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Bobby Singer was just finishing up diner when he heard the sound of a car pulling up. He quickly turned off the stove and grabbed his shot gun as he stuck his head out the door, sitting in the drive way was a Chevy Impala and he would bet his hat that it was a 67 model. He waited for the driver to get out before he aimed his gun. "What do ya want?" He asked gruffly.

The man standing before him was scruffy looking with an air of authority that was coming off of him in waves. He raised his hands up as if to surrender. "I am John Winchester and these are my boys Sam and Dean." He said motioning to the two little boys that where climbing out of the car. The oldest looked about six and the youngest was no more than two, the same age as Morgan. The oldest looked at Bobby not letting go of his brothers hand that he was holding as Bobby waited for an explanation as to why they were there. "Missouri Mosley sent me." Bobby swore quietly when had recently spoken to her she had mention something about sending a new hunter to him, but he adamantly told her that he wasn't interested into training a newbie now or ever.

The older man sighed and rubbed his beard. "Well come on in before ya catch your deaths." He lead the three Winchester's in the house side swiping Legos and broken doll parts that was probably Amber's doing, she had a bit of habit of wanting to take them apart just to see if Bobby would put them back together again and he hadn't failed to disappoint her as of yet. Once completely inside Bobby felt a small tug at his sleeve, he looked down and saw a halo curls and the bluest eyes staring up at him. "Daddy who are they?" she asked pointing at the strangers. If it was any other time he would probably have scolded her for pointing and being nosey but he just sighed. "Amber this is John and his sons Sam and Dean." He looked around and noticed his youngest was nowhere to be seen. "Amber where is your sister?" He asked looking at her as she was having a staring contest with Dean. The little girl just shrugged and with the upmost serious expression she replied "I dunno." As if on cue Morgan appeared with marker all over her face and her mousy brown hair looked as if a four year old did, which in this case a four year old did do it, causing everyone except for Sam, Amber, and Morgan to laugh.

Soon the Singers and the Winchesters were crowded around a small table eating diner. It was an amusing sight that graced Bobby Singer's eyes. Morgan was stuck by Bobby's side refusing to even look at the new comers. Amber and the eldest Winchester, Dean were having a contest to see who could eat the fastest while little Sammy was trying to get both his brother and fathers attention. It was a very eventful dinner, the most excitement that the small family had had in a while. Afterwards Bobby had put his girls to bed while helping John fix the spare bedroom up for his boy, the older man made it a point to tell John Winchester that this would be a onetime thing, the last thing he needed was his girls getting attached to people who wouldn't be sticking around. John assured Bobby that as soon as he got the demon that killed his wife, Mary he would be gone never to darken the man's doorway again. Little did Bobby Singer know that it would take over two decades for John to get his demon.


Bobby sat at his desk going through a bunch of old text on demon lore when he heard a loud crash coming from the other room, going to investigate the cause of the noise he found that a small table was knocked over and the culprits were standing off to the side trying to hide. He swore under his breath. It had been a little over two years since he let the Winchester family into his home and in that time his oldest daughter Amber had gotten rather close to Dean. The two of them were always getting into some sort of mischief when the other was around; they were each other's best friend asides from their siblings. "Why don't you two just go outside? It's not like you can destroy anything out there." He said sending the six and eight year old outside by their selves. Since Sam and Morgan were quietly watching TV up stairs and the two trouble makers were outside Bobby could finally get some work done.

It hadn't even been half an hour before Bobby heard a loud pitch scream coming from outside and then seconds later Sam and Morgan running down stairs to investigate. Grabbing his pistol and sliding it into the back of his jeans he quickly went outside. Following the sounds of screaming he found Amber and Dean rolling on the ground, Amber was on top and was aiming a few good hits to Dean who was trying to push her off of him. Bobby quickly grabbed Amber's arm and pulled of the young boy. "Amber Leigh Singer! What the hell has gotten into you girl?" He demanded waiting for the answer. When he didn't get an answer ushered both kids in the house.

Bobby looked both kids over and noticed Dean had a few good bruises forming around his eyes and face, the man couldn't help but feel a stab of pride for his daughter who apparently had one hell of a right hook, however he was going to teach her that fighting was only to be used as last resort only. Amber came out of the fight with a few bruises and scratches herself which only meant it was a pretty close fight. He cleaned them off and sat them on the couch. "I want you both to sit here, if I so much hear a word from either one of you then I will tan both of you back sides." He warned before heading back to his work. He knew this would be on hell of a thing to explain to John. He will never know what caused the fight between the two of them.

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