Title: Fire and Chronos

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Story Category: Baten Kaitos

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I don't own the Baten Kaitos universe.

Main Character: Lyude

Pairing: Lyude/OC, Lyuvann/Almarde (mentioned), Kalas/Xelha, Gibari/Savyna…

Generation: Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean

Summary: As a reward for Lyude's help for restoring the ocean to the world, the Great Whale decides to physically bring his soul mate to the Baten Kaitos world...

Prologue: Part 1

Kalas severing the bond between him and Myst felt like knives piercing my heart. I hadn't expected that kind of pain to envelop me when I clearly hadn't been bonded with her in the first place. "No!" I cry out, falling to my knees. "Myst, don't go!" My actions must have mystified my companions because Gibari is talking.

"Kid, I'm sorry...but she's gone and there's nothing you can do." Gibari announces. I glare at the fisherman. 'I know that she's gone, Gibari. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be on my knees like this, crying my eyes out at being abandoned again!' I think angrily.

"I love you..." I sob, beyond caring if Kalas and the others can hear me. Xelha, Mizuti and Savyna all gasp behind me.

"The Great Mizuti has never heard of this happening before." Mizuti says in shock. I hear Savyna agree with her and add that maybe Xelha has heard of my situation.

"It's rare." Xelha comments next. "But not unheard of. This must mean some sort of physical or mental bond must have formed between Myst and Lyude." I feel worse than when Skeed shot Almarde, like I have lost someone irreplaceable in my life. Maybe I have lost her for good, but I could have sworn on a few occasions, she had put her hand on my shoulder or hugged me. Spirits don't do that as far as Kalas is concerned.

I wish I knew what she looked like...the few times I had been brave enough to converse with her, she couldn't describe her physical features. I get up, hastily brush off the back of my pants and suggest to the others that for now, we head to Diadem. Right now, the pain of losing Myst is too new for me and almost too much for me to bear. I cannot work on the reform of my homeland when there is a huge hole in my heart.

She comes to me in my dreams. Her hair color is a shade lighter than the red of Vallye's hair. Those mischievous eyes of hers are sparkling blue like the newly returned ocean. And she's shimmering, no, fading out of existence. "Myst!" I yell into my pillow. Then I wake up again. It's the third such dream that I've had since coming to Diadem. I glance at the clock on my bedside table. Two o' clock in the morning. I place my pillow on my face and go back to sleep. Another dream happens.

"Myst!" I say excitedly. I'm so happy to see her. No matter what form the dream takes, I'm happy to see her.

"Lyude." It's the first time in my dreams that she's spoken. "Come and feel this!" I approach her and realize that she's pregnant with my...no, our child. She's got a smile on her face like the cat who's gotten into the cream. Placing a hand on her swollen abdomen, I feel our child kick for the first time. My hand feels like its being tickled. "I wish Almarde was still alive." she admits, referring to my nurse, whom I've always thought of as my mother.

"Why?" I ask her, taken aback at her question.

"So that she could hold her grandchild, Lyude." I blink. Grandchild? I think of Almarde as my mother, yes, but... "Lyude, she is your biological mother. Think about it. Would a mother stand aside and watch as her son's half brother shot her son? Almarde didn't and I wouldn't either." I kiss her cheek.

"Our child is lucky to have you as their mother." I murmur, meaning what I said as I gently caressed the swell of her belly. "And I'm lucky to have you as my wife. Thank you for marrying me."

"Thank you for loving me." I hear her say with happiness in her tone. "I wonder why our connection was so difficult to sever..."

"I didn't want you to go." I freely admit as I rest my head on her shoulder. "You're my other half." She places her hand on mine and sighs happily as she interlaces her fingers with mine. "I want a girl." I whisper in her ear.

"I want a boy," she mumbled. "And there's no way of knowing until he or she is born." I chuckle, knowing that's the end of the baby gender debate for now.

I wake up again and I smile at the dream, even though I know that event will never happen. I must miss her a lot to be having dreams like this. I wonder how she's doing as I get up and head to Alfard. Once back home, I stare at the loosened brick that covers a space in my home. Pulling it out, I discover a journal.

It's Almarde's journal. The journal neatly falls open to a page and I eagerly read it.

Dear Journal,

Well the nine long months are finally over. Lyuvann and I have a son that we have decided to name Lyude. Even though he's our son, I have agreed to Lyuvann's plan of concealing Lyude's heritage. It wouldn't do to let our son know that he is in fact my son when I am ashamed of hurting Lyuvann's family by having the affair with him in the first place.

I stare at the entry. I'm Almarde's son? Then why couldn't she have told me that she was my natural mother? I would've understood that I had to keep it a secret! It seems everyone abandons me when I need them the most: My father, Almarde, Myst, even Skeed and Vallye! I slam the journal shut, throw it into the secret space and pound the brick back into place. I will not be back here for a very long time.

I lied about going back. There are two letters addressed to me and my wife in that journal and I've gone to retrieve them. There's only one woman who I would even consider asking to be my wife and that is Myst but she's gone and I have absolutely no desire to marry anyone else. Why would I even want to marry someone else?

"Lyude...You have to marry." King Ladekahn was stating.

"No, I don't have to marry. The woman that I would have asked is gone by Kalas' own hand, sire." I reply harshly. "She's the only woman who would accept me based on my stone – carver's blood." I'm not too sure of what I have said is true anymore, but I would have liked her to know at least that I would always love her no matter what.

"Stone – carver's blood? Isn't that part of what Skeed said to you?" Kalas looked confused. I don't care. 'She's gone, Kalas. By your hand.' I think angrily.

"Yes, it is." I reply as I look down at the floor. For all my insecurities, I miss her and wish that she was here with me. I know that Kalas and Gibari are looking at me out of pity while I have my back turned, but they have Xelha and Savyna respectively. They wouldn't understand.

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