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:: speaking over comlink ::

It was just an average day at Diego Garcia. Optimus was in his office reading a data pad concerning the Autobots' last mission when his comlink went off, startling him.

:: Optimus? Where are you? You're late for your checkup! Get your blue backside to my medbay NOW, or I'll drag you there! :: Ratchet

:: Blast it Ratchet! I'm busy! Can't it wait?:: Optimus

:: NO, It CAN"T wait! We need you in top form, Optimus! What would happen if something wore out in the middle of battle? We could easily lose you, and without your leadership, we wouldn't stand a chance against those stinking 'Cons!:: Ratchet

::All right Ratchet; don't blow a gasket! I'm on my way.:: Optimus

With a heavy sigh, Optimus set down the data pad he'd been reading, and pushed his chair back. With a grunt, he pushed himself up, and walked to the door, which opened with a soft hiss. He walked down the corridor toward the medbay, deep in thought.

Amissa had been having a rough day. She was a computer specialist for NEST; and had spent the last 8 hours removing a particularly stubborn virus from the base's computer system, and had a major headache for her reward. She removed her glasses and rubbed her temples, hoping to bring some relief, but to no avail. Sighing, she replaced her glasses and headed for the medbay. She hadn't had much contact with the 'bots, but Ratchet she knew rather well, as he had insisted upon providing all medical care for both 'bots AND humans on base, citing that he was more qualified to care for them than a human doctor ever would be.

Arriving at the medbay, Amissa, or Ami, as she preferred to be called, quickly opened the human sized door next to the enormous 'bot sized one, and walked inside. Hearing the door hiss open, Ratchet looked around, and not seeing anyone, promptly yelled at whoever saw fit to disturb him.

"I am far too busy for foolish games! If you are not bleeding to death, or in danger of off lining, GET OUT OF MY MEDBAY!"

"Sorry to disturb you, Ratchet, but I have a splitting headache, and I was hoping you'd have something for it." Ami said, walking toward him. As she neared him, she noticed an enormous red and blue flamed 'bot on the berth in front of Ratchet.

"Oh, hello Ami. I'm rather busy, as you can plainly see, but I do have some aspirin in the cabinet to my left. By the way, my scans show you have borderline hypertension, and you are 25 pounds overweight. Reducing your weight by limiting your caloric intake as well as improving your dietary choices and partaking in moderate aerobic exercise four days per week will correct these conditions, and prevent the onset of hypertension, which can cause the headaches you seem to get so often" Ratchet said, without looking up from Optimus' chassis.

Ami walked to the cabinet Ratchet specified, climbed a ladder he kept there for the humans, and finding the aspirin bottle, quickly took two from it and put it back on the shelf. She swallowed them immediately, washing them down with water from a bottle she brought from her desk. She watched Ratchet work on the other 'bot for a few moments, then decided to risk Ratchet's wrath and ask about the 'bot.

"So who are you working on, Ratchet?" she asked cautiously.

"This is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. He'd say hello, but I have him in temporary stasis while I update his systems. He will be awake shortly. As a matter of fact, he's beginning to online now."

Optimus slowly onlined his optics, and groaning softly, cleared his processor of the fog that always seemed to accompany a forced stasis. He sat up slowly, so as not to cause any dizziness, and immediately noticed the small human woman standing next to the berth.

"Hello little one. What is your designation?" He rumbled, his voice a smooth baritone.

Ami was awed by Optimus' sheer size, and the gentleness of his tone, and she struggled a bit as she spoke.

"D-designation"? She asked. "I-I don't understand w-what that is"

"Do not be afraid, little one. I will not hurt you. I merely wished to know your name. I believe that is your word for 'designation'" Optimus said.

"A-Amissa. My name is Amissa, but please call me Ami", she replied softly, beginning to calm down a bit.

"All right you two, enough chit-chat. I have work to do, and I'm sure the both of you do as well. I will see you for another check up in one month, Prime. No excuses! Now if you'll both excuse me, I have a lot of work to do." Ratchet grumbled, as he turned and looked at his data pad that held the list of 'bots due for a check up. Logging Optimus as 'finished', he looked at the next name on his list: Jazz! As he was talking to Jazz via comlink, Optimus was standing up from the berth he'd been sitting on.

Optimus dropped to one knee and lowered his hand to the floor in front of Ami.

"Would you like a ride, little one?" he rumbled softly.

"Uh, sure. That would be nice;" Ami said, carefully stepping onto Optimus' huge hand. She lost her balance and landed on her bottom as he began to stand upright.

"My apologies, little one. Are you injured in any way?" Optimus asked worriedly.

"Nothing injured but my pride, Optimus" Ami chuckled. "Please, call me Ami. I feel small enough next to you, without you calling me 'little one'"

"My apologies, little - I mean Ami. It was never my intention to offend you" Optimus said softly.

"It's all right, Optimus. You didn't offend me. I guess I'm just a little sensitive about my height- or lack thereof" She chuckled again.

Ami and Optimus continued to talk as they made their way through the corridors to Ami's quarters. Optimus lowered himself to one knee once again, and placed his hand on the floor by Ami's door. She stepped off his hand and turned to enter her access code to unlock the door, but before she did so, she turned back around to speak to Optimus.

"Thanks for the ride, Optimus. I really appreciated it. It's been a long day for me, and I wasn't looking forward to the long walk from medbay."

"You are quite welcome Ami. I am happy to have been of service to you, but I must be on my way now. I still have much work to do before I can recharge for the night. Pleasant recharge, Ami" Optimus said, with a nod of his helm.

"Good night, Optimus, and pleasant recharge to you, too;" Ami said, opening her door and stepping inside.

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