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Stay Awesome -Me And The Time Vortex**

The Doctor sat in his chair and looked at the console, he thought about the human TARDIS for a moment before being distracted by Amy. She stepped into the main area and down the stairs where she sat down next to the Doctor, wearing her short skirt, red top and boots.

The Doctor was about to jump up and start heading towards 25th century Earth before Amy stopped him by telling him,

'Rory's sick,'

The Doctor purposely groaned loudly in annoyance. Rory being sick meant that they couldn't travel because Amy had to be besides him.

'Yes, I know, I know but hey! We could just hang around in the TARDIS?' Amy asked.

The Doctor groaned again and sunk deeper into the chair he was sat in.

Amy sighed and also did the same, the both of them watched the time rotor rise up and fall down for many minutes until they could both hear scuffling behind them. They turned around and looked at the sick Rory covered in nothing but a thick wooly quilt wrapped around him. His nose was red and he couldn't stop sniffling, but his face was pale white. Not a good mixture of colours.

The Doctor agreed with Amy this time, Rory was not okay.

Rory stood and swayed for a few seconds and coughed before talking with his raspy voice.

'No Amy, you go and have fun with him, I'll just stay here and..' Rory paused for a second, swaying slightly. His face turned the slightest bit grey as Rory stared ahead of him.

'Rory..' The Doctor stood up. He knew that Rory was going to faint and he took some more steps towards Rory whilst Amy stood and prepared for something to happen. Just as the Doctor was going to say his name again. Rory 's eyes fell back and his body started to fall backwards.

The Doctor sprinted forward and just caught Rory's head as Amy kneeled at the other side of Rory trying to wake him up.

'Let's get him to his bed Amy,' The Doctor suggested.

Amy nodded in agreement.

They both watched Rory sleep and both heard him snore occasionally in which Amy giggled at. Rory was okay now, his blood pressure had just gone out of balance for a few moments, causing him to faint.

He was now wrapped snugly in his quilt with water to the side of him. The Doctor chuckled and head off to the kitchen with Amy following him.

Amy then watched as the Doctor put the kettle on to boil and made 2 cups of tea. When he had finished he pushed a cup towards her whilst sipping his own. Amy frowned,

'Since when do you drink tea?' She asked.

'Since now,' The Doctor replied.

Amy paused for a while 'How very British of you,' She smirked.