would do all in his power to defy her. He won't ever give her the satisfaction of controlling his body again. Once he found a way out of this loathsome bond, he would make sure that she died a horrific death. He would make sure that she wished that she regretted becoming a priestess in the first place.

A leaf drifted into his lap. He plucked it from his person and crumbled it in his palm. "You will pay dearly, priestess." His golden bangs down casted over his smothering eyes.

Chiyo took a sit by Sakura. "How are you feeling, child?" She inquired worriedly.

Sakura gave her a small smile. "I am well, just a little dizzy is all." She leaned back into the bedding and made herself comfortable.

"That is good to hear, I was worried when I found you and Lee in the forest in such conditions." Chiyo stated.

"Lee?" Sakura sat up so fast all the blood rushed to her head. Groaning the dizziness took its toll and forced her to fall back into the hay. That's right! She wasn't alone in the forest, Lee was with her! "How is he? Is he alive? I hope nothing bad has happened to him!" She said frantically, covering her eyes with her arm. The throbbing in her head pulsated harshly as she forced herself to sit up again.

Chiyo waved her hand and pushed Sakura back down. "Lay back down. All is fine, just calm down, Sakura. He is doing well in his recovery. You can see it for yourself." She motioned to him to the other side of the hut. "He's sound asleep."

Sakura sighed in relief when what Chiyo told her was right. "Thank goodness," she whispered. "I'm glad." He was alive, that's good. She gazed at his calm expression. His body and face was positively covered in bandage wraps. She would have laughed if it wasn't for that fact that she was reason he was in those dressings.

She dug her hand into her kimono and tightened her grip on it. It caused her knuckles to turn white. Sakura bit the inside of her cheek and turned her gaze to ceiling. It was her fault. Lee didn't deserve to be harm, it wasn't his business too. Kabuto was after her, not him. She should have tried harder in getting him to stop. Maybe then, he might have not been hurt. Guilt swelled within her. "I'm so sorry, Lee. I should have tried harder to protect you," she whispered in a hush tone, so quietly that Chiyo almost didn't catch it.

Chiyo tucked her kimono behind her knees and kneeled onto the wool pad by Sakura. "What happened in the forest, Sakura?" She folded her arms in her lap.

Sakura glanced at her from the corner of her eye then switched it back to the ceiling. "We were attacked by a demon." Her eyes appeared too drained and empty, like she was trying to conceal her true emotions. "Lee tried his utmost best to protect me, but it wasn't enough." She took a sharp breath. Sakura was attempting to subdue the tears that were threatening to escape. "He was too powerful for me or Lee to defend ourselves. This demon was after me, not him, but me." Sakura covered her eyes with her forearm. "I should have gone with him, maybe then." She paused in a quavering voice. "Maybe then, he wouldn't have gotten hurt. It's all my fault, Lady Chiyo. I should have let the demon take me." A stray tear slipped down her cheek.

"Don't speak like that, Sakura." Chiyo brush the tear with her thumb and moved Sakura's arm from her face. It revealed her blood shot orbs and her reddening complexion – she looked so fragile and delicate. "You know full well that Lee wouldn't want you to talk like that." She pulled Sakura's rosy bangs from her face and stroked it to the side. "Lee's a good man. He is always willing to put his life on the line for anyone and everyone that are important to him – please do not ever think of letting yourself be captured for his sake, I promise you that he won't ever forgive you." She winked. This earned a giggled from Sakura. "There we go, that's the face that he will be happy to see once he wakes up. Now dry your eyes, you're much prettier when you're not crying, my dear." Chiyo handed her a white cloth. "Smile for me."

Sakura gingerly sat her body forward and nodded her head. She gratefully accepted the cloth and wiped her tears with it. "I am forever thankful for your kindness, Lady Chiyo." She smiled.

"Do not think anything of it, my child." Chiyo's expression suddenly turned grave. "I have a more pressing matter to discuss with you."

Sakura cocked her head to the side, stray strands of hair slid over her cheek. "What is it, Lady Chiyo?"

Chiyo contemplated how she was going to word this situation to her. She needed to choose carefully, this was a matter that could not be taken lightly or not understood. Sakura had to comprehend what she was going to tell her, down to very last syllable. She took a deep breath. "Sakura, I feel something different about your aura, its changing and it's in a constant clash with itself and another." She stared into her emerald eyes when she said another.

Sakura didn't bat an eye, but her form did tense. Did she know what she did in the forest? "Oh really, why do you think it's like that, Lady Chiyo?"

"You bonded yourself with a demon, did you not?" Chiyo tucked her arms into her kimono sleeves.

Sakura didn't respond. For some reason, she felt like a child getting caught doing something that she shouldn't have. She shifted her gaze to her lap and found fidgeting with her fingers less nerve wrenching.

Chiyo shook her head and heaved a sigh. "I can sense the demonic aura within your own. That kind of whirl of energy could only be the result of one thing – you have commenced with the sacred bond."

"Yes, I have bonded with a demon," Sakura admitted. "When the demon attacked us, another spectator wondered in on the scene." She released a breath and found Chiyo's eyes. "From a previous experience, I knew he was a strong demon. He could save us, but he was unwilling unless I fulfilled his one condition in which I refused to carry out." Sakura's cheek reddened remembering what the blond haired demon did to her before the bond. She could still feel his warmth on her body. "Lee was unable to fight anymore, so in order save our lives I had no choice but to create a bond with that demon and force him to fight for us." She found herself staring at her lap again.

"What you did was foolish, young one," Chiyo said sternly. "Under no circumstance should you ever, ever, create a bond with a demon you just met. Not even an experience priestess would bond with a demon until at least knowing the demon for a month, that's common knowledge!" She ran her hands threw her grey locks. "You should be ashamed of yourself for forcing a demon to bond with you." Sakura flinched at the harsh tone. "When you find your partner, it should be a sacred partnership that you both share, a mutual connection between demon and priestess – two beings so different and conflicting, but above all else, one cannot be without the other's existence."

Sakura clenched her fist. "I did what was necessary!" She snapped. "I know what I did was wrong, but I am now fully bonded with that demon, he is my familiar and partner now, that fact cannot be changed!"

Chiyo quickly lashed back. "You do not understand the severity of this predicament, Sakura!" She could feel her blood pressure rise from the ignorance of this youth. "You don't even realize that you are not fully bonded with that demon!" She squeezed the bridge where her eyes and nose met and shook her head. "And what you just did could very well be risking your own life!"

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