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Title: The Shining Serpent

Author: Slytherin Studios

Beta: (Position Available)

Story Summary: After killing the Dursley's for betraying their master, the Baroness and Storm Shadow find a half-dead Amaryllis Potter in the cupboard under the stairs, they decide to take her with them back to France. The Baroness (or Ana Lewis or Anastasia DeCobray) decides to adopt her, and her husband agrees since it made her happy, Baroness also gets Storm Shadow to train Amaryllis when she was healed enough to train. What happens when Dumbledore finds out his favorite weapon is missing and the Dursley's are dead? What happen when an Order member locates the missing Girl-Who-Lived accidentally?

Chapter Summary: Lys calls her mom, the Joe's make a break through on the nanomites, and Snake Eyes and Duke get the password for Ana's phone.

Ships: Storm Shadow/Amaryllis, Snake Eyes/Scarlett, Duke/Baroness.

Chapter Cast: Amaryllis, Storm Shadow, Sirius, Remus, Kreacher, Scarlett, Beach Head, Duke, Snake Eyes, Cover Girl, Lady Jaye, Ana Lewis, Doc, Lifeline, General Hawk, Mainframe, Breaker, Gears, Hard Master (mentioned).

Other Note: Kmom13 is writing a revised version of this story which should be posted soon so keep an eye out.

Languages used so far: Japanese, French, ASL, Indonesian.
Other language
*Sign Language*

AN: Amaryllis outfit is like Girls' Generation Jessica's white leather outfit in 'Run Devil Run.'

+Duke's Room, G.I. Joe Headquarters, Classified Location+

Duke woke up at the crack of dawn; he then did his morning routine and then headed to the obstacle course.

Better known as 'Beach Head's torture device.'

By the time Duke got to the field, the only ones there were Scarlett and Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes and Scarlett's backs were to him but the only one to notice his approach was Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes turned around slightly to look at who was coming up behind them, Snake nods at him which makes Scarlett turned around to see what made her friend turned around.

Scarlett nodded at Duke as well and greeted Duke, "Morning Duke."

Duke nodded back and said, "Morning Scarlett, Snake."

The two nodded back and the three started to stretch, Duke could feel Snake's eyes on him.

Pretty soon the other Joe's arrived and Beach Head put them to work and right now they were wishing they were dead.

After a couple of hours, Beach Head finally decided they've had enough and let them go much to the relief of the group.

Scarlett was ahead of Duke talking to Lady Jaye & Cover Girl, Duke was wondering where Snake Eyes was and he didn't have to wonder for long as said man appeared at Duke's left side and when Duke finally noticed, he jumped.

Duke just placed his hand on his heart and said, "Jeez Snake, I'm beginning to think you like appearing behind people and scaring the daylights out of them."

Snake didn't say anything, like usual, but he tilted his head and pointed at himself as if he was saying 'who me?'

Duke just smiled and shook his head and says, "What can I help you with something?"

Snake just shook his head and signed [*No, but you need help with something.*]

Duke blinked and looked at Snake in confusion, he can't know about the encrypted phone, but he's a ninja, he definitely snuck into my room.

Duke gives Snake a contemplative look and then glances around nervously around to see if anyone was paying attention enough to try and eavesdrop before turning back to Snake before whispering, "Ana's phone is encrypted and I don't know the password."

Snake tilts his head and signs, [*Why don't you go to here and get the password?*]

Duke sighs and shakes his head, "Hawk's restricted visitors, and the only people who can see her are Hawk, Lifeline, Doc and Psyche-Out."

Snake understood that Duke needed help in getting the password without anyone noticing and no one will notice a ninja unless they wanted to be noticed and when they were noticed, it was too late.

Snake points at himself and then signs, [*I can help you with that, I'll get the password.*]

Duke sighs in relief and then says, "Thanks a lot Snake, one last thing – can you update Ana on the nanomite issue if possible?"

Snake nods and jogs off, Duke stares after the resident ninja before walking back to his room to change, and since his back was turned, he didn't see a pair of eyes watching him.

The Joe's drill sergeant, Beach Head, who can smell trouble and mischief zeroed in on one of the newest Joe's – Duke – and their resident ninja – Snake Eyes – talking about something.

When Beach Head first met Snake Eyes, he hadn't believed the man was a ninja until his first mission with the Joes, the things that man did made him a believer.

Beach narrowed his eyes at the duo and swore to himself that he would find out what those two were up too and in the corner of his eye he spotted someone who can possibly get Snake Eyes to admit what he was up too.

