Her feet splashed through puddles in the road, her skirts caked with mud. The rain stung her face and soaked her through, the wind whipped her braid about fiercely, and her breath created a white cloud around her as she ran. She could see the gates and the castle beyond them! She was almost there! She ran up to the huge iron gates that were bound together with a padlock and chains. She pulled a long, stick-like object from a pocket in her skirt, pointed it at the lock, and whispered, "Alohomora".

Nothing happened. She shoved her wand back into her pocket and shook the gates.

"Someone help me, please! Anyone, help me!"

The outline of a shape was slowly moving towards her on the other side of the gates. It looked like a person, but was much too large. As it drew nearer to her, she saw that it was a man, illuminated by the light of a lantern in his hand, but he was twice the normal size.

"'Ello, what have we got 'ere?" he said as he came up to the gate.

"Oh, thank God, please let me in, I need to get into the castle." she said breathlessly.

"'Fraid I cant do tha', miss."

"Wait...Hagrid? Rubeus Hagrid?"she questioned.

"Yes, but 'ow do you know-"

"I went to school here, I'm a witch, Minerva McGonagall is my mother's friend, I must see her," the woman exclaimed.

"Hmm... Well, all righ' then" he replied after a minute. He pulled a large key from his pocket and unlocked the, presumably enchanted, padlock. The gate creaked open a bit, and she slipped inside. She stood there a moment while he relocked the gate. He turned to look at her, and immediately pitied her.

She was shivering, and he noticed that she had only a thin shaw that was now soaking wet over her shoulders. She wore a dark green dress, and her hair was almost the colour of honey. Her hair was pulled back into a long braid that was wrapped around her head like a crown, wound into a bun at the base of her neck, and fell down her back.

"Come on, we'll get you warmed up 'o bit, and then I'll take you up to the castle." he said.

He placed an enormous hand on her back and gently steered her towards his cabin.