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Fingers drummed nervously on the steering wheel, and the foot that wasn't on the break was tapping restlessly in the floor board. Amber Singer had a really bad feeling about going home this time she couldn't put her finger on it and she doubt she would until she pulled into the Salvage yard. She never dreaded going home until now; she always looked forward to spending a few days with her father Bobby. As if sensing her sister's inner stress Morgan turned in her seat and looked at her sister. "You are just working yourself up over nothing." The words were only meant to be helpful but to Amber it was anything but.

Amber rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed. The feelings she got was almost a sixth sense she learned a long time ago to never ignore them, Morgan didn't understand, but Morgan tried to offer her sympathy and advice to her sister because it was all she had. "If something bad has happened, dad would have told us." Morgan said. It was something both girls needed to believe.

Morgan talked the rest of the way home, and in a way it seemed to calm Amber's nerves; not entirely but it helped calm the sense that something bad was about to happen, or had already happened. As they pulled into the Salvage yard the feeling grew with each second that passed. Morgan put a reassuring hand on her sister's shoulder as if to tell her that he is not alone. "It will be fine." Amber gave her a small smile and nodded.

When the car finally came to a stop both sisters looked around to see anything visible was different about the place. At first they didn't notice anything then with a few seconds they noticed what once was a car park off to the side, but now it resembled a pretzel. "Oh, my god." It sounded like a small squeak out of Amber's mouth when she instantly recognized the car. Morgan braced herself against the side of the car shaking her head. "Maybe this doesn't mean what we think it means."

Morgan always the voice of reason, always then one who insisted that they look on the bright side of things.

Amber's attention immediately turned to the silver charm bracelet hanging on her left wrist. She hadn't taken it off since the day it was given to her nearly ten years before.

It was her sixteenth birthday and Amber was feeling giddy as she waited for the familiar roar of the Impala to pull up; when it finally did she runs out side not even waiting for the occupants of the car to get out. The eighteen year old boy was the first one out of the car. Amber quickly ran to him.

"Dean!" She squealed delighted as she embraced him happily.

Dean chuckled as he hugged her back. "Hey, Bambi." He smirked, that smirk that always drove her crazy.

She crinkled her nose up at the old nickname but smiled up at him, it has been months since the Winchesters had been to the Salvage yard. She missed them all dearly; they had become family to her and her younger sister Morgan.

It was after dinner when she and Dean managed to sneak away, Dean had borrowed the impala for the night, and there they sit on the hood flat on their backs looking up at the stars. In Amber's mind things couldn't get much better than this. It was a comfortable silence one that they both where use to neither one of them having to fill it with unnecessary words.

"You know." Dean started breaking the silence. "We could get out of here you and me."

She looked up at him her green eyes full of trust. "And where would we go?" It was just a fantasy to them something they both have talked about before.

Dean shrugged as he took her hand into his. "It doesn't matter, does it?"

She shook her head. "As long as I'm with you it doesn't." She moved closer to him laying her head on his chest taking in his very familiar sent that she loved.

Dean started stroking her long blond hair. "I could get a job at a garage or something and you could go to school like you always wanted." He mused.

She raised an eyebrow. "Can we have dog?"

The question caused him to chuckled, the innocent look in her eyes and the way her face brightens up caused his heart to melt, There was nothing Dean wouldn't do for her. "A dog?"

She nodded. "It wouldn't be an apple pie life without a dog." She insisted.

They talked like that for hours until it got too dark to see. As they pulled back into the Salvage yard dean slipped something on her wrist. Looking down to see a hunters charm bracelet she smiled up at him.

"Happy birthday Bambi." Dean whispered before kissing her lips gently.

Amber snapped out of her thoughts of the boy she loved all those years ago. Dean and her were really close until something's beyond her control happened. She sighed with a heavy heart as she turned to her sister. "Guess we should get this over with."

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