His target happened to be talking to Cover Girl and Lady Jaye, so he made his way over.

Scarlett was walking back to the women's changing rooms when she spotted Cover Girl and Lady Jaye talking up ahead of her and decided to join them.

Cover Girl and Lady Jaye heard someone coming up from behind them and they turned around to see that it was just Scarlett.

Lady Jaye was the first to greet Scarlett, "Hey Scarlett."

Cover Girl greeted Scarlett next, "Hello Scarlett."

Scarlett nods back and says, "Jaye, Cover Girl, how are you both?"

Jaye says she's okay but Cover Girl looked like she had something on her mind so Scarlett asked her what was on her mind.

Cover Girl sighs and then says, "I've been thinking about when the Pit was attacked, I almost died."

Jaye and Scarlett both put a comforting hand on their friends back as she continued, "Why did the enemy spare me?"

Jaye and Scarlett knew Cover Girl was talking about Snake Eyes' sword brother's female student. But neither of them understood what the student was thinking but they were glad she spared their friend and comrade.

Scarlett pats Cover Girls back and says, "When we find her, we will ask her."

Lady Jaye nods and says, "I agree with Scarlett, you just need to be patient for a while."

Cover Girl sighs a little and says, "Okay."

Scarlett, Cover Girl and Lady Jaye then started to talk about questions they would ask the female ninja.

After a minute, Scarlett heard someone coming up behind them so she turns around and sees their pit instructor and fellow sergeant Beach Head coming her way.

Beach Head made a gesture for Scarlett to come over to him. So Scarlett slowed down until she and Beach were side by side.

Scarlett looked at Beach Head with a raised eyebrow and curious as to what the man wanted and after a moment he spoke in his southern drawl, "Ya ninja friend and Duke are up t'ah something, we need t'ah find out what it is."

Scarlett's left eyebrow slightly rises in curiosity and says, "I think you're thinking too much into things Beach, maybe their discussing life or the situation with Cobra, they can do that can't they?"

Beach Head narrowed his eyes and says, "Maybe but Ah'm gunna find out what they're up t'ah."

Scarlett nods her head in an 'okay' gesture and Beach Head walks off toward the base.

Scarlett started walking back to Cover Girl and Lady Jaye but what Beach Head had said caught her curiosity and now she wanted to know what Snake Eyes and Duke were up too.

I'll just ask Snake about what he's up too.

+12 Grimmauld Place, London, Dueling room+


Smack! Grunt! Thud!


Smack! Grunt! Thud!

~Deep breath~

Storm Shadow and Lys were sparring in the dueling room since they woke up at 5 a.m.

It was now 8 a.m. in the morning and suddenly there was movement in the doorway which made Lys slightly turn to the left but that was a mistake as Storm Shadow grabbed Lys's right arm as she threw a punch and flipped her over and she landed on her back with a thud and an-


Storm Shadow looked down at Lys and says, "Always keep your eyes on your opponent."

Lys just huffed in response and gets up, looking at the doorway to see Kreature shifting in the doorway, so she asks, "What do you need, Kreature?"

Kreature shifted side to side for a second before saying, "Breakfast is ready now, mistress, master shadow."

Lys looks at Storm Shadow and then turns back to Kreature and says, "Thank you Kreature, we'll be there in a minute."

Kreature nods and leaves the room.

Lys turns back to Storm Shadow and says, "Do you want to take a break?"

Storm Shadow nods and says with small smile, "That's fine, your training was going to stop eventually anyway."

Lys raises an eyebrow but shrugs and says, "I'll meet you in the kitchen, hopefully the food isn't as greasy this time but I'm not betting on it."

Storm Shadow nods and watches as his favorite and one of 2 students walk out of the dueling room.

He then turns towards the weapon's wall where he sees an old bow and arrow that was hung on the wall.

Storm Shadow remembered the day his uncle died, how could they believe he did it; they didn't even bother to check to see if anyone else could've done it.

He shakes his head and sighs before moving away from the wall and walks out of the dueling room and into the kitchen where everyone in the house was gathered.

Sirius was sitting at the end of a long table drinking something, more than likely tea or butter beer.

Storm Shadow saw his student sitting on the left of her god-father, he had heard them talking about exploring Diagon Alley.

Sirius slows when he saw Storm Shadow enter the room but continues, "I think you'll like Diagon Alley, when do you want to go?"

