A Story In Two Elements:

A broken wristwatch and peppermints.


Where are you? –SH

At the pub, why? - JW

New case. Need your help. –SH

Be right there. Have you eaten? –JW

No, we have a case. –SH

I'll bring you something. –JW

Thank you. –SH

John Watson entered 221B to find Sherlock Holmes seated at the kitchen counter, looking at something intently through his microscope. He placed a paper bag of food next to him, and reached into a cabinet to fetch a glass. Filling it with water, he sat down opposite Sherlock.

"Care to fill me in?"

Sherlock glanced up, shifting a few papers to the side so he could reach his food. John had gotten him macaroni and cheese. How thoughtful.

"Lestrade phoned earlier. They found a body next to the river. Young woman, mid 20's, gunshot wound to the head."

John took a sip of his water. "Any ideas?"

"Three so far. I'm going to speak with the woman's mother tomorrow. She had ID."

"Mm. I'm tired. Will you be working late?"

"Yes, John. We have a case."

John set his glass by the sink before turning to retire to his room. He pointed at the paper bag. "Eat."

There is water in the kettle, biscuits in the tin, and tea bags next to the kettle. I assume you know where the mugs are. I have to work until 4. Eat. –JW

Molly Hooper entered her morgue after her lunch break to find Sherlock Holmes bent over the body of a young woman who had been brought in the day before. The harsh lights beat down on her skin, making her seem to be vaguely yellow. Sherlock was examining the waxy corpse with a magnifying glass.

"Hello, Sherlock. Can I help you with anything?" Molly asked him breathily, brushing past to her autopsy reports on her desk.

"Coffee, black. I'll be working here for a while."

Molly frowned down at her report. She had been hoping Sherlock might have actually needed her other than to get him coffee. He continued to examine the young woman, and just before Molly left the room he called out.

"Do you have the clothes she was brought in with?"

Molly turned. "The Police took them back to Scotland Yard, I believe. You could check there."

Sherlock gave her a brief smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Thank you."

Did you manage not to burn down the flat? –JW

Yes, thank you. When will you be off work? –SH

I told you, 4. –JW

I need you before that. –SH

Where? –JW

The Yard. –SH

Be right there. –JW

"John, over here."

Sherlock called John over to a lab table in the forensics department of The Yard. There was an orange overcoat lying on the table next to a pair of cuffed trousers, a brown jumper, and some converse shoes. He pulled a receipt from a bag next to the clothing. It was entitled "Ernie's Watch Shoppe," and was for a £760 wristwatch.

"She had purchased a watch?" John questioned, not seeing any connection.

"Look at the date on the receipt. The same date she was murdered. There was no watch on her, but there is a tan on her wrist, presumably from where she had worn a watch."

John stared at him, he still didn't understand the significance.

"When you have a tan like this, it's from someone that routinely wears a wristwatch. Every day. So where is her watch?"

"Good question."

Peppermints. –SH

What? –JW

You smelled of peppermints. –SH

And? –JW

Why do you smell of peppermints? –SH

John? –SH

I don't smell of peppermints. –JW

Then why did I smell peppermints? –SH

I have no idea. Have you eaten dinner? –JW

No, too busy. –SH


I had mint tea before I came. –JW

I told you. –SH

It was her boyfriend. –SH

What? –JW

The woman. It was her boyfriend. He stole her watch. –SH

How could you tell? –JW

Simple, really. He had the watch that she had purchased. It was broken from a fight they had had. –SH

He killed her over a watch? –JW

Silly, isn't it. –SH

Bored. –SH

Bored bored. –SH

Borrrrreeeeeeeddddddddd. –SH

Sherlock, I'm working. –JW

Go have a drink. –JW

I never realized what an aphrodisiac the smell of peppermints is. –SH

You took my advice, then? –JW

Come home. –SH

I need you. –SH

John. –SH

John, I want you. –SH

Sherlock, I'm working. –JW

We can celebrate. –SH

Be right there. –JW