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Shadow POV~~

The nerve of him! To think, that I'm coming back for him again. "Where's Stormfly?" Barf asked. "She'll catch up. Lets find the others" I said. We silently glided through the trees. Crash and Eddie looked very happy to be on Barf and Belch. They had their tongue out, while enjoying the breeze. I wish I could enjoy life like that. I scented the herd right where we left them. "What do we do now?" Manny asked. "Ellie and Peaches, you stay here. I'll go call Gutt and when he brings out his army, we'll attack" I said. "When do I go to get the stone, mate?" Buck asked. "When Gutt goes back to his hide out, you will follow him" I said. "What if he doesn't go?" Buck asked. "Please, Gutt's too much of a coward to fight with these Dragons" I said. "Do I still have to do nothing?" Sid asked. "Actually, you will Protect Ellie and Peaches" I said. "What?" Peaches asked. I gave her a look. "Ohh, okay Sid, I guess you'll protect us" Peaches said. "I won't let you down Shadow!" Sid said. "What about us?" Crash asked. "Make sure Sid doesn't mess up anything" I whispered. "Got it!" Eddie said. "When do we fight?" Meatlug asked. "Oh believe me, you'll know" I said. "What are we waiting for?" Crash asked. "Lets just wait 5 more minutes to see if Stormfly will come. Enjoy these last moments" I said.

They separated. Manny with his family, Sid with his elder, Toothless' friends together, and Diego and Shira were talking.I hid by them while listening and watching their conversation. "Uh, Shira" Diego said. "Yes, Diego?" Shira asked. "I think it's a good idea that we worked together" Diego said. "Why?" Shira asked. "Well, I-I don't want anything happening to you" he said shyly. "Oh Diego, you know I can take care of myself" Shira said. "I know, but, if something happened to you-" then she just stood quiet. They both stood quiet. "Diego" Shira said. "Yes?" he asked. Then both of them looked into each others eyes. I don't know how to explain it but it's almost as if they were bonding. Only, this was a much deeper thing the a bond. I think they were soul mates, possibly. I knew, they loved each other. It almost pained me to watch them. I guess, I was jealous of how they could do that. When they both nuzzled each other, I decieded to leave. When I saw that, I was reminded of Toothless. I shook my head sadly and went back to the group. "Alright, I will call Gutt" I said. I came to a wide area near Gutt's hide out. "Gutt! Come out!" I yelled. I heard thumps get closer to me. "Shadow!" Gutt exclaimed. "Surprise" I said.

"Where were you?" Gutt asked playing dumb. "Cut the act, Gutt. I know you sent someone to kill me. I want to fight your so called army!" I said. "That's a little risky, if you ask me" Gutt said. "Risky for you" I muttered. "You and what army?" he asked. The others took that signal to come. "You do know Shadow was working for me, right?" Gutt asked. "Don't even use that theick on us, it won't work" Manny said. "Fine" Gutt said. He whistled. Nothing happened. He whistled again. "We took out your night guards" Barf said. "I have more Dragons than that!" Gutt yelled. This time, he whistled very very loudly. Soon enough, many prehistoric Dragons began to surround us. "Good luck" Gutt said leaving. Buck took that as a signal to go. I shot 3 fireballs in the air so Rudy could come. "Attack!" I yelled. Wings started flapping and the Dragons started piling. There we more Dragons than I was expecting. Hookfang was on fire and was burning and comping down on the Dracodons. Meatlug used her tail and fireballs. Luckily her skin was hard enough not to get injured by the other Dragons. Where was Stormfly? She should've been back already!