Lys turns her head slightly when Storm Shadow had walked behind her but turns back to Sirius and says, "After lunch, I have some business to attend to first, we can meet up at the Leaky Cauldron."

Sirius nods and says, "That's good, Remus and I are going through some of the Black magic objects in the house."

Lys nods and stands, "Okay, try not to die yet."

Sirius just goes, 'ha ha ha,' in a flat tone before waving as Lys and Storm Shadow leave the room.

The pair quietly walks past the portrait of Sirius's mother, Walpurga; they haven't found a way to remove her yet. There might be a book on it in the Black Family library about it.

They exit the house and walk to a nearby alley way and Lys pulls out her phone and pauses.

Storm Shadow noticed her hesitation and says, "What's the hesitation for?"

Lys takes a breath and exhales, making a breath cloud, before saying, "If I dial mom's number, I don't know who will answer because they will take away everything on her as they process her."

Storm Shadow hm's and says, "That is a problem, but we cannot avoid this time."

Lys sighs and says, "I know."

+G.I. Joe Headquarters, Electronic Laboratory, Classified Location+

Mainframe and Breaker had finished reading the info on the nanomites and were building a device to make the nanomites useless with Gears, they tried freezing the nanomites but it didn't work that well. So they had to find some other way which led them to their current device.

So far they've made a mini-laptop device [1] and a device that looked like an ultrasound probe [2] and now they were working on de-activating the nanomites in the blood sample from the Baroness.

So far it wasn't working right.

Gears ruffles' his hair in frustration and says, "Why the hell isn't working right?"

Mainframe strokes his chin in thought and Breaker says, "Hm, maybe it needs to be a higher frequency?"

Gears looks at Breaker and says, "It's as high as it can go, how are we going to make it stronger."

Mainframe then spoke up, "Maybe if we tweek the chips in the ultrasound probe and computer, will that work?"

Gears and Breaker looked at Mainframe for a couple seconds before Breaker says, "That's a good idea, I'll take apart the laptop and ultrasound probe and you two bring all the chips that look like they'll fit into both devices."

Gears and Mainframe get up and dig through a box of computer chips and brings them back. It takes almost 3 days of almost non-stop work before they finally succeeded.

Once it was proven to work against a brand new sample of the Baroness's blood they went and showed their finding to Doc, Lifeline and General Hawk.

Doc wanted to be sure that it wasn't a one-time wonder and said that he'll draw some more blood to make sure the device will actually work.

Mainframe, Breaker and Gears nod in agreement and went back to electronic laboratory.

General Hawk made a call to their containment cells to bring prisoner #000013 to the infirmary and after a second he replied good and hung up.

Hawk then turns around to Doc and Lifeline and nods and they leave to get the blood withdrawal equipment ready.

Hawk then turns back around and goes back to trying to root out Cobra.

No one noticed Snake Eyes in the room and no one noticed him leave either, while Doc and Lifeline went to the infirmary the long way, the ninja went into the air ducts and went to the alpha groups lounge area and he peeked through a grate and found the person he was looking for.

He quietly opens the grate and slips out and then closes the grate. Duke didn't notice until Snake Eyes tapped him on the shoulder and made him jump in surprise.

Duke realized it was Snake Eyes and says, "Jesus, Snake Eyes, you scared the hell out of me!"

Snake Eyes just held up his hands for a second before signing, [*Sorry, but I have some news.*]

Duke takes a few calming breathes and says, "Really?" What type of news?"

Snake Eyes signed, [*They've succeeded in making a device to get rid of nanomites but General Hawk wants to make sure it wasn't a one-time thing.*]

Duke blinked and says, "And?"

Duke could almost feel and see daggers being thrown from behind Snake Eyes visor and he held up his hands in apology.

Snake Eyes nods and continues, [*Anyway, like I was saying, they are bringing the Baroness to the infirmary.*]

Duke froze and looked at Snake Eyes with disbelieving eyes, "Are you serious?"

Snake Eyes nods and signs, [*Yes, now let's go before she isn't there anymore.*]

Duke gets up and follows Snake Eyes and at the doorway does he remember the phone, "Snake, we need to the phone from my room before going to the infirmary."

Snake Eyes stops for a second and reaches into his pants pocket and produces the Baroness's phone, prompting Duke to say, "Never mind."

The two men quickly make their way to the infirmary.

