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To say that Peru felt distressed after leaving Tokyo Tower would be... well, a bit of an understatement. In fact, when she teleported back home, she ended up in Lima, her capital city, instead of her house in the Andes Mountains.

Sighing at her distracted mind, she let Jose fly back home, too tired and weary from her argument with Japan to bother teleporting again. She needed to complete some more paperwork anyway, so she started her walk to her house in the capital.

"Hijo de su mama..." she mumbled, switching to Spanish. "It's noon, yet I felt like a fought a battle."

Peru then frowned, thinking back to what Japan/Kuro said. Right now he has reverted back to his Imperial Mode, which was why he teamed up with Germany to kidnap the lookalikes. Now there is no telling what the two are planning to do now. The only good news is that the countries managed to outlaw killing off the lookalikes.

Groaning, the Hispanic nation looked to the cloudy sky, distressed. "What will happen now Mama?" she whispered, hoping that Inca was listening. "My friend is not himself, and I have no idea where MY lookalike is. I need help. Desperatly."

Struggling not to shed tears, Peru tightened her fists. "Along with everyone else who is in danger."

"... I see," Ancient Egypt said. She shook her head before taking a sip from her milk and honey elixir. "So that must be why Germania and Rome went back to the Living World."

Sharing her grave expression, Inca Empire fingered her golden axe. "I don't blame them. Their sons have been involved in this whole incident, not to mention that one of them is seemingly possessed. I would have done the same if I were in their position."

Maya Empire chuckled. "You would have reverted to the form of an infant?" She asked while leaning her head against her propped up hand, amused.

Smirking, Inca shook her head, the idea preposterous in her mind. "Of course not. I would of used another form."

"Here here," Ancient Greece said while raising her goblet of wine. She drank a sip before setting it down. "We all are former empires for Olympus' sake! We don't need to bring a blow to our reputation by turning into a small child."

The four women all nodded in agreement, inwardly snickering at the image of Rome and Germania walking around as chibis. No doubt they already got stuck somewhere, like in one of those contraptions that held stuffed toys. Maya then paused, frowning. She looked at her reflection on the flat side of her dagger, forehead creasing. Inca noticed this and raised and eyebrow.

"Maya? Is there something wrong?"

Sighing, the mentioned fallen empire set down her weapon. "It seems so. It's just that... It's been so long since the last time the world has known about lookalikes. They weren't a common sight, and only a few appeared in front of nations at times. Now, in this current generation, more than ten have already been discovered. I can't help but think this... means something..."

Stunned by that revelation, the rest of the female personifications stared in shock. But the more they thought about it, the more likely it sounded. Ancient Greece, however, narrowed her eyes. "You sure this isn't another unaccurate prediction, like your supposed 'End of the World' prophecy?"

Maya then scowled. "That wasn't a prediction for the END of the world. It was for a NEW BEGINNING," she growl out.

Ancient Egypt gave the mother of Greece a stern look while Inca put a hand on Maya's arm. "Perhaps Maya is right. After all, an hour ago the whole world for the first time was told about the lookalikes. This must mean something." Her eyes shone worry. "And I am not so sure that it is a good sign."

Nodding, Inca frowned, remembering what she saw the last time she looked into the Living World. She was horrified at the close call the lookalikes had when the countries debated whether to let them live or die. When her daughter Peru began her speech on Global Warning, she stopped looking to gather her fellow empires to tell them the news. After all, their children were now involved with the lookalikes then they ever have been before. Not to mention that Germany was not exactly... himself.

Inca's thoguths were interrupted by the the sound of light footsteps. She turned to see a familiar deerskin wearing woman walking towards them. Recognizing her, she smiled. "Native America! It's about time you arrived!"

Looking to see the mother of the Northern American brothers heading towards them, Ancient Greece grinned while waving. "What took you so long? We though you would be here a while ago."

But Native America did not look so pleased. She gripped her bow while stopping in front the table the empires were sitting at. "I was busy watching the Living World," she admitted, eyes narrowing.

