New Girls in Town!

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Unexpected Protection!

Today was just another boring day for the BladeBreakers and the others as they was held back in the BladeBreakers Suite it was a hot day, and even tyson was bored out of his mind! As the Windows and fans was open and on since today was one of the hottest days ever in this week! It was like over 20 degrees!

Until there was a knock on the door no one was bothered but it rather well be Tyson answering the door as he did he thought it was Tala but tala was in the room as Tyson opened the door to see a well beautiful girl with Amazing sharp but Ice Blue warm eyes that met is maroon red ones.

"Oops sorry wrong room! Sorry if i disturbed you Bye!" Trix said as she was starting to walk away.

"OMG TRIX! PLEASE CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH IM YOUR BIG FAN!" Mariah screamed on the top of her lungs for Trix to turn around and notice.

"He he ok but just dont scream my name like that again ok Promise!" Trix said as she signed the picture of her for mariah. As she held out her pinky as Mariah went completely insane and wrapped her pinky with Trix.

"Mariah right? I'll remember it... The Pink kitty!" Trix said as she giggled while mariah got super happy and hugged Trix really hard and knocked them down onto the floor as they laughed too hard.

"Really you'll remember my name? And you given me a nickname already! Yay this is the best day EVER!" Mariah shouted as she got up, while tyson walked over helping Trix get up.

"Urm sorry about Mariah your her favourite celebrity so yeah you ok Trix is it?" Tyson said as he grabbed Trix hand as she nodded and got up.

"She is my favourite celebrity but her whole team is my ultimate favourite!" Mariah squealed in a Jump!

"So tell me where were you trying to go?!" Tyson said as he walked down the corridor with Trix, leaving everyone at the door staring at the two!

"Wow tyson already fallen for her love at first sight hey!" Max said while mariah nodded as they smiled at each other.

"Woah so your in a beyblading group called Poisioned Black Thorns hey, you sing, dance and blade handling the publicity like must be hard then Trix!" Tyson said as trix just chuckled a bit and smiled.

"Hey you guys arent going to leave him going somewhere else lets follow him!" Ming Ming suggested as the guys had smirks on there faces.

"Wow if Trix is here then Ralyna must be! I mean Raven here, RAVEN IS HERE IN TOKYO SHE CAME BACK FROM RUSSIA! HER GROUP IS HERE!" Ming Ming shouted as she started to babbled on about, the leader Raven of Poisioned Black Thorns.

While Tala looked up to Kai with a serious look wondering about ralyna or should we say raven, as kai looked back and shakes his head as a warning as tala agrees, while all this happened Tyson came back with a goofy smile on his face. While Max was Bored as hell! He looked outside and a great idea came up to his head.

"Hey guys since its a great weather and were all bored here lets go to the park and have some beyblading fun!" Max said as some smiled at the idea as the other half just nodded and headed towards the door.

As everyone made it to the park some was off blading each other as some looked for competion by battling each other or maybe teaching some kids tricks as for Kai he layed down under a tree with a piece of grass in his mouth while the wind was giving him a nice breeze as kai closed his eyes and was talking to Dranzer.

Hey Dranzer do you know anyone with 2 bitbeasts Name of Ralyna? Kai asked as he fiddled a bit with the grass in his mouth.

Ah The Lengendary Blader yes i know her why? Dranzer said as Kai was surprised so he wanted to know more about her!

You know her Dranzer you never told me this - Kai snapped as he wasnt getting the picture.

Master The Lengendary Blader is Ralyna Milynne she was born in russia in moscow just like you, ralyna was taught blading in Biovolt just like you but in private tutoring I cant tell you anymore as her bitbeasts promised me not to say to much! Dranzer said as he stayed quiet for awhile.

What do you mean her Bitbeast's told you not to say too much dranzer? - Kai said as his Bitbeast chip flashed.

Master before when us bitbeasts was free i met these 2 bitbeast's they're like me a phoenix they told me the girl they was going to choose as there mistress and told me not to tell anyone as we kept a phoenix promise, after that we didnt contact each other in along time kai. As Dranzer explained the story bit by bit.

Now that you mention it do you know anything about Ralyna Milynne dranzer? - Kai asked dranzer know he started getting things in his head.

Yes i know a few things but theres one secret i cant tell you, but shes in Tokyo with her group Poisioned Black Thorns you know she ran away from Biovolt once but i dont have alot of details if you manage to bump into her i can try and mind chat with her bitbeasts. Dranzer said as Kai nodded and got what he wanted, as he was disturbed by tyson saying they was leaving.

