Prolog: What happens when two masterminds with one major thing in common; they've both have had their ass handed to them by people they underestimated. But in that common thread, they've been able to forge an alliance.

Location: Manhattan, NY

The police had the area around the New York Natural History museum cord off, and news stations were already arriving to get the story; somewhere chatting with their fellow news casters trying to pry what information they could try to get any scrap of info they might not yet have. Suddenly they all went silent as a woman and man were being led out in handcuffs. As they were load into the back of a police car the woman started to cry. The men attempted to try to console her but seemed total impeded in how to stop a woman from crying and it showed.

"It'll be okay miss I'm sure once we get to the station; I'll be able to straighten out this mess. An if not Neal and my team will figure out some solution….I know they will!"

The woman stops crying; then looked at the man and said.

"You would think I would've become used to being framed for the last time in Budapest, but I guess a person never get used to it."

The man was a little surprised, but he nodded then said.

"True; my name is Agent Peter Burke, and between us, I know the feeling of being framed as well."

They both started to laugh softly for a moment before the woman let out a sigh and said.

"My name is Maggie Collin!"

Two officers got into the front of the squad car they didn't say much, but the car soon has begun to move. It was a quiet ride to the station almost too quite. Peter noted there wasn't much chatter on the police radio, but the uneasiness faded as they pulled into the station and the cops stepped out and retrieved them from the back as they step out Peter's eyes caught sight of an all too familiar face. It was Matthew Keller and next to him was a man he'd have seen before, but by Maggie body langue she did. Peter leaned over to her and asked her.

"Who is that?"

Maggie turned and looked into Peter's eyes and said.

"His name is Victor Dubenich….He's a man that tried to kill my ex-husband and his friends. He was also the cause of my ex-father-in-law death. ..If he here I might know who set us up for the theft."

But before Peter could answer one of the officers pushed him and said

"Keeps it moving?"

The two didn't argue because as they looked back to the spot they see their enemy only moment earlier, they were gone. As they got inside of the station, the police officer wasted no time in begin to process them. Not giving them a chance to plead their innocence nor an opportunity for Peter to explain he was FBI. As they asked for Peter to undress, he thought to himself this how Neal must have felt when he was the frame for another theft for stealing the pink diamond, and no one believed him at first.

Location: Portland, Oregon

The phone rang, and a man hand tried to find it in the darkness; a quiet femininity moan came from another who was sharing the bed beside him. As he found the phone, he lifted it to his ear and spoke to the person on the other end of the phone.

"Sterling how did you get my number …. What you're kidding me right there no way she did this! I'll get the team together go to New York…. Thank you for the call Sterling."

With that, the man hung up the phone, and the woman next to him said.

"What is Nate?"

The man rolled over to the woman who was next to him.

"Sophie…Sterling just told me Maggie, and N.Y.P.D grabbed another man for stealing a Chinese national treasure."

The two begun to get out of bed as the news of friend started to be absorbed.

Location: Manhattan, NY

A young guy stumbles down the alley way clutching his side; it began to rain and as he looked up the water droplet splatted onto his face. He lifted the hand he'd been clutching his side with it was coated crimson as his eye came across this he let out a quiet gasp as a small shudder of pain ripped through him.

"Just have to make it to Thursday…he'll be there he can help."

He moved forward down the alley he clutched his side again grimacing as the pain shot through him, and his head began to feel light from the loss of blood. As he got to the doorway, he manages to muster enough strength to hit the door hard enough to get the attention of the occupant inside. As the door open the young man fell inside of the apartment.


The man whom had opened the door and said it; as he dropped down to his knees as he went help the young man by put pressure onto the wound.


But before the man could get up Neal grabbed the man wrist and said in a gasp.

"CAN'T …Peter was arre...sted too it was a set u…p.. Moz"

A with that Neal passed out leaving Moz to figure out how to help his friend.