Surprised, Maya stopped anxiously tightening her hold on her knife. Usually Native America was calm, weaving together dream catchers and contacting animal spirits. Now she seemed to have the faint sense of protectiveness that a only a mother would have, holding her signature weapon again for the first time in years. It only meant one thing. "What happened?"

Closing her eyes, the personification of all Indian tribes replayed over in her head what she saw.

"One of the lookalikes was able to break the bond."

Standing in front of the street as hundreds of cars passed through, Peru waited for a bus to pull over. No doubt that this was not the best traffic that the world has seen, but to the people of Lima, this was acceptable. Digging around in her handbag, the Nation scowled, doing her ultimate best to keep her mind off of the meeting earlier today. However, her best just wasn't enough. Frustrated, she slapped a hand to her forehead. "Just give me a distraction for Inca's sake!"



"Don't act like you don't deserve this, weakling!"

Taken aback by the noise, Peru's head whipped around, picking up the sound close by. From the sound of it, it sounded like a mugging was going on. She then narrowed her eyes. Not on her watch. She then took off, running pretty fast for someone wearing ankle boots. When she reached the alley, she peered her head from behind the wall. She then gave a small gasp, putting a hand to her mouth.

Three teenage boys were surrounding what seemed to be a younger boy who was lying down, clutching himself in pain. His tormentors only proceeded to kick him, ignoring his cries of agony.

Having enough of this, Peru gritted her teeth. She then ran forward, her heels clicking against the pavement and alerting the muggers. One turned around in time to see her running towards them. "What the-"


He then hit the ground, not sporting a bruising chin. The other two boys the turned around, shocked that this girl, who looked no older than nineteen, already knocked out their friend. Enraged at this, the taller of the two attempted to punch her, only for his hand to be blocked by her hand. Her expression was unimpressed.

"This is the best you can do?" she asked in a deadpan before spinning and jabbing her elbow into his gut. As he let out a howl of pain, she continued, "Back then I faced more threatening men when I was still looking like a preteen, and won!" she added, shoving him to the ground. "And I did it with purpose."

The last teenager standing just looked at the mysterious girl with bewilderment, backing away from her while she dealt with his two friends. He, however, was not able to escape from her. "And where do you think you're going?"

He then felt a hand close around his neck, pushing him against the the wall. When he opened his eyes from the pain, he found narrowed dark brown ones looking back at him with anger. "Why did you attack the boy? And you better tell me now, since I am not having a good day today. I'm sure I can take my anger out on you."

Terrified, he raised his hands. "Okay, okay, I give! W-We were just giving the boy what he needed!"

"Which is what?" the girl hissed back. She tightened her grip a bit, letting her nails dig into his skin. "What made him deserve to be ganged up by you three?"

His answer made her drop him in shock.

Pain. He was familiar with it, but never enjoyed it.

Groaning, the young boy tried to lift his head, only to have it drop back down. But instead of meeting the hard concrete ground, he felt the lush feeling of a pillow instead. Confused, he weakly opened his eyes a bit. At the sight of the white ceiling above him, he sighed. Maybe Carmen finally found him again and brought him back home. It wasn't the first time she would be seeing him beat up, though this by far was the worst incident he has had so far. He then frowned. No doubt she would be mad. She would look at him with that disappointed face, wondering why she even bothered.

A hand then appeared, brushing back his bangs as a relieved voice pierced through the silence. "Your awake. Thank God."

That wasn't definitely not Carmen.

Eyes widening, the boy turned his head. Looking at him with a tired smile was a young woman, with long dark hair in a braid. A gold pin shined in the dim orange glow of sunlight, leaving him to guess that on his other side was a window. Surprised at seeing this stranger, he looked in uncertainty. "... Where am I?"

The older girl then chuckled. "My house. I would of checked you into a hospital, but I'd rather heal your wounds here, so I could know when you would regain consciousness."