My thoughts were interupted but Dragons attacking me. I growled and pounced on them. I clawed their face and I shot hot fire balls at them. I used my hind legs to push them backwards and bump into each other. Manny used his large tusks to throw off the Dragons that flew at him. Diego and Shira sunk their teeth at each Dragon that got near them. The Megadracosaurs' really put up a fight. I got some wounds from their teeth. Barf and Belch kept gassing the place. The Prehistoric Dragons either died of the poison or the explosion that the Zipplebacks made. Every time I manage to knock out a Dragon there would be another one behind me. I threw many fireballs at the Dragons behind me. Hookfangs fire soon died out. He's lucky he has sharp teeth and talons. Meatlug was constantly eating boulders so her fire wouldn't die out. All of a sudden I saw spikes being thrown at me. I ducked and the Dragon behind me received the spikes. I turned and saw Stormfly and Toothless also helping out. Toothless was here! "You might want to pay attention, we wouldn't want you making another careless mistake" Toothless said sternly. "Wouldn't dream of it" I replied.

No POV with Buck~~

Buck secretly followed Gutt to his hide out. Buck had gone unnoticed. When Gutt sat down putting his hand behind his head, he heard a noise. Buck showed himself. "Are you supposed to be Butt?" Buck asked. "It's Captain Gutt, who are you?!" Gutt asked. "You're a captain? Then where's ya ship, mate?" Buck asked jumping on a tree. "I currently don't have one. Now, who are you?!" Gutt asked again. "So your the Captain Butt that everybody's talking about" Buck said. "I'm glad I'm well known" Gutt said smirking. "I imagined you much more fierce. I thought you were a Dinosaur, but your just a monkey! How are you even well known?" Buck asked. Gutt pulled out his sharp claws. "Does this answer your question?" he asked. "No, not really" Buck replied. Gutt swung his large claws at Buck. SWOOSH! In a flash Buck had jumped on another tree. "C'mon mate, ya have to be quicker than that!" Buck mocked. The more Gutt swung the more Buck jumped. Gutt is used to trapping and tying his prisoners, but Buck was so fast to capture. "I have to admit weasel, your pretty fast, how about you join my team, and I don't kill you"

Gutt offered. "Sorry Captain Butt, Buck is more of a solo guy" Buck replied. That was when Buck spotted it. The stone was behind a bush. He took out his tooth knife. Gutt saw what he was doing and blocked the stone from him. "The hard way it is, then" Buck muttered smirking. Buck jumped and reached for the stone while Gutt swung many times and if he would of actually hit the target, then Buck would be chopped up. Buck brought up his knife and dashed Gutt's belly. Gutt roared in pain but he hit Buck. Buck fell backwards but quickly got up and dusted himself off. Gutt bought up a fish sword. "This is going to be fun" Buck said. Gutt held his gut while it was bleeding. Buck jumped up and swung. Gutt counter attacked. They moved a lot while they knocked down random things. Buck managed to knock down Gutt's sword. As Gutt swung his claws down there was a dinosaur roar. As Gutt was distracted Buck grabbed a vine and lassoed his arm and pulled it. Gutt fell on the ground. Once he looked up he saw Buck smirking with the stone in his paw. Gutt roared in anger as Buck left. Gutt could beat Sid, maybe Shira, maybe Diego, maybe Ellie, possibly Manny, but not Buck.

Toothless POV~~

We had been fighting these Dragons for a while now. Some of them dead, some retreating, and others still fighting. Rudy had also come along. He certainly made a big entrance. He gave a loud roar, and entered the battle. It was clear, that he was serious. The Dragons tried to climb him but Rudy took them of with his giant claws and ate some of them. Rudy made sure he was the boss. I didn't object because this isn't my territory to rule, Berk is. Rudy did have an advantage because of his size. He could use his large tail to easily swipe smaller animals. He is a real worthy predator. There was only a small amount of Gutt's army now. I had to watch out for Shadow a couple of times since she was very careless. A Dragon was attacking from the side and if I hadn't shot a fireball at it, she would've had a fatal wound. Maybe it was on purpose. I might of looked angry when I helped her, but I liked assisting her. I did have some small wounds, but I had a disadvantage since I couldn't fly. Manny, Hoofang and I fought the rest of the Dragons. The others were very tired. Stormfly has gotten tired of flinging her spikes. Barf and Belch were tired of gassing. Meatlug was tired of eating boulders. Shira and Diego's jaw hurt from them using their fangs. I guess Shadow was helping too. I haven't spoken to her, since I arrived.

