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River danced around the console room of the TARDIS as she gracefully switched some switches and pressed buttons. The TARDIS was hovering in space right now and she just parked it right in front of the Orion Nebula. It was her favourite. She had always found it romantic. Just as she was about to call for the Doctor, he came walking into the console room.


"So! Where are we going today?" He croaked.

River looked at him with curiosity for the billionth time. He had a sore throat judging from his voice and he had a red runny nose. His nose was almost the same colour as his red bow tie. He was sick. The Doctor was sick. Which was a bit ironic as he was called the Doctor.

"You're sick aren't you?" River asked him as he circled the console.

He paused for a second. "What? Me? No. No way River," He smiled but nevertheless he still had that annoying croaky voice.


"You can't go anywhere when you're sick, Doctor" River said as she neared the Doctor.

"Try and stop me," He croaked with a grin. He activated a button on the console.

"I will," River replied as she deactivated the button. Without warning, she grabbed his hand and she skipped to the front of the TARDIS with one hand on the door. She looked at him.


"You have something to show me?" He asked, his voice was getting worse and he now sounded like he had a blocked nose. River smiled and pulled upon the door, then pulled the other door open. She smiled as she witnessed the nebula.

The Doctor smiled.

"The Orion Nebula, can't go wrong with it,"


They continued to marvel at the beauty of the Orion Nebula until the Doctor sniffed again. That was the limit for River.

"Right, that's it," She said closing the doors and turning to see the Doctor. "You are staying in bed until you feel better,"

The Doctor was just about to reply something witty and smart but River cut him off short.

"No complaining. I'll take care of you but from now on, no more travelling till you feel better,"

The Doctor groaned in reply. Sniff.

They stared at each other and River wondered if this is what she should do.

Cough cough.


That's it. It was final.

"You're useless," She said with a smile.

The Doctor smiled back.

"Now, bedtime for you," River said as she walked to the console.

The Doctor looked back at her.