Taken aback from her statement, he moved to sit himself up, only to hiss in pain halfway up. Hands gently pushed him back down while he winced. "Best that you stay resting. You have a cracked rib and a sprained ankle, not to mention multiple bruises," the young woman said, her expression grim.

'Not good. Not good,' the boy repeated in his head. 'Carmen will END me!'

"I-I need to go home!" he said, still trying to stand and run as fast as he could out of here. "My mother-"

"Can wait," the stranger said sternly, making sure he didn't escape. "I think running back to where you received those injuries in my opinion would be hazardous to your health."

The struggling stopped. Lying back down in defeat, the boy merely closed his eyes and groaned. "But if I wait too long..."

Crossing her arms, the braided girl sat back against her chair. "... What's your name?"

Turning to look at her, the boy raised his eyebrows. "Why do want to know?" He asked, curious.

"Well, I'd like to not call you 'that boy'," she said dryly. "Especially since I'd like to know more about you. From what I know, you aren't living at a safe home, nor with reliable family members." Her eyes then softened. "I do want to help you."

Stunned, all he could do was stare back. How long ago was it since he last had a touch of kindness? ... Too long for his liking. Much too long.

"... Jorge."

Stirring the spoon, Peru adjusted the phone on her shoulder, partially focused on cooking some soup for her new guest. "That's all he would tell me. First name, not a hint of his last one."

"Sounds like he likes to have his backstory under wraps," Bolivia said at the other end of the line. Sounds of clicking had the older sibling guess that she was using a computer. "Are your sure you can trust him? I mean, you literally found him in an alley. He might have been raised to steals valuables."

Rolling her eyes, the Hispanic nation took some salt and sprinkled it into the pot. "He maybe have been in a gang, but something tells me that part is not his fault. I think the problem here is getting HIM to trust ME." She then paused.

"... Ana?" her sister asked.

"The Kiku Honda you once knew is no longer present."

Those eyes. She couldn't forget the hatred and coldness they resonated. That is what her friend has turned into. Someone she does not know, yet already despise. Tightening her grip on the wooden spoon, Peru gritted her teeth.

"... Hey, Bolivia. What do you think of this Silent World War?" she couldn't help but asked.

Hearing a strained laugh, she smiled ruefully as well.

"What I think? Well, this is definately not going to be quiet at all. Not in the least."

By nighttime, Jorge was already bandaged up and had a hearty meal. The way he hungrily sipped at his soup didn't give Peru any ease. He still didn't want to talk about himself. That was fine, since she would have enough time to figure it out during the the time it would take for him to heal well enough to walk. Collecting his bowl, the country started to walk out of the room.

"Ah, miss?" Jorge called out.

Stopping at the doorway, Peru looked back with a smile. "Call me Ana."

Surprised at her forwardness, the boy hesitated. "... How long can I stay here?"

Opening the door, Peru's grinned widened. "As much as you like. Good night."

Smiling back, Jorge waved. "Good night."

Closing the door, Peru walked back to the kitchen, heels clicking against the floor. She had a big house here in Lima, with three stories and a spiral staircase. More than good enough for nation to live in, but sadly too empty for her taste. Hopefully another person will make this space not so overwhelming.

Washing the soap from the white surface of the bowl, Peru looked up out her window. The sky didn't show any stars, but only the moon, giving it a lonely appearance. Frowning, she put a hand to her eyes, gritting her teeth.

"Don't think about it... No need to cry. I won't..."

"And what if your assumptions are correct?" Kuro asked, glaring at her.

"I... Won't..."

Stifling a sob, she put both hands on her forehead. Emotions were bursting, crying out in sadness for what was heard on this day. Slowly, she sank to the floor, her back against the oven. It wasn't just Japan that she was crying for. She also remembered the reason why Jorge, a swet, innocent boy, was beaten cruelly.

"O-Our boss told us to do it!" the young man choked out, raising his hands.

"And you listened to him?!" Peru hissed, enraged.

"S-She! She is h-his mother!"

Unable to hold her tears back, the nation continued to sob, feeling so helpless.

"What can you do?"




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