All four of us cornered the remainder of the Dragons. They had no choice but to flee. When they did, we all cheered. Then as a cheer, Rudy gave another loud roar. The others and I roared along with him. After that, Rudy silently left, he had no more business here, and I'm sure he didn't want to see Buck. Ellie, Peaches, Crash, Eddie, Sid, and old sloth came out if the forest once they heard cheering. I looked at Shadow. She looked very happy and relieved by the way she jumped and cheered. She saw me looking at her. I hesitantly smiled with a hint of awkward. Shadow awkwardly smiled back. For the first time since the incident, I made eye contact with her. Suddenly our eye contact was ripped apart. Someone had tackled Shadow. Gutt. This was all happening so fast, Shadow didn't even have time to react. Gutt's sword was bought down roughly three times on Shadow's face. Shadow pushed him off and used her paw to cover her face. I was quick to react with anger. I grabbed Gutt with my teeth by the back of his throat. Before Gutt could even yell, I glided to the edge of a cliff. Once I opened my mouth, Gutt was doomed to fall. I would've flown to another cliff, but I can only glide without a tailfin. I heard no scream of Gutt's. He choose his death to be silent. It is still unknown, whether he was a worthy competitor. I quickly came back to the herd. Shadow's head was still in her paws. I walked over to her. "Shadow?" I asked.

Her head slowly went up. I gasped. Her left eye was bloody. "Someone, get me some water" I said. Stormfly flew by a pond and filled up a shell with water. Shadow was quiet, probably in shock. I grabbed the tip of the shell and splashed it on her face. Licking her wound won't work. This was too deep. "Shadow, don't move" I said. She didn't. I blew one of my less powerful fireballs at her. She winced and put her head in her paws again. "Why did you do that?" Shira asked. "Another Dragons less powerful fire can heal a wound" Stormfly said. "How's her eye?" Sid asked. Once again her head slowly came up. Shadow opened both of her eyes. Everybody gasped. On her left eye, there was a scar with the shape of a tilted, sort of sharp 'S'. It was an 'S' like her name. "Starring is rude" she said. "You have an 'S' on your eye, mate" Buck said. Her eyes widened and she went to a pond to see her reflection. She came back very shocked. "Uh, Shadow, are you okay?" Manny asked. "It's just a scar. Why the sad faces? We just defeated Gutt, shouldn't you be happy?" Shadow asked. She grinned and we all started cheering again.


The sun was out and everything seemed peaceful. We were going home. We were in on a large cliff. My friends haven't known the herd for too long, so they just said their mere goodbyes and they waited fore me. Shadow went to everybody to say goodbye also. "I'm glad you all are finally going home" Manny said. "Me too, I'm going to miss all of you. "I'm going to miss you to Nightclaw" Crash said crying next to me. "I'm going to miss having a Dragon friend" Eddie said. "I'm going to miss you Nightclaw. Remember that time you almost ate me? Those were the times" Sid said. He patted my back. "Take care Toothless, we'll miss you" Ellie said. Peaches nodded. "Goodbye Nighclaw, have a safe trip" Shira said. I'm going to miss talking to the only sane animal around here" Diego said. "I'm going to miss seeing you get whipped. I heard you and Shira are an item now" I said. "Yeah, u-uh I guess" he said. "Thata boy! Don't forget about the tips I gave you" I said. "Of course not" he replied. I went to Buck. "I'm really going to miss you, you psychotic weasel" I said. "Me too. I'm going to miss someone that's adventurous as me" Buck said. "So am I. Your the first animal I've met that has more experience than me" I said.

"Thanks mate, means a lot to me" Buck said. We both nodded each other a good bye. Apologies were given to Shadow. Somehow we ended up alone, away from the others. They were all conversing happily, while I was alone with Shadow. "Sooo" I began. "Sooo" she copied. "I guess you weren't working for Gutt anymore" I said. "Nope. When I was alone with you last time, I wanted to confess to you everything. I wanted to betray Gutt. Things just seemed different at the time" she said. "I understand. Gutt made you look bad, and then I acted like an asshole" I muttered. "Pretty much" she said. I gave her a look. "Well, you did have a reason too. I'm glad you did come to help, and you also healed my eye, even though the scar is permanent" Shadow said. "I'm glad my friendship actually meant something to you" I said. "It always will. I've always remembered your promises that you made me" she said. "Do you regret having this adventure?" I asked. "No, although I don't love every minute of it, I'm glad I did have this adventure. After all, everything happens for a reason" Shadow said.

