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Toothless Pov

I was with Hiccup and Gobber. Hiccup had found an antient stone and trying to ask Gobber what it does. "Look Gobber I think these are words" Hiccup said. "If they were I wouldn't know how to read em" Gobber replied. "Don't you have any books to tell us?" Hiccup asked. "Come with me lets go see" he said. I observed the stone from up close. Wait a minute it says With this antient chime you will travel back in time I read it out loud. I felt the room move and wind started moving all around. I got sucked into a corner I tried to fly put the wind pressure was too high. I arrived on top of a forest... Falling. I passed out as I hit the ground.

Sid Pov

"So guys what do you?" I asked. "I don't know" Diego said. "Lets do something fun!" I said. "Like what? Its not like something is just going to pop out of the sky!" Many said. All of a sudden we heard something crash into the medow. "You stand corrected" I said. "Should we go check it out?" Diego asked. "Let me call Peaches and Ellie" Many said. "Don't forgett us!" Eddie and Crash said. "Come on it might leave!" I said. "Alright lets move everybody!" Many said. "Umm dad where exactly are we moving towards?" Peaches asked. "Sid wanted to see something that landed in the forest" May replied. "But what if nothing landed their?" Ellie asked. "Then we'll be traveling for nothing!" Eddie said. "Thats exhasting!" Crash said. "Its better than doing nothing" Diego said. Then we arrived at a black thing with giant wings and a long tail. Thats when it started to wake up.

Toothless Pov

I woke up and heard voices in the back round. "Dad what is it?" "I don't know but don't get to close" "Cool can we keep it?" "Please Ellie!" "I wouldn't if I were you" "Look its waking up!". My head snapped up and I got in attacking position. This human like creature with fur and claws came up to me. "Hheeellllooo! MY. NAME. IS. SID! WE. COME. IN. PEACE!" it said. "I can understand you fine idiot!" I snapped. He backed up. "What are you?" the big one with horn like things coming out of its mouth. "Are you stupid? Haven't you ever seen a Dragon?" I asked. "Calm down we just want to help you?" a female one asked. "I don't need help especially from you guys!" I hissed. "Thats hurtfull" a small possem said. "Hey they heard you fall and they wanted to help you can you at least be a little grateful?!" another smaller version of the other creature said. "No I'm not grateful because I'm stuck here with animals I don't even know of!" I said. "Hey calm down" a smaller animal that looked like a tiger. "I can kill all of you!" I growled. "Then you'll have to get through me!" the one called Sid said. I blasted it with a small fireball but it dodged it. "Ahh! Many!" Sid said running.

I was preparing to attack again. "No wait! We mean no harm please!" the older female said. I calmed down. "I am not from this time age I am from the future and different area" I replied. "Oh how is the future like?" a possem asked. "There are no animals that look like you guys" I replied. "Well I'm Ellie and I'm a Mamoth (Not sure how to spell it)" she said. "Humans call me Toothless vut I will not reveal my real name" I said. The tiger snickered. "Whats so funny?!" I growled. "Do you have any teeth?" he asked. I opened my mouth. "Hey look no teeth-" Sid said until I snapped my teeth out. He jumped back. "Whats this about humans?" the larger male Mamoth asked. "Yes I used to kill humans but now we live in peace" I replied. "We don't like to get close to humans" a possem said. "Anyways I'm Many" he said. "I'm Peaches" the younger one said. "I'm Crash and I'm Eddie" both of them said. "What about the tiger over there?" I asked. "I'm a saber tooth! My name is Diego!" he snapped. "Hey you wanna stay with us?" Sid asked. "Will you guys help me get home?" I asked. "Sure" Ellie said. "You have to promise not to attack" Many said. "Or eat us!" Crash said. "Fine" I said rolling my eyes.

"So where do you guys live?" I asked. "Up ahead" Peaches said. I followed them. "So what can you do?" Diego asked. "I'm one of the best predators" I said proudly. "So am I how do you hunt?" he asked. "I have sharp teeth, sharp claws, fire breathe, and I am very fast" I replied. "Fast huh? You wanna find out if your fast?" he asked. "You challenging me?" I asked. "No I just wanna find out" Diego replied. "You're on!" I said. We began running. Diego was fast for a tiger or Sabertooth. I was ahead by a bit. I decided to pounce on a tree. From that I jumped from tree to tree and flew way ahead. I gave him time to catch up. "Hey you cheated" he said. "I have wings and I like using them" I replied smirking. Soon the others caught up. "Wow you can actually fly!" Eddie said. "What do you think I had wings for?" I asked. I stretched my wing span out. Then I saw a little creature that was in a hole. I was hungry and determined. I pounced on it and I was prepared to squish him. "Louis!" I heard Peaches call out.

"Don't kill him!" she pleaded. I got off him. "What happened to not killing?!" Diego asked. "I said I won't kill you animals I never promised other animals" I replied. "Hey you need someone to teach you some respect!" Sid said. I blew a very tiny tiny fireball carefull not to harm him. "I'm on fire help help help" he said running off. I laughed. "You said no harming us!" Many demanded. "He annoyed me" I replied un amused. "C'mon Peaches I think we should go!" Ellie said. They left then a female 'Sabertooth' came out. "What going on?!" she asked. "Oh more tigers" I muttered. "I perfer Sabertooth! Who is this guy?!" she asked. "He's a Dragon" Diego said. "Yes and this Dragon is going to hunt!" I said. "Don't kill any of our friends!" Many called out. "No promises" I replied taking off into the skies.

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