Thank you Dranzer, today we wont be blading so relax today and rest your energy incase for later - Kai said as he put Dranzer in his jacket were he usually hides it.


"Hey Kai were leaving to go back to the hotel its getting late so come on Were taking a shortcut!" Tyson yelled as Kai walked forward towards them noticing Ming Ming was going else where by herself as Brooklyn, Rick, Garland, Spencer and Michael going the normal way to the Hotel not listening to tyson walking off as the others agreed unfortunately.

As they was walking in to a dead end while everyone gave him death glares screaming there heads off saying there lost as some Drunken Men appear laughing riculously, as Tala and Bryan could blow them all in one go but kai stops them. As one of them threatens to scar the girls on the face while tyson got in the middle of it.

As a laugh is heard it was Trix sitting on top of the dead end wall with a phone in her hand. "Trix get out of here its too dangerous!" Tyson shouts as Trix laughs again and points behind the drunken fella's were Raven was there stood as she already knocked the man out with the weapon out of the fight as these men tried to steal her team members away and also threaten them now raven was pissed, and back to make sure that they wont!

As Raven attacked and defending the others as to her it was like training. As Raven knocked the Drunken men out of there daylights. Trix jumped off the wall coming down towards tyson.

"Dont loose this or you'll loose yourself!" Trix said as she winked with her tongue out and gave him a map of where they were leading them back to the hotel they was in outfrom this warzone as Trix walked over to Raven as she was walking away.

"Hey Raven didnt you think you went to hard on them i mean look at them!" Trix said as Raven took her hoody down and looked at Trix with a stern cold face as Raven Ice Blue warm eyes met her Teal and Purple Galaxy ones.

"No one threatens my team!" Raven said as it sounded like a order, with such a feminine strong tone of a russian.

"Fine lets go!" Trix said as her and Raven was walking away leaving the others jaw-dropped as tyson snapped out of it and called them back as he ran after them while the others wasnt far too behind.

"HEY HEY TRIX COME BACK!" Tyson yelled as Trix came back from the corner and walked over as Raven was behind looking pissed off! "What is it Tyson?" Trix asked as tyson tried to catch his breath.

"Im wondering are you 2 ok?" Tyson asked as he was panting a bit.

"Yeah were ok and tyson breathe its alright!" Trix said with a friendly tone.

"Urm i hope you dont mine but is she always quiet?" Tyson asked as Raven eyes shot open and started to give Tyson death glares. While the others watched in the tense conversation.

"Raven? Hell no shes our captain, she can be quiet at times but she only talks unless its her intention to so really she aint gonna waste her breath in a wasted conversation!" Trix said as Tyson finally started to breathe in a normal pace, while he looked at trix with wide eyes!

"RAVEN YOU MEAN THE LEGENDARY BLADER!" Mariah jotted up as she screamed jumping up and down while Ray trying to calm her to breathe in and out.

"Yes its her!" Ray said as he held mariah down by putting his hands on her shoulders keeping her down on the ground instead of a jumping bunny.

"Im seeing 2 CELEBRITIES RAY In a DAY!" Mariah squealed as she turned to ray as they touched each other noses and smile while, Raven watched now she knows why Felicity was upset.

So thats Ray Kon the one Felicity was talking about when we all saw the two in town, feli was heart broken and it looks like the two are too cozy, that aint good! - Raven thought as she took her thought back and came back on earth.

Yes Mistress i heard from Felicity bitbeast Drizer that Ray and Felicity was good friends very close until he started to train Mariah, while felicity left feeling out of place, then she was coming to tokyo finding that she got a spot to a beyblading group from mrs dickenson! That was us By the way! As Diyanira and Phynx explained. (R.B ~ Diyanira Female Bitbeast (Fire and Heat) as for Phynx Male Bitbeast (Ice, Water).

Okay thanks i know a little bit more now it may seems like that Felicity was falling for Ray but then, she got out of it as she put her love for him in the ice and kept away not showing she has it hidden in her heart! We have to help but not showing that we are really helping her because she'll refuse! - Raven said trying to figure out a solution for the two lost love birds.

Your Correct Mistress, Spoken like a true Princess! Phynx said as Diyanira agreed.

Thanks again Phynx and you too Diyanira but do you know Tala, Bryan, and Kai i think theres another guy called spencer do you two anything about them?