"It does, doesn't it. So what's gonna happen next?" I asked. "You can be with your human friends, and I'll continue traveling" she replied. "Right" I said looking away. "Toothless!" Meatlug called. Shadow went by the rock next to my friends. I sighed. "You know something I heard very long ago?" Diego asked. I shook my head. Buck also found his way into listening to our conversation. "Someone once told me that sometimes, you don't realize what you have, until it's gone forever" Diego said. "But I do know what I have" I said. "Look a little closer, mate" Buck said. I saw my friends cheering Shadow's name while she laughed. "Guys! Come over here!" Crash said. All of us came. "Lets all put our paw print there, so we can remember this day!" Sid exclaimed pointing at a large murky mud puddle. "What the heck, lets just do it" I said. The 17 of us put our paw print in the mud. "Dog pile!" Crash yelled. They piled on top of me. Then Diego, then my friends, and Buck was on top. Manny, Ellie, and Peaches just watched. After that all of us stood by the stone. "Have a nice life, this stay was a lot of fun. Hopefully I could come back" I said smirking. "Sure.." Manny said.

"Stay adventurous" Buck yelled. "I will" I yelled. Then we read the chime at the same time. "With this ancient chime you'll travel forward in time" we read. There was a bright light illuminating everywhere. I felt so rushed. So much force was pushing me forward. I landed with a big bang on the ground. I opened my heavy eye lids. My friends were getting up. Shadow was stretching her wings. "So, where you going?" I asked. "This night, I'm going to stay in the nearest small island from here. Then I leave" Shadow replied. "Oh. Promise not to forget about me?" I asked. "Trust me, it's going to be a life time, before I forget about you" Shadow replied. I gave her a toothless smile. She returned it. After that, she took off, getting smaller as she went farther. "Lets go to the village!" Hookfang exclaimed. I brightened. Hiccup! I glided as fast as I could to the house. I came in through the window. Hiccup was laying on his bed. "Please come back later, who ever it is" Hiccup said not looking up. I jumped by Hiccup and I started playfully licking his face. "Toothless!" Hiccup exclaimed.

He jumped up and gave what humans call a 'hug'. "I missed you so much bud! Where were you! You and the other Dragons have been gone for 3 days!" Hiccup exclaimed. It seems like more days to me. "Bad Dragon! I thought you were never going to return" Hiccup said. I gave him a toothless smile. "As long as your back. At leaset warn me before you leave" Hiccup said. I nudged him playfully. I wonder how long I've been in the Ice Age. Lets go outside. Once again I was reunited with Hiccup. I still feel like somethings missing. I saw Hiccup's friends play around with each other. The sun was setting. I was home again. I was only have satisfied with it. "Go" Stormfly said. "You only have a until today before she leaves" Stormfly said. "You mean Shadow?" I asked. "Who else? If you don't go now, you'll never see her again. You might as well consider her dead" she said. I smilied. I bumped into Hiccup. "Woah, what is it Toothless?" Hiccup asked. I looked at my tail, then I looked at the sky. "You want to fly?" Hiccup asked. I nodded. "Its kind of late, don't you think?" Hiccup asked. I shook my head. "Well okay then, let me put the saddle on you" Hiccup said.

