(Updated 7/24/2017)

Harry Potter belongs to JKR and Warner brothers. Sherlock belongs to Sir ACD and BBC. I reserve the right to laugh in the face of anyone that thinks I make money off of this story... Cause I don't!

This is my first fanfic in many years; So please be kind.

Note: The timeline for Harry Potter and Sherlock have been changed for this fic. This story takes place in 2008, Set in the beginning of POA (3rd year) for Harry Potter and season one of Sherlock (Right after The Blind Banker).

Chapter 1; Bravery and Curiosity.

Harry remembered exactly when it started. His fascination with how the world worked.

Dudley was having his 6th birthday party. Harry had gotten a hold of one of the noise makers that all the other children had. A little plastic thing, not even worth a pound. It made a funny noise when you blew into it. Aunt Petunia was livid when she saw he had gotten one of the toys. But there had been other people around. She couldn't do anything about in front of company. But Dudley could do something. He grabbed it from Harry and tossed it to the ground. He stomped down hard on it and broke the little fragile thing into pieces. He had a good laugh about it with his friends, then left Harry to his misery. Harry, now alone, picked up the broken pieces and tried to salvage what he could. After a minute or two of tinkering around he discovered that the main part of the noise maker was still intact. After breaking away the plastic casing on both sides and fiddling with it a bit he got the noise maker to work again.

It didn't sound exactly as it did before, but it was close enough that Harry wasn't sad anymore. He hid his toy away in his large pockets before anyone saw that he had fixed it. Later that night he retired to his cupboard under the stairs. He placed it next to his little pewter wizard toy. It instantly became one of his most treasured possessions.

That was the moment it all began. Something in Harry had awoken. Something in him had sparked and come to life when he had seen the INSIDE of the noise maker. When he learned that even without the plastic case thing covering it, it still made noise...

Harry's thirst for knowledge had begun.

He began to wonder about thingsā€¦ Electricity, cars, microwaves, computers, everything. How things worked, how they were made, and what changes he could make to them so they worked better.

It was hard for Harry to get anywhere the first few years. Whenever he would ask Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia about how things worked, they would always yell at him. "Don't ask questions!" or "They just do!"

Luckily there was Miss. Figg down the street, and the teachers at school. While he didn't get to ask them all the time, the times he did ask they were more than happy to answer him. He learned quite a lot, but it always lead to him wanting to know more.

Before long Harry held the title of the most curious boy in school.

Harry received his Hogwarts letter. Then a wand, owl, and robes. He was then let lose in a magical book store all on his eleventh birthday. He was in heaven. Hagrid was happy with how well he was accepting magic into his life. He answered as many questions as he could. But what made Harry's birthday unforgettable was when he returned to Number 4.

He now had a wand, dozens and dozens of books on magic and ENTIRE room full of Dudley's old toys and broken things. With 3 weeks to go before school began. He grinned from ear to ear as he took to the rubble in his room like a fish to water.

The Dursleys said nothing when Harry returned Dudley's repaired items back to him. All looking brand new.

But when he fixed Dudley's old computer and was caught trying to use it, they immediately took it away. Then Dudley broke it a second time out of shear spite. They decided it was easier just to let Harry keep the worthless old thing. Their Dudders already had a better computer of his own after all, and that was what mattered.


It was the summer after 2nd year; He, Ron, and (by way of a ripped page) Hermione had saved Ginny and closed the chamber of secrets.

Harry was still known as the most curious boy in school, but this time the school was Hogwarts. While he didn't live in the library like Hermione, He was well-known for his 'Tinkering.'

While only in his first few years at school, Harry had already charmed an old snowboard into a 'Hover board', made an object that was a logical cross between a quill and a pen, fixed up over half of the school's old brooms, and repaired or restored any broken items that students would bring him. Even if it took begging a teacher for information on how to fix it.

There was no object big or to small that Harry wouldn't look at and try to figure out.

Hours spent in the clock tower and the great hall just staring upwards for inspiration where proof enough of that. It was just who Harry was. Everyone, even Ron, Neville and Dumbledore accepted it.

But it was an odd website that Harry found while web-surfing late night that summer, (On Dudley's old computer he repaired a long time ago) That gripped Harry's attention and held his fascination for hours on end... A website that would end up changing his entire life.

'The science of Deduction.' Owned by one Sherlock Holmes.