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Title: The Shining Serpent

Author: Slytherin Studios

Beta: (Position Available)

Story Summary: After killing the Dursleys for betraying their master, the Baroness and Storm Shadow find a half-dead Amaryllis Potter in the cupboard under the stairs, they decide to take her with them back to France. The Baroness (or Ana Lewis or Anastasia DeCobray) decides to adopt her, and her husband agrees since it made her happy, Baroness also gets Storm Shadow to train Amaryllis when she was healed enough to train. What happens when Dumbledore finds out his favorite weapon is missing and the Dursleys are dead? What happen when an Order member locates the missing Girl-Who-Lived accidentally?

Chapter Summary: A tragic even happens to the Dursleys, Amaryllis gets rescued and Dumbledore worries about his weapon being missing.

Ships: Storm Shadow/Amaryllis, Snake Eyes/Scarlett, Duke/Baroness.

Chapter Cast: Storm Shadow, Baroness, the Dursleys, Amaryllis Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape.

~September 8th, 1986 - The Dursley Residence~

Three people huddled, terrified, against the sitting room wall, mostly they were terrified because the white clothed man had a very large sword. Said man was calmly admiring the sword as he stood at the side of a tall black haired woman.

The woman eyed the three people against the wall with disgust, after a moment she speaks, "You know why we're here, don't you, Mr. Dursley?"

Mr. Dursley had known why they were here the moment he opened the front door. So the only thing he could really do was nod pathetically. A small smirk appeared on the woman's face as the man behind her tilted his head towards the cupboard under the stairs as if hearing something no one else could.

"You've betrayed our master to the authorities, for that you will die, no one betrays cobra and lives to tell about it."

Mr. Dursley starts to sweat and whimper. The woman next to him hugs the young boy in the middle of them to her side while paling drastically.

"P-please, B-baroness, let t-them go." Stutters Mr. Dursley, gesturing towards his wife and son, he doesn't care at all with what should happen to his niece, he didn't want the useless freak anyway.

The woman, or Baroness, seems to ponder this but it was only a ruse. Her partner left the room, his head still tilted as if listening to something unheard. Baroness moved so fast only her partner would've noticed. She drew her silenced gun and emptied her magazine of 9. The first shot immediately killed the boy, the second shot hit Mrs. Dursley in the heard and the rest hit Mr. Dursley all over his body so that he would die a slow death.

The Baroness put her gun away and took out a red spray paint can and painted the Cobra symbol on the wall. Deciding to see what her partner was up to, she left the spray can behind, knowing the police won't get any prints due to her wearing gloves.

Upon entering the hall, she finds her partner kneeling in front of the open cupboard under the stairs, the tenseness of his shoulders and back meant that he was angry. Approaching him slowly but loudly, she asks, "Storm Shadow, what the hell are you doing?"

The man in white, or Storm Shadow, at first doesn't say anything but then angrily spits out in Japanese, "Watashi wa kare o gōmon shite iru hitsuyō ga arimasu! (I should have tortured him!)"

Baroness blinks at the sudden Japanese and steps closer to peer over his shoulder, and then she saw exactly what made her partner so angry. Because inside the cupboard was the body of a 6 year old little girl, she was badly beaten, the girl surprisingly still moving slightly despite her injuries.

"Take her with us." Baroness says as she stands to leave, Storm Shadow gingerly picks the girl up and walks after the Baroness. The two adults and one child got into a dark sedan with tinted windows and no plates and disappeared into the night, just missing an old man walking fast towards Number 4, Privet Drive.

Storm Shadow noticed the man, he hoped that man wasn't one of those magicals his family's heard about.

~Scotland, Hogwarts Castle - Headmaster's Office~

Thousands of miles away from the Dursley residence, several machines in the headmaster's office started crashing. From his spot on the balcony, the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, despite his old age, ran over to the machines with horror over his face.

He quickly runs over to his fireplace, not noticing his potions master and his deputy. Dumbledore grabs some powder and throws it in the fireplace. The fireplace roars to life with green flames, he steps in, surprisingly not burning himself and says, "Figg's House, Privet Drive!"

The other two quickly follow him, when they arrive at Privet Drive, they can hear the front door slam. They exit the house to see the headmaster head to a house directly across the street. They quickly head in that direction, they enter the house seconds after Dumbledore. The two find the Headmaster in the sitting room staring at the cobra symbol on the wall, not noticing the three dead bodies of the Dursleys.

There was no sign of Potter in the room or elsewhere in the house. Amaryllis Lillian Potter was missing.