He put the saddle on me. "Toothless stop moving, we're going to take much longer" Hiccup said crossing his arms. I couldn't contain myself. I really wanted to see Shadow. Hiccup got on the saddle. I immediately took off. "Woah! Toothless, where are you taking me?" Hiccup asked. I flew very fast. I searched the big sea trying to find a small island. "What are you looking for?" Hiccup asked. My eyes narrowed when I saw the small island. I landed quickly. I tried to take off the saddle so I could search for Shadow. "Hold on bud, let me take it off" Hiccup said laughing at my eagerness. Once it was off I ran looking various places. Hiccup ran behind me. "Shadow!" I yelled out. "Shadow?" I yelled out. I got no response. "Shadow?" I whispered. I could only hear the sounds of birds chirping. Am I too late? Did she leave already? I sighed and hung my head down. I was about to go to Hiccup until I felt violently pounced on. I took a look at the eyes in front of me. There were the same blue eyes that I had met, along with a scar on the left one.

"I didn't think you'd come back that quickly" Shadow teased. "I didn't think you'd miss me this much" I said. "So, why have you come, Toothless?" Shadow asked. I looked into her eyes. I saw all our memories when we were in the Ice Age. I saw what she went through. I felt her feelings. These unexplainable, jumpy, admiring, loving, heart racing, feelings. Also classified as love. "Toothless!" Hiccup exclaimed. I could barely hear him. I chuckled and nuzzled her. "You know I can't stand you" Shadow said. "I think you mean that you can't stand to live without me" I corrected. "Shut up" she said giving me a lick. After that we practiced pouncing and pinning each other down to see who would end up on top, while Hiccup sat and playfully laughed at both of us.


With Ice Age gang

Eventually the herd found its way back to the surface. Buck would sometimes come visit them more often. Other than that, Buck remained crazy and adventurous, as always. Rudy, was still King of his territory. Those Pre-historic Dragons never retuned. Diego and Shira never stopped loving each other. Nobody really knew who was the dominant in that relationship. Manny was still over protective over his family. Then one day Manny was talking about that same topic. "Do you think Nightclaw will ever return?" Crash asked. "I'm sure he won't" Manny said. "How can you be so sure" Diego asked. "Sid gave me the stone to travel" Manny said. "Actually.." Sid said hesitating. "Sid, what did you do?" Manny asked. "That stone is fake and I only told you it was real so you wouldn't get mad because I was the one that told Buck where we live" Sid said. "Yay! That means there's a chance Nightclaw will come back!" Eddie exclaimed.

With How to train your Dragon gang

Everybody was astonished at the new Night Fury. She was drawn onto the book of Dragons. Her scar was occasionally questioned, which was never answered. Toothless' friends accepted her and they because good friends. Berk also welcomed her. Nobody dared to try and claim her or ride her, or they'd have to deal with Toothless. The male Dragons of the village thought that Toothless was the dominant and the females thought that Shadow was the dominant. Toothless once again felt happy. Shadow managed to learn how to be happy in one place. Hookfang, learned how to death glare (thanks to Shadow), Meatlug never left Fishles' side anymore since she didn't want snother incident. Stormfly became very good friends with Shadow. Barf and Belch decided to to more crazy stunts thanks to Crash and Eddie. Every night, Shadow and Toothless stared at the moon and stars. Shadow and Toothless were also considered the 'love birds' but if anyone said anything, they'd get beaten up personally.

One day, Hiccup made a big discovery. "Guys look!" Hiccup said bringing in a stone with Snotloud into the Dragon Academy. What he had found, was a fossil with 17 foot prints. "That looks ancient!" Astrid exclaimed. "Is that a Gronkle foot print?" Fishlegs asked. "Woah that looks like some of the foot prints of todays Dragons!" Astrid exclaimed. "Do you think that, that's the foot print we took?" Shadow asked. Her and Toothless laid down very close together with their tails playing with each other. "Probably" Toothless said while nipping at ear and purring, almost like a lullaby. She chuckled. "What ever happened to the magical stone?" Shadow asked. "I buried it after I found it again" Toothless said. "Would you ever want to return?" Shadow asked. Toothless just kept purring even louder and kept nibbling and nipping at her ears. He spend some time doing this until he broke the melody of his purring, once he began to talk again. "I wish that the humans could discover that we traveled back in time" Toothless said leaving her ear alone. "Why is that?" Shadow asked while laying her head on Toothless paws. "So they know, that we knew, How to survive Ice Age"


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