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And some vocabulary!

Shinto - former religion in Japan, until buddhism was brought from the continent

Yomi - hell in Shinto Religion; can be compared with the christian and jewish hell

Shinigami - Soul Reaper

shihakusho - Shinigami Uniform

performing kosode - sending someone to heaven - in this case Soul Society

per chapter every new vocabulary will be put like this! But only the new one!

I hope you like it^^

It was just like every other day in my surgery in Higashiyama-ku. It was boring. The most exciting case I got this year was a steptococcal infection. Most of my patients were over sixty or really sickly. Most of them both. There were moments, I forgot why I wanted to be a doctor. Espeacially when the women of the radioprogramm I used to hear while making breakfast was telling me, that the flue season had began just some days ago. Dozent of pensioned humans would be sitting in my waiting room, coughing and emitting liters of fluids through all their body orifices. Lucky me! The same sentence over and over again: „Please drink a lot, don´t strain yourself and take one of xy-pills with every meal." I can´t believe I opened a surgery here in Higashiyama-ku - Kyoto´s ward with the highest age average since the 1980´s.

Oh, I remember: Because I trusted this creepy basterd, who lured me in this relationship with promises of love, family and a save future. I was just an intern at the town hospital near the village I grew up, he a new attending fresh from Tokyo General Hospital. Now you could think it was sooooooooo romantic! Like going out a lot, „make-out session" in the corners and sex in the ready room. Grow up. A doctor´s life is not like Grey´s Anatomy. It´s full of running, touching, hitting, poking with long and thin needles into god-knows-what, excrements, blood, piercing sound of machines when somebody´s heart stopped – again, constantly beeping pager, the mobile phones, no social life, hypochondriac and drastic diagnosis on yourself, false drastic diagnosis on yourself, confusing your bed with a patients bed, microsleep and last but not least bad food. And if you are in your internship as an internist in a hospital the things double themselves everytime you would rest your eyes just an itsy bitsy bit.

I don´t know how I managed it to engage into a rather sloppy romance with – technically – my boss, but I did. But as soon as I was myself the senior to the interns, he dumped me. Wonderful, ne?

Utterly heartbroken I moved to Kyoto – convenient my parents already died when I was 29 – and worked like crazy two more years in a hospital in Nakagyo-ku until I was an internal specialist and decided it was time to settle down to start a family. So I just needed to find a man. Hundreds of Omiais later I still had no man, so I stopped searching and decided to take matters in my own hands

I bought an old surgery in Higashiyama-ku, a small flat above it and registered in nearly twenty adoption agencys. But the only news I ever got was that there wasn´t a child in my preference to mediate. ( I said I woul accept anything from toddler to teenager.) So I started a new project:

Between attending patients and building up a social life, I gave myself shots with female hormones, so my eggs could be put with donated sperm into a culture dish and produce new life.

I tried three times and three times negative. My life was great, wasn´t it?! With 35 I finally stopped this emotional torture and decided that having a family wasn´t my fate. Instead I became the „adorable doctor near the bakery", who attended almost every neighbourhood festival, flee market and shrine ceremony to increase the patient number at my surgery.

Well, let´s get to my death. Like I said, it was a perfectly boring day, like everyday. I just finished the last patient for the day, my receptionist was just on her way home, and I just wanted to put a box full with patient records, when I just stumbled on my heel, just hid my head on the cupboard and this big and heavy box just fell on my hed. To cut a long story short: My neck broke. It was really painful. But before I could scream or cry, I was already dead. Just great!

I was always a faithful Shinto. - My grandmother is to blame. Instead of sweets and toys, she gave me the old story books full of bloody legends, incest and tragic deaths. I´m so lucky she wasn´t a christ. - So I believed I would go to yomi – hell – immedately, but was surprised:

I stood above my lifeless body and stared at it.

I didn´t look very dignified. My body layed crumbled and twisted on the floor. It made me glad to be out of it. This position seemed quite unconfortable. My eyes were wide open in shock, as my mouth. I really hoped, that there weren´t any flies in this room.

Sighing I wrinkled my nose. There were coffee stains on my pants and the rather new askew white blouse I bought just two weeks ago revealed my bra. Wonderful. This would be the last image my poor receptionist would have of me.

Then I noticed the chain on my chest. Right there, where my heart should be. I didn´t even dared to touch it – I was too afraid to hurt myself again. „So...what am I gonna do know?" I sighed and sat down beside my body.

My receptionist, Kohare, found me on the next day. Poor thing. She was twenty and really needed this Job. Her dream was to study medicine too, although she couldn´t see a single drop of blood. Unfortently her parents couldn´t pay for her tuition fees for High School, so she started working with fifteen, barely passing her final exams. The first two years of University were so hard, juggling work and lectures, she had to stop the study. Now she saved for the next years of Univerity. She would never achieve her dream of being a doctor, but the placement of a nurse could be a compromise. I left everything to her. The surgery, my little money and the flat so she could support her future family. But now she should sell everything and move to another ward of Kyoto.

When she started crying and shaking me, I had to cry too. She touched my heart with her optimistic laugh. You could say she made my day under the old (insert random insult for eldery people)...everyday. I tried to touch her, but my hand just went through her. This was the moment I fully realized that I was dead. I cried harder.

The ambulance and the mortician came twenty minutes later. Kohare left with them.

I sat there for nearly seven hours until it happened. A man in a black shihakusho – I know, blame my grandmother – stepped through the wall and grinned like an idiot.

„Ha! Finally I found you!" He pointed with his finger at me.

„Wuhuu..." I wasn´t in a good mood. Everyone could understand that, but not that maroon in front of me. „And why were you searching for me?"

The man looked puzzled. „Why? Because I want to perform kosode on you!" His chest swelled proudly.

Kosode? - Oh! You are sending me to Yomi! Finally! I thought I would be stuck here, seeing everyone crying over my death!"

Yomi? No, I´ll send you to Soul Society."

„Soul...Society?" Okay, where was the camera? Soul Society, my ass! (I can´t believe I thought that) „What on earth is Soul Society?"

Suddenly the man looked exactly like a chimpanzee trying to solve a puzzle even grown up humans couldn´t solve. Simply angry. „It´s Soul Society. I am a Shinigami and it´s my duty to send plus souls to Soul Society."

I raised my eyebrows. „Shinigami? Plus Souls?" I was already dead, presumely now why not...

„Alright, Shinigami! Send me to Soul Society – The afterlife I presume?!"

„yup!" he took his Katana from his hip and held it infront of my forehead. „Have a good journey!", he said bright.

„Thanks." The hilt hit my forehead.

Now here I am:

Sato Shiori

36 years (and six months)

and dead

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