Yes we do, us and there bitbeasts was very good friends especially Diyanira and Dranzer there pretty close maybe more?! Forget that Kai, Tala, Spencer and Bryan there from Russia in Moscow they was trained in BioVolt and they soon ran away when they was 13 and 14. There a group called The Blitzkreig Boys! As Phynx explained.

Hey Phynx that was private! Anyways thats all we know from them and we havent contacted with there bitbeasts im guessing the time is now! Diyanira said as Phynx chuckled a bit.

Ok you two cut it out, you can tell there bitbeast about my secret but not too much info as i dont them talking or asking things about me or to me! Ok! Raven said.

Agreed Mistress! As both BitBeasts agreed, and went.


"Anyways me and Raven are late for something so we gonna go now Bye!" Trix said as she walked down the path she came with Raven, while tyson called again saying that there going to the same hotel he rather walk with us. As they all did while Raven walked behind to watch the group out for anything, with Kai, Bryan and Tala behind to nudging each other for some one to speak up!

"So Raven what do you do in Russia?" Tala asked as he looked at her.

"Non of your buisness!" Raven replied as they kept walking with Bryan trying to hold his laughter in as we burst out like a fire work as everyone looks at him with the what-the-heck eyes.

"Raven is like the female version of Kai but hotter!" Bryan said as he realised what he said and it was out loud making the others turn to him even more intead with the what-the-fuck eyes.

"What the Fuck Bryan!" Tala said as he glared at Bryan who was sniggering at his own comment. As Raven paid no attention and walked head on, raven always get them comments so she just ignores them and carries on from what she does.

As they was only a few more blocks away from the BeyBlade Suite Raven and Trix saw a bunch of fan girls coming towards them as raven and trix walked together as they squeezed through while walking Raven got her black shades out covering her eyes while getting her hoody up and on covering her hair and her forehead covering her identity, as Trix Put shades on too and put her cap the other way and pulled her collar up covering a bit of her face and neck as the others watched and saw why they was doing this, its because they didnt want there fans to bother them at this point as they was late. As the Group was shocked as how well they was disguised while the fans, incredibly ignored the two and went pass.

As the Girls was out of sight from the fans they fixed them selves up and started to walk back as the sun was in there eyes Raven kept her shades on as they walked near by the hotel suite as hilary and mariah was having there whispering conversation.

"Wow did you see them two cover there identity and just walk pass without getting noticing?" Hilary said as Mariah nodded and have a Mm - Hmm along with it too.

"Yeah i cant believe it that were walking with them too!" Mariah said as Hilary and mariah high 5 each other giving big smilies. As everyone came up to the hotel and went in as Kai and Tala was having there conversation wondering if they saw Raven before as Bryan dosent even remember anything.

As they enter the hotel the group seprerate saying there good bye's while there was 3 other girls in the lobby waiting for them it was Marlina, Felicity and Xristina waiting as they got up when raven and trix arrived while the group watched from the difference.

As Ray walked pass the staring guys like it was nothing and took a glimpse of the girls as he walked past, while a few seconds later ray walked back noticing something while mariah stopped and saw what Ray was looking at... it was Felicity from his childhood past he could tell that felicity matured into a women alot by bigger breast being more slimmer and curvier as her hair grew a little longer and so was her height.

As Ray was gobbed smacked with his jaw open looking at her while Mariah saw it and was in a shock what ray saw it couldnt be?

As Max was looking at the guys then, then the girls, doing it again about 3 more times and taking one last glimpse at the girls noticing another blonde girl there as max, almost fell on his face max knew he definately fallen for the blonde and that blonde was Marlina a new character but bestfriends with Trix as them two both was giving high 5 and laughing really hard.

Kenny didnt know what was so interesting until he saw a Light brunette there holding onto a laptop which was like a mini-apple mac book! which was black as the apple was Midnight Blue light not white. Kenny couldnt believe his eyes as he was blinking and pinching himself to see if it was real but it was as kenny was daydreaming the group had to wait in the lobby for Mr Dickenson to arrive with there news about beyblading.

As the girl group started to walk up the stairs on the even staircase as they was gone out of sight from the boys, the boys let out a sigh and sunken deep into there chair. While the girls looked at them as if they was crazy in love. For Ray its been a long time for him since he saw Felicity, as Kai and Tala tried to remember if they knew Raven from there past? While Tyson Max and Kenny go loves dovey at the girls in first sight!

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