Snake Eyes and Duke after about 10 minutes makes it to the infirmary. The Duo is literally made it just in time as they can hear the jingle of chains coming down the hallway.

They heard the doors to the infirmary open and close and now they had to think of a way into the infirmary without raising suspicion.

Duke signed in frustration, "How do we get in without suspicion?"

Snake Eyes just turned around to look at Duke and signs, [*I have an idea.*]

Duke raises an eyebrow and goes to speak but Snake Eyes rammed his elbow into Duke's face, hard enough to bleed but not enough to break anything.

Duke hisses in pain and glares at Snake Eyes but he doesn't notice as the ninja grabs Duke's arm and drags him through the infirmary doors.

On the far left stood two guards guarding an open area between a wall and the curtain block the view of the Baroness, Doc was behind the curtain making sure the blood withdrawal machine was doing what it was supposed to and Lifeline was in the office.

Lifeline looked up as the door opens and then he sees Duke's bleeding face along with Snake Eyes.

Lifeline quickly got up and pulled out some gloves and put them on before going over to Duke and he brings him over to an empty bed and makes him sit down.

While Lifeline was taking care of Duke's face, the two guards left the infirmary and waited outside the doors.

Doc came out from behind the curtain and just raised an eyebrow and says, "I don't want to know," and went into the office to find more blood bags.

Snake Eyes quickly went over to where the Baroness was at, the Baroness was lying on a hospital bed with blood being with drawled from her into a bag.

Ana was surprised to see Storm Shadow's 'sworn' enemy standing in front of her. Snake Eyes just held up her phone and shook it side to side and Ana said, "What about my phone?"

Snake Eyes made a gesture like he was pressing buttons and Ana got what he was trying to say, and she said, "You want my password, don't you?"

Snake Eyes nods and Ana sighs and says, "012888."

Snake Eyes nods and puts the phone away just as Doc came back over.

Doc stops just as the entrance when he sees Snake Eyes and says, "What are you doing here, Snake?"

Snake Eyes just looks at Doc and signs, [*Just making sure she doesn't escape.*]

Doc seemed to believe what Snake Eyes said and said, "Thank you, Snake, Lifeline's taken care of Duke."

Ana frowned, worried about what happened to Duke for him to end up in the infirmary.

Snake Eyes heard Lifeline coming and stepped out of the way as Lifeline came through the opening with two more blood bags and while the two doctors were distracted, Snake Eyes left the area and went over to where Duke was just as one of the guards came back in.

The guard salutes Duke and Snake who returns the salute and the guard continues, Duke and Snake Eyes leave and make their way to Duke's room.

Just as they got 3 corridors away from Duke's room, Snake Eyes heard footsteps and recognized them to be Scarlett's and tapped Duke on the shoulder and when Duke turned around, Snake signed, [*we're being followed, I'll meet up with you later, the phone's password is 012888.*]

Snake Eyes didn't give Duke a chance to respond and the ninja was gone, Snake Eyes went into the direction of where Scarlett was coming from.

Scarlett was thinking about what Beach Head had said this morning and walked around looking for Snake Eyes or Duke and the first place she looked was the infirmary and that's where she hit pay dirt.

Lifeline and Duke told her that the two had been there but left not too long ago & Doc told her that Snake Eyes had watched the Baroness for a while, while she was getting her blood drawn which made her curious, she thanked the two medics and left.

Scarlett decided to go to Duke's room, if she can't find Snake Eyes and get the truth from him, then she can get it from Duke. All of a sudden of a flash of black comes across her vision and disappears on her right and so she follows him.

Duke, meanwhile, quickly got to his room and once he entered, he locked his door and then sat down on his bed. He then takes out the phone and types in the password. After a tense couple of seconds, the phone unlocked and Duke breathed a sigh of relief and just as he went to press the phone book button, the phone rings.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Duke wasn't sure at first if he should answer it and in the spur of the moment his body decided for him and pressed the green phone icon and puts the phone to his ear.

A young female voice on the other end said:

"Hello? Mom?"

Chapter Playlist:
Ailee- Mind Your Own Business
Girls Generation- You Think
Nasty Nasty- Knock
9Muses- Sleepless Night

[1] - iRiver D5
[2] - Ultra-sound probe, sonosite L38e Linear Array

Author's Note: Hey all I'm sorry for not updating for a long time, I just couldn't figure out what to write and I was busy with moving and I hope this chapter makes up for it and any ideas will be much appreciated. Also I would like to put up the poll for the house again:

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