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"Why me?" - Normal humans or Red XIII talking

"Why then?" - Whispers, spiritual voices, and electronic voices.

'Why us?' - thoughts

"Why you?" - Giant creatures

"Why now?" - Skills or Techniques


When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end,

The goddess descends from the sky.

Blue eyes stare into vast ocean of emerald like energy flowing around as his body as he merely floats, unmoving. The abyss before him neither gives him comfort nor does it reject him. His blond hair waving and fluttering as if submerged but his lungs are not affected. He's accepted but not withheld. It's strange. This energy was seemed to be alive. It was warm but not alive. It was living but it was void. It was full but not warm. He couldn't describe it. Every time he thought he could, it would change. There was one thing he could say.

It was familiar.

Wings of light and dark spread afar

She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting.

He could feel it. Kurama had sealed him here for his safety. It was to give him a chance at living when the world was truly at peace, but there was another reason. Should the world be in danger, he would be able to return to protect it and obtain his happiness. He smiled. Despite not being able to see his friends again, he was proud of how things went. He managed to protect his loved ones for years and obtained his dream. He had never married or had a kid, but it would have only made him sadder when he was taken into the planet.

Somehow, he was happy with this. He found peace several millennia ago. However, he still wondered whether his release would be one of reward or a cry for salvation.

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess

We seek it thus, and take to the sky

Still, he could remember things that seemed to make him think the world would need his power. A few centuries after his sealing, there was a great disturbance in the flow of the energy around him, this lifestream. Nearly all the voices vanished after a foul energy collided with the planet, but many survived and rebuilt while the foul existence went dormant. The world went through many changes afterward. Once, there was a time when the world felt sophisticated but it fell after a dark presence, much weaker and less foul than the one he felt nearly a millennium before it, emerged and attacked. However, after many centuries passed, it fell while the original evil slept.

For centuries on centuries, someone or some group began to harness the power of the power of the lifestream for the being living on the land. It started as a small good natured thing, but it began to increase in volume and waste. The planet began to alter itself to survive and adapt to the changes on its body. It began to produce materia, the many powers of nature and its children given crystalized forms.

It wasn't until this pull became too great that the lifestream began to truly wake him beyond mere awareness. He was amazed when he first awakened, but it grew old and boring after a while. The irony was that he, being a former hyperactive shinobi, was being restrained to a never ending view of green water-like substance invading his visual senses.

Until something happened.

Ripples form on the water's surface

The wandering soul knows no rest.

He had not expected the spirit of the planet, Minerva, to pull another being in to her domain. It was a red haired man. He was ethereal to say the least. A spirit released from the stress and burden of his life time, if the blond was reading him accurately. That could mean his body was somewhere on the planet but he wouldn't be able to tell.

"Who are you?" the blond asked as he stared as the spirit before him.

"I am Genesis. Genesis Rhapsodos," the spirit said, "And you?"

"It matters not," he said.

My friend, your desire

Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess.

They remained there for a while and Genesis would ask him of what the blond would often listen to when his eyes glazed over. The blond would tell him he was listening to the voice of a young woman. Her words and prayers would often reach his ears, but now he could feel a pull on his body. He knew the world wasn't at peace so it meant one thing.

There was great danger coming.

The blond spared a glance two his only company in the sea of green, "It seems I must leave. My time of calling has come."

"It has been enjoyable, my friend. I only wish I could, in some small way, revisit it before my spirit completely vanishes," Genesis spoke the truth. Through his time in the lifestream, his spirit had begun to break down and become absorbed into the energy.

The blond thought on it for a moment, before decided to speak. "There is a way but you'd die. You'd merely become information…a collection of memories." The idea seemed to catch the red head's attention, "I'd be able to absorb what's left of you into my very being and build onto the memories of your lifetime and my own. I know nothing of the world now, but you do. It would be your legacy in a sense."

"I accept," the red head said. After seeing the baffled expression on his friend's face, Genesis elaborated, "I'd rather have someone in my place in the world to do what I could not, than not have a place in it at all. My body may be alive but the Genesis in it would not be the Genesis before you. So, I accept."

Legend shall speak of sacrifice at world's end.

The wind sails over the water surface

Quietly, but surely…

The blond smiled and began to absorb his friend's remaining spirit slowly after placing a hand on one of Genesis's shoulders, "My name is Naruto, my friend. Naruto Uzumaki." Genesis stared for a moment in confusion, "You told me your name oh so many years ago, so it's only fair that you hear mine." They both closed their eyes as a bright light flashed before them.

To become the dew that quenches the land

To spare the sands, the seas, the skies

I offer thee this silent sacrifice.

It was cool. It was damp. He was in the world once more. Slowly, he opened his eyes. No longer were they his cerulean blue, they were an electric blue. His blond hair held some defiance toward gravity but was mostly a fallen mop of silky gold. His attire was similar to that of his friend Genesis with a swap of golden orange rather than red. The process was complete. Genesis's memories were within his own but he was himself, and now he stood in the world once more. His internal energies were still going mad to adjust to both the shift in his body and his return to the world. So, before he fainted, he muttered one last thing.

"And now, I have returned."

Even if the morrow is barren of promises,

Nothing shall forestall my return.

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